Porus 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru’s Return Gift To Alexander

Porus 11th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Puru with his whole team searches traitor kings who burnt Pourav rastra’s grocery godowns. Maid delivers him a gift and says someone sent it to him. Puru lifts cloth from trays and sees golden fruits, roti, grains, etc. He reads Alexander’s message that this is the wedding gift from one king to another king. Puru must have seen his small revenge, now he has golden food, but how will he feed his people now with this gold. Puru says Alexander is playing game and he will defeat Alexander in his own game. Laachi says she will accompany him. He asks her to wait, a king has challenged another king and it is king’s right to reply.

Alexander celebrates his win and offers wine to Roxanne. Barsine says this small win does not mean he won, wait and watch Porus’ move. Alexander says

this is just a token of beginning, Porus does not know the trick he played, I played many times while winning many countries and how he will trouble Porus repeatedly. Roxanne sips wine. Olympia says Roxanne has another surprise awaiting. Barsine walks in. Alexander kisses her hand and greets her. Olympia says today is Barsine’s birthday, and Alexander has arranged a special dance for her. Dancers start dancing. Alexander tells Roxanne that he heard she is the best dancer in Bactria, he wants to see her dance and entertain everyone on Barsine’s birthday. Roxanne walks away fuming that she is not a common dancer and does not dance for everyone. Olympia walks to her room and says if she does not obey and lure Alexander, he may fall for another woman, so she should not take a chance.


Puru takes arrows and bow and thinks now a king will give return give to another king. He jumps into Jhelum river and swims towards Takshashila. He reaches an island between river and looking at Alexander’s arm camp thinks Alexander is fond of fire, now he will show fire to him.

Dancers continue to dance and entertain Alexander and his team. Alexander orders Hephastian that Porus should hear their celebration sound. Roxanne walks in wearing mask on her face and dances. Alexander asks Barsine if she liked Roxanne’s dance. Olympia taunts late but not last, she obeyed Alexander at last. Alexander tells Barsine that she is the most beautiful woman he has seen in his life, he has one more gift for her and shows her pearl necklace. Roxanne gets jealous reminiscing Alexander offering her first, but she rejecting it saying her taste has changed. Alexander is about to fix it in Barsine when Alexander stops him and says king’s gift is queen’s right. Alexander boasts that her son knows how to make people bend in front of him. Roxanne says her taste has changed, but she does not like her rights being given to someone else.

Puru burns arrows and shoots on Alexander’s army tents. They burn. Soldiers blow danger siren and alert Alexander. Alexander rushes to river shore and realizes it is Porus’ answer. Puru smiles and says he has one more gift for Alexander. Hepastian pulls rope and gets gift box from river.

Precap: Alexander says tonight is Porus’ last day of live, he will not see next day.

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