Piya Albela 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Naren celebrates Pre-victory bash

Piya Albela 11th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Naren thinking his speech will have swag in it just like him and reads his speech that he did a mistake in choosing his wife and asks people not to do a mistake. Angraj asks Rahul to call Surbhi and asks her to bring Doctor. He says he can’t wait and wants Pooja now. Pooja claps hearing Naren speech and says I thought you are ready with victory speech, but you are reading pooja Puran. She checks her name and my name is written 40 times. She says my name doesn’t go off from your mind. Naren says you…Pooja says I came on your invitation and if he is feeling bad then she will leave. Naren asks if she will go without getting humiliated in evening’s party. She asks if he will be able to insult her. Satish reads the newspaper and throws it. He tells that Pooja’s political career

will spoil all relations. He calls Pooja, but she rejects his calls. Rachel asks him to unite Naren and Pooja. Pooja is in the car and thinks she has to save Naren from Angraj. Rahul gives Naren’s clothes to Angraj and says once he dies, you will take his place. He asks him to get ready and says if Pooja sees you like this. Angraj says I played this game to get her.

Rahul calls Surbhi. Surbhi scolds him for sending her to the dangerous place. She sees people and says Dr. Kiran came. Rahul says if Naren loses, then your practice to fold hands in front of people go waste. Angraj says he doesn’t care, he just wants to live his life with Pooja. Surbhi picks Dr. Kiran. Her men tell that they will follow her car and pick her back.


Harish tells Supriya that Naren will win. He asks Supriya not to be angry with Naren. Neelima thinks he will die. Surbhi brings Dr. Kiara there. Angraj asks her to get him rid of the bandage. She opens his bandage. Rahul and Surbhi are shocked. They tell that they have seen such a thing in films. Angraj says he is ready to blow the candle. Rahul asks Surbhi to do her work. Dr. Kiran checks in her laptop and tells Angraj that there is a problem. Naren addresses to the media in his house. They cheer for him. Pooja comes there and brings garland for him. Jogiya plays…Naren says enemy came to my house. Pooja says she brought garland for him. Naren says nobody is with you, it seems they accepted your defeat. He asks her to talk and says don’t know you will get a chance again to talk to me. Media asks Pooja about her purpose of visit.

Pooja says she will place garland on his neck. Naren says he will keep it close to his heart and taunts her. Pooja makes him wear the garland. Mora Piya plays….Pooja touches Harish’s feet. He asks her to stop pretending and says media is not here. Supriya asks her not to spoil her evening. Pooja thinks until that garland is with you, I will get info about you with the help of the hidden tracker. Naren asks Rahul to be with him. Rahul says he went to light lamp of his name. Surbhi says Angraj’s dream is fulfilling today. Naren says he would be happy today. Rahul says Angraj must be happy. Naren asks Pooja to dance for his victory. He removes garland and throws it. Pooja dances with him. Rahul and Surbhi sign each other. She leaves. Pooja dances while he plays dhol. Rahul thinks his dance is last.

Rahul hits on Naren’s head and makes him unconscious. Pooja comes running there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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