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Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Manika manipulates the matters

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 11th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ananya blaming Rajmata for upsetting her dad and getting beaten up. Manika looks on and smiles. Ananya says no one said bad about dad except you and dad, why, you should have not filled poison in Vishesh’s heart against dad. She goes. Rajmata cries. Dhara stops Vishesh and says Rajmata isn’t well, she went to sleep, don’t worry, she asked me to tell you. Ananya has come today, they had a talk, I don’t know what. She goes. He thinks to ask Rajmata tomorrow and talk about Kanchan.

Kanchan writes a letter to her mum and smiles. She thanks her for sending Vishesh to her. She keeps a flower and says I m not scared of flowers now. She smiles. She gets Vishesh’s call. She asks did you talk to mum. He says mum wasn’t well, I will talk to her soon, I m taking

you on date tomorrow, so be prepared, remember our hiding romance. They smile. Manika hears him and smiles. She says so they are still together. She calls someone and asks for someone’s info. Its morning, Vishesh meets Kanchan. He says no one is gossiping about our love. She laughs and says even I m disappointed, how will your family know about us, keep trying.

He says yes, you can tease me, I will get cold drinks, I will just come. He goes. Some men come there and tease Kanchan. She gets angry and takes a hockey stick. Vishesh comes back and gets angry hearing them. Kanchan holds Vishesh’s hand and stops him. The goons comment cheaply. Vishesh loses his cool and beats them up. Someone records the fight. He asks the goons to say sorry to her, she was going to beat them with hockey stick, she would have broken your head. He leaves them. They go. Kanchan smiles. He sits in the car and gives her the drink. She asks him to smile. He smiles. Rajmata ask for newspaper. Manika hides it. Rajmata says I just told old things to Ananya, I should have not hidden it. Manika asks did you say your husband’s truth. Rajmata says yes, it was imp, Vishesh is my pride, I can’t tolerate anyone raising finger at him, send newspaper to my room.

Manika thinks all your pride will end in 5mins. They see police coming. Inspector says sorry, I had to come, Vishesh got into a fight, there is FIR against him. Rajmata doesn’t believe it. He says yes, but we have to take an action, else media will say we didn’t take action against a prince, they printed the news. Manika shows the newspaper and reads it. Rajmata says go and call Vishesh. Servant says he isn’t at home. Inspector goes. Manika says maybe Vishesh broke the alliance because of this girl. Rajmata says find out, who is this girl. Vishesh gets food for everyone. Kanchan says give it to me, its my house, not your hostel. He says no, allow me. Rajmata calls him. He doesn’t see the call. Kirti calls Kanchan lucky. She says I was thinking to get someone like you for me. He says don’t worry, we will find a nice guy for you. She says he should be rich and handsome like you, money, power and good looks are imp. Kanchan asks what about love. Kirti says love will happen somehow. Nandan comes and looks sad.

Everyone sees the video of Vishesh’s fight on news channel. Rajmata comes to meet Kanchan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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