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Krishna Chali London 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna convinces Radhe

Krishna Chali London 11th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Krishna calling Radhe. Radhe comes and asks why did you call me suddenly. He greets Bua. Krishna says you have to take Bua to market, she has to buy few things, we have to participate in competition. Radhe says no, dad stopped us, we can’t participate, Bua explain her. He says I got a betel and garland for you as gift. Krishna asks will you give me the gift I m asking, I don’t want the betel, I want to participate. Radhe gets confused. She says it means you are agreeing, take Bua to market. She holds his hand and says talk to Saajan once. He smiles and asks what. She says Bua will stay at Saajan’s house for few days. He says fine, don’t worry, I shouldn’t be doing this, but I can’t refuse if you insist.

Bua asks shall we go. He says I will take Bua

with me. He goes. She says Radhe has cried, I promise to get a smile on his face. She smiles. Bua goes for shopping. She tries things on Radhe. Radhe asks why are we buying glasses and turban. Bua says I will explain. Bela and Triloki are at veg stall. They buy vegs. They see Radhe and Bua. Bua sees Triloki too. She worries and says they are coming here. Bela asks them what are they doing. Radhe says Bua came to do some shopping. Bela questions Bua. Bua says I will be going back home soon, I m shopping for Dubey. Bela asks her to take care. She thinks why did they buy the turban. Triloki asks Bela to come. Bela says something is fishy, I have to find out.

Radhe and Bua come home. Krishna asks did they buy everything. Radhe asks the plan. Bua says I will tell you what I got, close your eyes. Bela comes and tries to hear them. She looks through the keyhole. She doesn’t see anything. Bua does Radhe’s makeover. She asks Krishna to open eyes now. Krishna says you did an amazing thing, I couldn’t recognize Radhe. Bela falls and says something is going on. Lali comes and asks Bela what is she doing. Bela makes excuses. Bua asks Krishna and Radhe to become Mr and Mrs. Sodhi. Krishna hugs her and says I love you. She says this is final now, you have to agree. Radhe says yes, you use a nice soap, you smell good. Krishna gets away.

Radhe meets Saajan. He asks Saajan to understand, its matter of few days. Bua comes and asks Saajan whose lover he is. She meets Saajan’s wife Guddan. She says she is dusky but she is sweet. Guddan says you can consider this your own house. Bua relaxes and says which is your room. Guddan shows the room. Bua says shift my luggage there, I will stay with you, I made this list of vegs, I don’t want to have trouble. Guddan asks Saajan to get the vegs. Bua goes with her. Radhe asks why didn’t you participate in competition. Saajan says look at my condition. He gets Krishna’s call. Radhe says answer the call.

Krishna says I know its wrong to send someone to stay, I m doing it only for Radhe’s happiness, its very imp to participate in competition, Bua has to stay there to help me. He says fine, I understand. She thanks him. Saajan asks why does she want to participate in competition now. Radhe asks him to take care of Bua. He goes. Bela looks on.

Everyone dines. Shukla asks Radhe what did he do of money. Radhe says i didn’t waste it. Bela asks Triloki to talk to Shukla. He doesn’t listen. Shukla asks Radhe to be present in petrol pump inauguration. Radhe agrees. Bela says Triloki will handle everything, Radhe won’t be free. Shukla asks why. Bela says Bua has come, he will be busy with her. Shukla asks Shuklain did you plan any function, why did you invite her. She says no, she came here without any invitation, she left soon. Bela says no, Radhe dropped her to Saajan’s house. Radhe says no, she came for some work, she said she won’t stay in Krishna’s inlaws. Shukla angrily throws the curry on Shuklain. Krishna gets shocked.

Bua makes Radhe ready. Saajan asks where is Krishna. Krishna washes utensils. Bua says we have no time, why don’t you go and fill the forms. Radhe says no, both husband and wife are required there to fill the forms.

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