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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Chaitu calls off the cycle policy

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 11th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone suggesting Chaitu to get rid of petrol problem. Chaitu says I will get such a solution that people reduce petrol use and pay the tax. Chaitu calls his daughters smart. He goes to office. Puttan says we should imply the other rule. Chaitu says people should walk on feet. Whisky agrees. Chaitu says we will make people use cycles than bikes, they can’t get two vehicles at a time. Puttan likes the idea. Jha asks what about people. Chaitu says why do you interfere, I will decide, people will ride cycles in the state, I m the minister. Khoji says people didn’t like the new rules and protested.

The people blast on Chaitu for saving their money this way. Janta says its good that you have us idea of going on cycle and walk by, but how do rich people

travel in big cars. Genda asks chaitu to follow the same rules he made for the people, he should also go to office by cycle. Chaitu says I won’t do this, I m CM. The family insists him to go by cycle, else people and media won’t leave him. Chaitu says its not easy for me. Jha says its not easy for people too. Chaitu says Genda trapped me, fine get that old cycle, clean it up. Chaitu rides the cycle. He even takes Imli to the market on cycle.

:comes back home and falls down the cycle. Jha asks him is he fine. Chaitu gets back ache. The family cares for him. He gets much pampered. Chaitu says Genda is also riding a cycle, that’s why I m also compelled to ride a cycle, my bones won’t be fine. Imli asks him to talk good. They think how to attend a relative’s marriage function. Puttan gets an idea and thinks to book an ambulance to travel. Dhakad comes to Puttan and asks why did you call ambulance. Puttan says mind your own work. Dhakad says you should be ashamed, you are using the ambulance, what if any sick person needs it, the people will know this and get back to you, just work well, I will be compelled to use my means. Puttan asks him to just leave. He gets angry. The family goes in function in an ambulance. Chaitu says I really liked the food. They all stop him from reading the newspapers.

Chaitu snatches the papers and reads the news against him. Chaitu asks what shall I do now. Puttan says people is very angry, just lessen the tax and stop the cycle rule. Chaitu agrees and calls off the cycle policy. He meets the ministers in the office. Chaitu and Puttan get lying. Jha says we have to make tax on petrol less. Puttan says I have an idea, we can make tax on petrol less by increasing tax on other thing. Chaitu says we should make tax higher on milk, as its used a lot. Puttan likes the idea. Dhakad stops Puttan and asks what are you joking with public. Puttan says no, I have got the tax less on petrol. Dhakad says you got the tax on milk higher. He asks puttan not to think for his selfish greed. Puttan asks would we increase tax on medicines then. Dhakad asks him to increase tax on alcohol, you will have to do what I find right. Puttan says I won’t let you rule. Dhakad says you won’t realize what and when I make you do this. Puttan worries.

Guard tells Puttan about the alien attack. Puttan gets attacked on the road. He says an alien has hit on my head. Chaitu gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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