Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa knows truth of who died.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with everyone crying. People pick radha and take her back to vrindavan, her body is kept in kanha’s room. Kanha is very sad and he goes to rishi gargacharya and says guru how could this happen? There has to be someway to bring back radha alive, I cannot let her die like this for me, I will do anything, I will go anywhere but there must be some siddhi whose magic can bring back radha alive. Gargacharya says I don’t think there is anything that can save radha but mahadev himself, that is the only way radha can be brought alive, you have to do anything and get mahadev’s darshan. Kanha cries and gargacharya goes to radha and all people.
Brij bhanu cries and says guru gargacharya please my daughter cannot die like this. Brij bhanu says radha please come back, who


will keep telling all people that my father has 1 lakh cows? Who will do that from now? Please come to your father radha.
Lord Vishnu says to laxmi, devi when I had taken the form of paramavatar shri Krishna, that time you had promised me that you would be with me forever and never leave me, your form of radha would be with kanha every time then how could you do this devi? Laxmi says then what would I do prabhu? Let kalyavan kill kanha just like that? The purpose of kanha was to end all the iniquity that prevails in this world and for the end of kansa, would that purpose just be killed so easily? I promised that radha would be with kanha forever but I also promised that radha would always protect kanha however she can. Lord Vishnu is sad.
There kansa calls bhadraksh and tells him to go to vrindavan and see if really kanha has died or is it someone else. Bhadraksh says yes bhagwan and he goes.
In vrindavan, everyone is in the room and mourning. Suddenly bhadraksh appears and nand and all people look at him angrily. Bhadraksh then sees radha and is shocked, he thinks kanha had to die but radha is here? What is this non sense? Nand says bhadraksh go away now, let us mourn the death of radha properly don’t disturb us, don’t create any terror here now. Bhadraksh says bhagwan kansa has sent me nand, you are no one to question me. Nand is angry and all people take a fire stick in their hand and bring near bhadraksh. Bhadraksh gets scared and says no, don’t bring fire near me, no! bhadraksh goes back to Mathura.
Kanha is crying outside. Gargacharya says to yashoda where is kanha? I have to talk to him. Gargacharya goes to kanha, kanha says guru, radha has to be brought back alive, tell me what do I do? Gargacharya says kanha the only way to saving radha’s life is to pray to mahadev! Kanha says then I will end the world and do anything to bring back radha alive, I will pray to mahadev.
There bhadraksh goes to kansa and says bhagwan you were true, kalyavan’s amoga astra has gone waste, whatever he did is waste, the one who got killed was radha disguised as kanha. Kansa says what? I knew it Vishnu must have cheated, kansa looks at his statue and says that foolish kalyavan lost his amoga astra, kansa laughs. Suddenly 2 soldiers come in stabbed and fall down dead. Kansa removes his sword and says who is it? A demonic horse comes riding inside and then comes back to its demon form and says kansa it is me. Kansa says my old friend! Kansa keeps his sword back. The demon says kansa it is true radha was killed but do you know who is radha? Kansa says who is she? Demon says radha is the form of devi laxmi, that vishnu’s wife, she has taken her avatar as radha just like Vishnu has taken avatar of kanha. Kansa says okay, so it is like ram-sita. That vishnu’s wife laxmi took birth as radha.

Precap: kanha does the tandav to get mahadev’s darshan. Narad muni goes to mahadev and says prabhu please give your darshan to kanha, the one who created the universe is doing tandav, there will be destruction and everything will end if you don’t give darshan to kanha. Kanha does tandav and the earth starts shaking, all people start falling down.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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