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Aapke Hai Kaun Hum? SamAina AvNeil SS Part 5

Aapke hai kaun hum Part 5

The next morning…

Avni went near the sleeping neil with Turmeric Milk.
Avni:Neil..wake up..

Neil opened his eyes.

Avni:Drink this.You have a habit of drinking turmeric milk.Right?Drink this.
Neil:Avni…I don’t feel like getting up from the bed.You also be with me.
Avni:I will spend time with you Neil.But not now.I need to go.All may be waiting for me.Get up Neil.
Neil got up from the bed.
Avni:Drink this.Let me go.

Neil pouted.
Avni:Cute boy.
She went out of the room.He smiled.

Avantika:Avni is a good cook.We all know that.Avni beta…it’s a custom that the newly wed bride should make something for their husband’s family.So make something for us.
Avni:Why not mummiji?I will make.

Avantika smiled.
Harish:Make halwa.That’s my favourite sweet.

Avantika:No need of any sweet.He will finish off everything soon.We won’t get anything.Only Harish’s stomach will be filled and ours will remain empty.
They all laughed seeing Harish’s embarrassed smile.
Avan:You know Avni?When I was newly wed I made halwa for my inlaws and went to change my saree.When I came back to serve halwa for my inlaws I was shocked.The halwa was missing.Then I realized that when i went to change my saree Harish had finished all the halwa.Can you believe it?
Avan:Yes Avni.Harish can finish a large quantity of sweets in 10 minutes.
Harish was embarrassed.Avni,Neil and Sameer could’nt stop laughing.
Avan:I was scared to face my inlaws..whether they will think that I did’nt make halwa for them.But thank God.My inlaws were so understanding that they did’nt get angry with me.Because they knew Harish’s tantrums.
Everyone laughed.
Harish:Why are you embarrassing me before our kids?
Avan:They should know what you do behind them.Just eating.
They all laughed.Harish was shy.After he left Avantika smiled:To be frank I find Harish’s eating habit cute.
Avni:That’s so cute mummiji.
Avantika smiled.
Sameer:Then why are you not allowing dad to eat what he likes mom?
Avan:What to do?As a wife I have to take care of his health too.
They all smiled.

Avni was in the kitchen .
Neil came.
Avni:Why are you here Neil?
NEIL:To help you.

Avni:To help me?No need of any help.Let me make the food fast.
She took vegetables.
Neil held it:I will cut this.

Avni:No,i will.
They both started pulling it and by mistake the knife in Avni’s hand hurt her hand slightly.
Neil held her hand .

Neil:I am sorry.
Avni:It’s ok Neil.It’s not your fault.

Neil:Let me see..

He started blowing air on the wound.
Avni:Neil…it’s been said that blowing air on the wound is not good.
Neil:Oh..I am sorry Avni.
Avni:It’s ok.
Neil:But I will do something else to relieve your pain.
He pulled her closer

and claimed her lips.

He took a red rose from his pocket and caressed her face.

Avni was getting lost in the romantic feeling.
Avni:Neil..stop it.You are distracting me.Let me cook.
He held the rose with his teeth and pulled her closer.

They shared a passionate eye lock.

Suddenly Avni pushed him out.
Avni:Go out.Let me finish cooking.
Neil:This is not fair Avni.
She giggled.
Avni got busy with cooking.

Avni served food to everyone.Everyone loved it.
Harish:I am lucky to have a good daughter in law because of whom I can eat tasty food daily.
Avantika:Really nice Avni.

Avni:Thank you.
Sameer:Really delicious bhabhi.
Avni smiled.
Neil was not eating anything.
Avantika:Neil,why are you not eating anything?
Sameer:Neil bhaiyya will eat only if bhabhi feeds him.

Everyone smiled.Neil was shy.
NEIL:Nothing like that.
Harish:Neil Avni don’t be shy in front of us.Earlier Avantika used to feed me daily.
Avantika blushed.
Harish:Avni…feed Neil.
Avni was shy.She fed him with her hand. Neil fed her back.

Everyone smiled seeing it.
Sameer pretended to be crying.
Avni:Why are you crying Sameer?
SAMEER:No one is there to feed me.Not even my mom.
Everyone laughed.
Avni:No problem.I will feed you.
Avni fed him food.
Everyone smiled seeing Sameer-Avni bonding with each other.

Harish booked honeymoon tickets for Neil Avni to Ooty
Sameer:If bhaiyya goes I will be bored.Oh!
H:I know.And I also know that you like roaming around more than Neil.So I booked ticket for you too.And on Avni’s special request I have booked ticket for Naina too.
Sameer’s face blossomed hearing that Naina is also joining them.
SAMEER:Naina also?
Avni:Ya.Naina likes visiting new places.That’s why.
He felt an unknown happiness.
Avantika:But one thing.Neil and Avni are a honeymoon couple.Don’t disturb them.Give them privacy.
Sameer:Sure Mom.Let Neil bhaiyya and Avni bhabhi enjoy.I won’t disturb them in any way.In fact I won’t even look at them.I will treat them as strangers.

Neil:Strangers?You better treat us as strangers and we also will treat you as a stranger.Right Avni?
Neil was giggling,
Avni could’nt stop laughing.

Harish-Avantika also giggled.

Naina has arrived with her luggage to go to Ooty,
Naina hugged Avni:How are you jeeji?
Avni:Nice Naina.But i missed you.
NAINA:Me too jeeji.
Naina turned to Neil:How are you jeejaji?
NEIL:Fine Naina.How are you?
NAINA:I am fine jeejaji.
Sameer:You won’t ask me whether I am fine?
Naina smiled:How are you?
NAINA:I am also fine.
SAMEER:But I did’nt ask you if you are fine or not.Then why did you say that you are fine?
Naina frowned:You…stupid…
Sameer laughed.
Neil:You don’t leave a chance to tease Naina.Right Sameer?
SAMEER: Just fun.
Naina made angry face at him which made him laugh again.
Sameer:Naina…to be frank when you get angry you look so cute that I can’t even tell you how much I adore your cuteness.
She blushed.

They reached Ooty and took rooms in the hotel.
Neil Avni got ready to go out.
Avni:Come Naina.
NAINA:You guys leave.I don’t want to be barrier between you both.
NEIL:Don’t think like that Naina.You will be bored sitting at hotel.
Avni:Is it to sit alone in the hotel that I brought you here?
NAINA:Who said that I will sit here?No way.I will roam about by myself.I can manage myself.
Avni:In this strange place how can you go alone?
Sameer came:Naina is right.She should not go out with bhaiyya and bhabhi.You guys are here to romance.If Naina is there it won’t be possible.She knows that very well.And you guys are also right that it’s not safe for Naina to go out alone.So I will take her out.
Naina looked at him in disbelief.Sameer smiled.
Avni:Thank you so much Sameer.
SAMEER:No mention bhabhi.You guys go and enjoy.
Neil:Ok.Take care of Naina.
Sameer:I will take care of Naina.
Avni smiled.
They left.
Sameer Naina caught a cab.
Naina:What a beautiful place!
Sameer:Exactly.This place is not only beautiful,but romantic too.

She smiled at him.

They went boating.

Naina’s hair was blowing in the air.Sameer tried to adjust her hair strands with his fingers.She smiled at him.
He smiled back.

They shared a sweet eye lock.

They caught a bus to go to another place.
Before entering the bus they bought some spicy food to eat inside the bus.
Because of the spicy food Naina’s fingers started burning.Naina was feeling uncomfortable.
Sameer:Don’t bother Naina.

Sameer held her hand and started blowing at her fingers.She blushed.

Sameer:Are you feeling better now?
She blushed:Yes.

They reached another beautiful area.

They saw a photographer clicking pictures of some couples.
Sameer:Let us also take photographs to cherish this trip.

As they wished the photographer was clicking their pictures.
The photographer:Stand in the Titanic pose.
Sameer-Naina were stunned.
Sameer:Guess he mistook us for a honeymoon couple.Anyways we don’t need to correct him.
Sameer:Because I want to take a Titanic picture with you.
She blushed:Why?
Sameer smiled:Just like that.
She smiled.
They had Titanic pose photographs.

Sameer:What about taking a photograph in a desi style?
Sameer:Aashiqui style?
She smiled nodding.
They put the duppatta over them.

They looked at each other intensely.The duppatta flew away.But they kept staring at each other.
The photographer was still clicking their photographs.
They both came back to senses and broke the eye lock shyly.

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