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Agnifera 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Baiju Gets Jealous Seeing Vishu’s Growing Proximity to Shristi

Agnifera 11th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shristi walks to Vishu’s room in the morning. Vishu wakes up and asks where did she go last night, maybe she came later. Ragini walks in and says Vishu’s sleeping habit changed being in Mumbai and informs Revathi is calling Vishu for morning aarti. Revathi performs pooja and offers aarti to all family members. Vishu and Baiju extend hands at once. Baiju backs off hands seeing that. Shristi tells Vishu that they perform pooja every morning. Revathi says let us make breakfast arrangements. Shirsti’s mangalsutra falls down. Baiju bends to pick it, but Vishu picks it and says let him fix it in Shristi’s neck as he is her husband. Baiju keeps his hand on lamp angrily. Ragini notices it. Shristi says its hook is loose and takes it.

Baiju returns to his room and applies

ointment on his burn reminiscing Vishu and Shristi’s growing proximity. His inner voice comes out and taunts him that he has fallen in madamji’s love and is jealous. Baiju says he is not, but cannot stay away from madamji, he will tell everything to madamji. Inner voice wishes all the best and disappears. V ishu walks towarsd Shirsti’s room and seeing her in balcony calls her. Diya says her room door is jammed. He opens it and does not see Shristi, thinks she went to store room, walks into store room and says he wants to tell her something, his blood boils when she is around Vishu, he loves her aand cannot stgay away from her. Ragini comes out. He nervously asks what is she doing here. Ragini says she heard his concern for Shristi and is happy for him.

On the other side, Vishu asks Shristi how did she identify him. She tells how she saw him in night club and realized it is him. Ragini in store room tells Baiju that she knows everyone has ignored him, but love flows like a river and finds its way. Vishu says Shristi that god did not want to keep her sad for long, so he sent him back, he likes her smile a lot. She smiles and keeps his clothes in cupboard. Baiju tells Ragini she should ask Shirsti what would be her answer. Ragini says Shristi is stuck between right and wrong, she cares about Baiju, but Vishu has returned and has shocked her, so Baiju himself should go and express his feeling to Shirsti.

Ragini over phone informs Parag to inform amma that she gave medicine Babuji and suggests him to guard labor union and try to garner their votes. Water flows on floor. She slips. Anurag holds her on time and scolds her to be careful, he warns her for same reason and she should not be so engrapsed in all problems. She says she wants to talk about Baiju and Shristi. He asks to speak. Shristi says Vishu is Shristi’s past and Baiju her present, Shristi is stuck between them and tensed. Anurag says even he is tensed and all his plans fail. She says she di did not understand. He says he wants her to rest till her delivery, but she is busy in party work. She says even she takes care of herself.

Postman calls Shristi Baiju Pandey to deliver letter. Shristi hurriedly takes letter and reads it. Vishu walks in suddenly. She drops it in shock. Vishu picks it and says it must be a govt paper. She says she wants to tell him something, this paper. Baiju snatches it and says it is very important paper and he was waiting for it. Vishu asks her to get him coffee and walks to his room. Baiju suggests her not to speak to Vishu until she knows what to speak, Vishu is confused after losing memory and she should be careful what to tell him.

Shristi returns from shopping. Family asks what is all this. She asks where is Vishu. Divya says he is in room. Shristi asks what is date today. Anurag says 12th July. Shristi asks what is tomorrow. Dulari says lawyer does not have common sense. Revathi says tomorrow is Vishu’s birthday. Dulari says she will dance on Ravi Kishen’s song. Divya says birthday is tomorrow. Revathi says she will celebrate Vishu’s birthday in a grand way as itis Vishu’s new life.

Precap: Family wishes happy birthday to Vishu. Vishu says Shristi that everyone gave him gift, where is her gift and gets romantic. Ragini thanks Anurag for taking care of Vikral. Anurag says it is his duty. She reminds she wrote a letter for him and each word is true.

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