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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 11th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Ganga’s husband gives Bhimbai’s letter to Army Personal

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 11th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhimbai says he has gone to a distant place for work. Mangesh says this is confusing as he was unavailable during his own daughter’s wedding. Personal says Indians are very sentimental. I find this strange too. Bhima says Baba is both practical and sentimental. He came to know what happened and was embarrassed to face the world. You can check with his boss. Dhansukhlal tells the guy not to focus on their words. They are liars. Don’t trust them. Personal asks Sakpal family if they are lying. Bhima says the son of a retired Subedar never lies. The personal scolds Dhansukhlal this time. We will give prize to anyone who will tell us about these people in hiding. If anyone tries to hide the truth then we will put the entire family in jail! He walks away with his group.

Bhimbai murmurs that everyone is after Ram ji and his family. Bhimbai tells Meera she is very worried for Ram ji now. Even Seth ji is unable to get in touch with him and now even the army is looking for revolutionaries. He will be in problem if he is found now. Kids will be heartbroken. We can be called traitors. I don’t know what to do. Meera says even I am clueless. We don’t even know anyone in this department. Ganga recalls that Ram ji has a friend who is in police. Baba was very proud of him. Meera suggests sending a letter to him informing him about the situation. He will help us. Bhimbai wonders who will write a letter. Kids must not find out anything. Ganga says my husband knows how to write a letter. Meera is hesitant but Bhimbai agrees with Ganga’s idea.

Dhansukhlal and Mangesh are drinking again. Dhansukhlal tells Mangesh to find out where Ram ji is. He is not the kind who can leave his family behind to work. Once we find solid evidence against him then we can send the entire family to jail for hiding the truth! It will be fun. Mangesh seconds him. Dhansukhlal says Bhima is my biggest enemy.

Bhima says your Baba thinks I am his biggest enemy who is instigating you to play musical instruments. Dhruv says I don’t talk or listen much while talking. I would want to be like you if I get a chance. Bhima says it is people who create divides using religion.

Mangesh says there was another kid like Dhruv in this village who was trying to befriend Bhima. He was sent away to his maternal house. Dhansukhlal says I know Dhruv well. He wont agree. Mangesh suggests knocking him out. Dhansukhlal slaps him. He is the apple of my eye. Mangesh says we can make him smell some herbs because of which he will pass out and then we can send him away. Dhansukhlal agrees to try this plan tonight. Let’s go and find him.

Bhima tells Dhruv it isn’t safe to stay outside in the open at night. Your Baba can plan anything and take you away. Dhruv tells him not to worry for him. I will sleep at a different place every night. Baba will never find me. He leaves. Bhima thinks Dhruv is weird but he is a very nice friend.

Ganga’s husband writes the letter upon Bhimbai’s askance. I hope you understand why I hid this from you. He nods. Meera tells him to post this letter asap. He agrees.

Mangesh and Dhansukhlal are still looking for Dhruv.

Next morning, Mangesh and Dhansukhlal return home empty handed and are surprised to see Dhruv sitting on the porch. Dhansukhlal asks him where he was last night. We were looking for you entire night. Dhruv says I was sleeping in your house only. You can continue searching for me every night but you wont find me. Dhansukhlal and Mangesh tell him to come home. Dhruv says I dint do anything wrong. I asked you to admit your crime but you got angry on me instead! Dhansukhlal says you wont agree easily then.

Ganga’s husband gives the letter to the personal from English Army. Ganga’s husband thinks now Bhima will be punished too. Personal tells Ganga’s husband he wont spare anyone. Ganga’s husband asks for his prize money but he is told that he will get in some time. Ganga’s husband thinks to head home with the prize money asap. Let them rot behind the bars! He leaves.

Bhimbai gives tea / milk to her sons. Bhima asks for Ganga’s husband. Meera lies that he might have gone out for some work. Ganga nods. Bhima asks them if he left for his home. Meera denies. Focus on studies again. It’s been a long gap. Bhima seconds her. He tells his siblings to study too. Bala says I have stopped already but Anand should study. Anand says even I am not fond of studies. Manjula says drop it when Baba comes back. Anand says Baba will beat us. Bhima asks him to study then. Bala smiles. Army personal tells them to study in jail.

Army personal asks Sakpal family about Ram ji. Bhimbai says we told you yesterday itself. He shows them the letter. You have clearly written that your husband is hiding with other revolutionaries and are looking for help. Bhima reads it. Dhansukhlal says I told you already that something is fishy. Mangesh asks him who gave him this letter. Army personal takes Ganga’s husband’s name. He is an honest man. He gave me this letter in the morning. Arrest them. Sakpal family is stunned. If Ram ji is found alive then we will see what’s to be done or else we will let them be! He asks about Bhimbai’s whereabouts. Mangesh says she might have escaped from the backdoor. Constables go after her. Dhansukhlal tells him not to spare Bhima. He only would have told his mother to run. Army personal says they will spend their entire life in jail.

Precap: Bhimbai admits the truth in front of her kids. Bhima says lying is a sin. I am hurt because of what you did. She tells him to understand but he says I can only understand one thing after hearing you. We should be in jail!

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