Nimki Mukhiya 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update

Nimki Mukhiya 11th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki sees Richa in jungle, she screams and hugs her. She calls for Tunee. Nimki says you were in the competition. Tunee comes there and is shocked to see a girl raped. Richa gets scared and screams to not do that with her. Nimki says we are here to help you, she cries and breakdowns. Tunee says who was he? she is shaking and says I want to go home. Tunee runs from there. He goes to jeep and vomits, unable to hold in. Richa cries, Nimki says dont worry and calls Tunee. Tunee composes himself and brings her dupatta, Nimki covers Richa.

Ritu comes to lounge and says that some papers are missing, some contractor came here but we didnt receive it. Ritu calls contractor and says we didnt get any contract. He says what? you gave it to Dublo? They call for Dublo. Tettar says he didnt

even tell us. Dublo comes there. Mai asks if he too gas agency contract? Dublo says yes I got that contract for my company. Babbu says what are you saying? Dublo hugs him and says I got this contract, not Tettar, I became contender too. Tettar says you went against me. Ritu says you didnt even let us know, Tettar says it was our contract and will remain ours. Dublo says why? cant I run my own company? Mai says he did it on his own so praise him. Babbu says contract came in our house so dont worry, Sweety says lets celebrate it. Tettar says if you lose it then I wont spare you, Dublo says just see what I do.


Tunee and Nimki brings Richa to her home. Her parents are shocked to see her state. Her mother hugs her and asks what happened? who did this with you? Father asks who did it? Richa cries. Mother asks Nimki what did you do with her? she asks her husband to call police. Nimki says dont take her in house, she is injured, let take her to hospital. Her aunt comes there and says who did it? Father says Tunee and Nimki leave. Tunee says we should take her to hospital. Mother asks Richa to say something. Nimki says she was raped, all are shocked. Mother says what face will we show? Nimki says you are worried about your respect but not your daughter’s health? Tunee tells them everything. Father says she shouldnt have been roaming around, Nimki says she needs you right now, take her to hospital. Father says then everyone will know, we wont be able to show face to anyone, you should have left her in jungle. Nimki says think about your daughter. Father throws them out of house and says leave now. Tunee says

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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