Dil Hi Toh Hai 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Rithvik bashes up Samar for betraying Reva

Dil Hi Toh Hai 11th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vijay telling Rithvik that Samar is missing since night and thinks if he met with an accident. Vijay and Rithvik leave. Palak tells Manjeet that she wants to talk to Rithvik. She comes there, but he is already left. Rithvik and Vijay are in the car. Rithvik asks Inspector to track his number. Palak calls Rithvik, but his phone gets switched off. Vijay gives his phone to make a call. Manjeet asks Palak to give classic ideas to make rangoli. Palak says she needs to call Rithvik and tells Aman. Rithvik calls Samar’s friend Kabir and asks about Samar. Kabir tells that Samar didn’t come to the party and says his close friend Radhika must know. He gives her idea. Vijay calls Peshwal and asks him about Radhika. Peshwal and his wife get tensed. Mamta tells Reva that she has to adjust

as chopper can’t come due to technical problems. Reva says how she can marry without a chopper.

Radhika and Samar are in the temple. She says she can’t take rounds as she is pregnant. Samar says he will fill her maang and make her wear mangalsutra. They hug each other. Vijay and Rithvik come to Radhika’s house and ask about her. Dadi tells them that she went to her friend’s house. They leave.


Manjeet asks Palak to correct the rangoli. Palak gets worried about Rithvik. Vijay gets Samar’s phone location. Mamta talks to her younger daughter and she tells her that dress is not fitting. Mamta takes her. Samar and Radhika get married in the temple. Radhika says I don’t believe that we are married. Samar says I love you. Rithvik comes there and beats Samar seeing him married. Samar says I don’t love Reva and she will never be happy with me.. Vijay stops Rithvik from beating Samar and takes him from there. Radhika asks Samar if he is fine. Mamta makes her younger daughter Shanaya makes her wear her saree and asks her not to worry about people’s taunts and concentrate on her strength. Rishabh comes there and says she is looking beautiful. Shivam’s friends like her.

Shivam goes to his sister and compliments her on her looks. Rishabh calls Vijay and says they are not picking the call. He says we shall go there. Mamta says Vijay said that he will take Reva to mandap. Palak is still worried for Rithvik. Reva tells Mamta and Ananya that she will go on a honeymoon for a month. Mamta asks her to take many clothes. She says it is not needed. She hugs Mamta. Mamta asks her to sit. Rohit calls Rishabh and asks him to send atleast Dadi first as guests are waiting. Vijay and Rithvik come there. Vijay says he wants to talk to Reva and tells that he told that Reva will not marry Samar. He tells that they have decided not to get her married to Samar and says he is not suitable for you. Mamta asks him to say and says Reva is not a child. Rithvik tells her that Samar got married to someone. Reva is shocked.

Rishabh informs dadi that marriage is cancelled. Dadi gets sad. Palak tells Manjeet that they shall leave. She feels bad for Rithvik.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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