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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 11th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman and Shravan’s Plan Works

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 11th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Avni informs Shravan that Suman is calling him since long, why don’t he reply. Shravan asks if her ears are ringing. Avni asks him to turn back. Shravan turns and gets nervous seeing Suman and rushes away saying mamma is calling. He walks to ladies and asks Kavita what are they talking about. Avni says about waxing and threading, does he also want it done. He says the papa must be calling. Suman walks behind him and pulls his hand. He falls on her and pins her to a window. Their eyes meet, and he smiles. Kuch adha adhura sa..song.. plays in the background. Suman gets conscious and shaking him up asks what happened to him. He says she pulled him. She says why is he behaving weird and says both papas are under same shelter, they should let them speak. Shravan asks if she has plan. She says yes, she will reunite both papas and asks him to wait for her signal. Shravan smiles.

Families start chatting. Anjali asks Kavita where are they going this holiday season. Kavita says they are not as this time Shravan is giving 12th exam and then will go to US for higher studies. Rajender says even Avni will go behind him as both siblings cannot stay away from each other. Anjali says even Suman and Kanchan cannot stay away from each other. Beena says they are shifting to Indore soon due to business commitment. Kanchan walks away emotionally saying she doesn’t want to go. Vijay walks behind her and consoles her saying he will do something and not let them go.

Suman messages Shravan to send Devraj to Vijay’s room and plays Bane chahe dushman zamana hamara…song. Vijay walks to his room hearing song. Shravan speaks to Devraj and suggests him to clear his differences with Vijay. Devraj praises his thinking and walks to Vijay’s room. Suman says let us go and watch our papa’s chat. Shravan thinks she is so beautiful and intelligent. They both peep via window and watch Devraj apologizing Vijay for his words and says he just wanted to cheer him up. Vijay says he knows. Devraj apologizes for Rajender’s misbehavior with Daddu. Vijay says even Daddu mistreated Rajender and apologizes on Daddu’s behalf. Devraj reminds Vijay about hearing the song during their college days, their dance performance on the song, etc. They both relive their old memories. Suman and Shravan get happy seeing this.

Rajender and Ragini walk to Daddu and ask if they can help him serve lunch. Daddu rudely says no. Rajender informs him about society notice and says he is sure Daddu didn’t complain against them. Daddu says he complained and called them here to clear all the confusion. Rajender fumes, but Ragini calms him down. Everyone sit for lunch. Suman praises Daddu’s special dish. Rajender says he wants to go to washroom, and Vijay sends him to Ramesh’s room. Daddu follows him and locks door. Rajender asks if even he wants to go to washroom. Daddu says no and starts insulting Devraj.

Precap: Daddu insults Devraj and says he is unfit to be Vijay’s friend and should stay away from him. Beena hears their conversation. Suman and Shravan promise to be best friends like their fathers.

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