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Ishq par zor nahi (Ek ajeeb aadmi) Part 1 (Continued)

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“Ahaan se mujhe milao.”Savitri splutters.

“Ahaan kaun,” ishqi asks softly.

“Ahaan Veer malhotra.”

“Kya????” Ishqi’s heart pounds against her hand. Savitri is her saas?

“Ahaan aapka beta hain?” Ishqi asks, nervously. She didn’t even know why she was nervous, her saas was literally in front of her so she should be happy.

“Haan, Ahaan mera beta hai. Jab wo chhota tha tab uske pitaji bohot sharab pite aur fir ek bar…” Savitri’s voice goes off and she faints.

Aur fir kya? ishqi thinks crossly. Kya, kya kya?

The doctor comes to check Savitri and Ishqi goes, lost in her own thoughts.

“Ahaan ko call karu? Nahi, khud hi kuch sochte hun,” she mutters to herself.

While walking she bumps into a strange man. He was decked with black jackets and glares over his eyes.

“dekhkar chalo aurat,” he says roughly pushing ishqi.

“Huh? Nasamajh pagal kahika.” ishqi says.

She gets up to leave, but remembers she has to talk to the doctor about how savitri’s health progress is.

She sees the man in the room next to savitri’s. The fogged glass blocked the female but she could see him clearly.

“Mai iss bache ka baap nahi hun.” the man says. Ishqi gets closer to investigate but her phone rings.

“Uffo, ahaan ki timing wrong thi,” she sighs and gets away. “Haan atti hun,” she says to ahaan and cuts the call. When she looks back the lady from the room goes with the man. No clues are left. Just a gold chain which looks familiar to Ishqi. She picks it up and leaves to go home.

Ishqi leaves the gold chain with a nurse and goes. She does not want to keep something which belongs to others.

As soon as she reaches Ahaan pulls out balloons and hugs her. “Aaj hum dono movie dekhne jaa rahe hai!” He smiles.

Ishqi smiles at him.

She doesn’t want to worry him with Savitri’s matter. She goes to get ready, thinking about that man. ‘Ishqi, Ahaan par focus kar. Wo aadmi to normal hai’ her mind says.

She wears jeans and a hoodie and goes down. They both go to theatre.

“ahaan thank you.” ishqi says. no one had ever surprised her before…

They both sit to watch the movie and ishqi gobbles the popcorn.

The movie has all their attention. It’s just about there story. How two people with different thoughts unite.

Ishqi’s phone rings.

She cuts the call, not bothering to see who it is. It’s ‘ahaan – time’ now.

Movie interval happens…

Ishqi notices the person in the seat in front of her. That man! He gets up and goes. Ishqi forgets everything and runs after him.

She stops suddenly and sees the man turn.

Her heartbeat stops and she moves a step back…

  1. Who is the man? Does ishqi know him?
  2. Who had called her?

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