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Udaariyaan 12th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh pretends happy in front of Jasmin

Udaariyaan 12th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Fateh liking the pakodas and praising Gurpreet. He asks for tea. Dada ji asks Tejo did she make tea. She says yes. Fateh asks him to have pakodas. Dada ji says no, you have the right on it, your wife made it for you with love. Fateh says its not so good. He goes. Tejo stops him. She asks why didn’t you eat it, you were praising the taste, the taste spoiled knowing I have prepared it, why can’t you stay normal, why do you misunderstand me always, how will we move on. He says I don’t care, I don’t want to move on. She asks why did you go home and scold Jasmin to defend me. He says she had told wrong. She says you were pitying me, no need for that, think about it. He says whatever and goes.

Dadi also likes the pakodas. Nimmo says she makes us fools also. Dadi asks Gurpreet to keep warm clothes for them, they are leaving for Vaishnodevi. Gurpreet asks will Fateh agree. Dadi asks why not, they will be go out and have a change. She says we are trying to unite them, Nimmo is fueling the fire. Mahi says we will send them to spend time. Bebe says the weather is also romantic there. Tejo comes and looks on. Mahi asks Tejo to prepare for the first trip with Fateh and family. Fateh comes and hears them. He refuses to go. Tejo asks them to go, she will also not come. Gurpreet asks how can we go, who will take care of Fateh. Dada ji says Tejo will take care of him. Tejo nods. He says great, Tejo you go and get my medicines from my room. Tejo goes.

Dadi asks why did you talk of taking them along, they can go to Vaishnodevi anytime and come, its better that we go there and come, if we are not here at home, then they will get time to stay together, their misunderstanding will end, send the maid on leave. Mahi says you are right.

Jasmin comes home. Tejo says if you came to talk about yesterday. Jasmin says I want to get my passport back. She calls out Fateh. She asks them to call Fateh, ask him to return the passport. Tejo says stay here, I will get it. Gurpreet looks on angrily. Tejo enters the bathroom. Fateh asks how did you come here without knocking. She says I had to take something from your cupboard. He asks what are you finding, give my clothes. She passes the clothes. He gets dressed up, and sees her taking Jasmin’s passport. He asks why did you need this. She says Jasmin has come to take her passport, you don’t need to go. He says its needed. He goes out and recalls Jasmin’s words. He gives the passport to her and says everything is over between us. Jasmin says everything ended on the marriage day itself, but yes, there is nothing between us now.

He stops her. He asks what’s the hurry to leave, you have come to your sister’s Sasural for the first time, have some tea and snacks, you are my only sister-in-law, come. He asks her to have the amazing pakodas. He says you don’t know who made these pakodas, wait. He gets Tejo there and pretends happy. He says I thought just my mum makes the best pakodas, but Tejo left her behind, she has made the pakodas. Jasmin asks are you done, you claimed to love me a lot, you don’t even know me well, you think I will feel bad seeing your drama, no, I have no trouble with you and your wife, I will have tasty pakodas some other way, enjoy with your wife, bye. She leaves. Tejo cries and goes. Gurpreet asks what’s all this, Jasmin ruined your life, you were serving her food. Fateh goes. Jasmin says you still love me a lot, you are also not happy breaking my dream, I know.

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