Udaan 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj saves Chakor

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The Episode starts with Colonel asking Naina why is she angry. She says Suraj didn’t meet me, he made me wait. He says I think you really like him. She says no, I will end friendship with him. Suraj says plan ended, Naina won’t love me, she will not like to see my face. Chakor says she is in love with you. Mahiya….plays…. she says she got annoyed, as she regards you dear, she was waiting for you as she loves you, why will anyone wait for a stranger. He asks really, do you think so, how can you be so sure. She says I know such things more than you. He gets glad and asks really, is Naina is love with me. He hugs her happily. He says I wish to distribute sweets in entire village, high five…. she cries. He says you should be happy, its your plan. She says yes, I m happy. They hear Tejaswini

shouting for help. They go to see. Tejaswini says Imli tried to kill me, she was suffocating me with that pillow, Vivaan came and saved me.

Chakor says its my mistake, forgive me. Tejaswini says Imli shouldn’t stay here. Suraj says she is right, Imli’s state is not fine, even her life is in danger, we should send her to hospital, she will be safe there. Chakor cries and thinks of little Imli. She hugs Imli and cries. Vivaan says pack her bags, I will call the hospital. Naina talks to her friend and says I can’t come, I will talk to dad. She keeps her phone on seeing her dad. She starts complimenting her. He asks where do you want to go. She says my friend Geeta is celebrating her 21st birthday. He says then go. She says her birthday venue is in Lucknow. He says then you can’t go, if I m not around, no means no. She agrees and tells her friend that she can’t come. Suraj and Chakor see the sorry banner. Chakor gives rose to Suraj and says Naina is coming. Suraj says just tell me, what to do.


Naina asks is this for me. Suraj says yes. She says your sorry made me day. He says then forgive me and make me day. He gives her the rose. She smiles and nods. Chakor looks on. The man says Suraj has amazing magic, see how Naina is smiling. Naina says my mood was bad today, my friend is calling me on her birthday, I can’t go Lucknow, as dad said no, thanks for this, I will go. The man says Naina is leaving, they didn’t talk well. Chakor says let me think. She asks Suraj to tell Naina that he will take her to Lucknow. Suraj asks what. Chakor asks him to just do as she said. Suraj calls out Naina. He asks will this be fine. Chakor says yes. Suraj says I can take you to Lucknow. Naina says thanks, but dad won’t allow. He says he won’t know. She asks you mean you want to take me by hiding. He says just say yes and see how I take you.

She says I don’t want to go against dad. He says I will be with you, you won’t go alone, you don’t trust me right. She says no. He says I will come your home tonight, if you don’t come, I will think my friendship doesn’t matter to you. Chakor shouts for help. Suraj turns and sees a bike fallen over Chakor. Suraj and Naina get shocked. Abhay sees this on mobile and gets angry. Suraj runs to help Chakor. Mere mahiya…..plays…. Chakor says don’t come to me. Abhay says we can’t come in front of Naina, I didn’t see a bigger fool than Suraj ever. Suraj moves away the bike. Chakor sees Naina coming. Suraj asks Chakor are you fine. Chakor runs away. Naina gets his umbrella. She says you helped her, she didn’t thank you. Suraj says let her go, maybe she was helpless, I believe in doing good and forgetting. She says the way you helped her, she looked dear to you. He sees Chakor and says yes, she is my life, my love.

Suraj and Naina hide and leave from the house. Deva informs Colonel. Colonel says I will go to take her. Abhay says maybe Colonel got to know this. Chakor says Suraj’s life is in danger.

Update Credit to: Amena

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