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Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update – Madhav becomes adamant for his Prabhu to meet him.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Pujari tells Madhav that this way Bela was blessed by Prabhu including Maharaj getting the lesson & my Pujari father got released from Prison. Madhav says that Prabhu helped his other devotee’s but Madhav asks why Prabhu isn’t coming for me when I am devoted to him so deeply & Senapati as well Pujari calm him saying that Prabhu will definitely come to meet you but when time comes for Prabhu & he remembers about Pujari’s father had sat for meditational prayers for Prabhu in prison hence he too sits & sings prayers to impress Prabhu while both of them also join him in prayers.
Maharaj hears somebody singing prayers loudly hence wonders who is it hence he goes to temple to check but finds Prabhu’s Idol’s back having marks & realizes about somebody ie. Madhav being hit by hunter so he pleads Prabhu asking I thought he must have stolen the plate so I punished him but Prabhu shows bright light pushing him on the ground hence he understands that Madhav hasn’t stolen hence he goes to meet Madhav.
Madhav asks Maharaj that now what kind of punishment you have come to give me but Maharaj tells him that I have understood that you haven’t stolen the plate so I have come here to release you while he is surprised & Pujari including Sanapati feel happy. Madhav asks Maharaj that why are you doing this & he tells him that Prabhu himself came to guide & inform me about your innocence & you as a big devotee of him while he feels very happy & Pujari as well as Senapati feel delighted of Prabhu who has helped him. Maharaj also direct his minister to give Madhav a room to rest & proper hospitality while his minister thinks evil towards him of placing in an aloof silent dark room.
Madhav gets angry saying that it means Prabhu is only helping me from outside but not coming to meet me hence I won’t go anywhere but will ask Prabhu why is he doing this way with me when he can meet his other big devotee’s then why not me?
Pushpadant asks Ganeshji that did Prabhu met Madhav but he tells him that due to Madhav’s anger & stubborn behaviour he wasn’t achieving what he wished.
Madhav sits in front of Prabhu Jagannath pleading & shouting him for coming to meet him while Balbhadra intimates asking Shri Krishna that this devotee of yours is behaving weird & stubborn it seems so why aren’t you meeting him but he tells him that due to his such behaviour let him suffer for sometime unless he realizes what he is doing.
Madhav is becoming adamant of not leaving the temple unless Prabhu doesn’t come to meet him & Maharaj advises him that to relax & will give you place to stay & you will definitely meet your Prabhu if you pray him silently but he is telling him that when I am not wishing anything from Prabhu then why is he ignoring me & Maharaj tells him that I’ll give you a land where you can build your hut so that your Prabhu might come to meet you alone it seems hence he agrees & Maharaj informs his minister to do as he told to Madhav.
Minister plans evil & gives him a raw aloof land where he feels difficult of make hut while minister leaves from there taking excuse from him of lot of work in palace.
Shri Krishna is about to leave while Balbhadra asks him why are you going to meet your this devotee who is so adamant.

Precap: Madhav is working to build a hut for him saying that why isn’t Prabhu coming now to help me when everybody was telling me that my Prabhu will come & while plucking mud from ground his pointy tool falls down from his hands & he is about to fall on that pointy tool but his hand is held by somebody & he feels it might be Prabhu.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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