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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 12th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahi finds out Renu shot her

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 12th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Rupa says if you don’t rest I will become a real MIL. She says drink some water. You brought her back from Yamraj. Mahi says you fasted for me? She says bring food, please. Rupa says no you can’t eat solid food. Let me get milk. Mahi says not for me but for him. I know why did that. He couldn’t see me getting so much love. So wanted to act weak and get the attention. I won’t let that happen. Rupa laughs. She says let me get food. Mahi says you cried a lot right? When I got shot and even now?Where is my laughing Jogi? Who is this crying Jogi? He says they are different tears. Mahi says when I got shop those were happy tears right? I am finally going and now these are sad tears she’s back. I am your only wife. He says such a bad sense of humor, learn it from me. Mahi says now you don’t like my jokes. I should sleep forever. He says sh.. Mahi says eat food now. Rupa kisses her forehead.

Mahi makes Jogi eat. Mahi says I will tie your hands and make you eat it you don’t. Jogi smiles. Mahi says what happened? He says whatever happened wasn’t right. The computer stopped your heartbeat. Mahi says it’s your mistake. He says why? Mahi says when you are around my heart doesn’t beat. I am so lucky to have you. He says I am some dreams too. Now you have to return the love. When will you? Mahi says every day, all my life. Jogi hugs her. Jogi recalls what happened.

Scene 2
The police come outside Pappu’s house. Chanda says time for Renu to go home. Pappu says yes. Chanda says let’s plan a vacation after that. Pappu says let’s welcome the police. Jogi comes in instead with some gifts. They are shocked to see her. Pappu says don’t enter my house like animals. He says you are a cheap man yourself. But I am very happy today. I got you all sweets. Chanda says why? He says it’s good news for me, you can decide for yourself. Mahi is conscious. Your prayers did that. Eat the sweets. Pappu says no.. Jogi forces him to eat. Jogi gives it to everyone. They all eat. Pappu says congrats. Eat eat. Pappu says let me call the police. Jogi says let me call the police. How is the sweet? Sweet? Chanda says mithai is sweet. He says but poison is bitter. They are all shocked.

Pappu says what are you saying? Jogi says recall God, you’re drying. It’s okay don’t worry. I added the whole bottle. He says to call the ambulance chanda. Jogi laughs. He says a woman was dying here and you didn’t call an ambulance. Why would you get one? You will slowly die as well. Pappu holds his throat. They all cough and try to vomit. Jogi says stop this drama, I was joking. Pappu says are you out of your mind? Jogi says I will bring yours in place. Did you feel helpless? I felt the same when I didn’t know how to save my Mahi. Mahi was shot in this house. Renu recalls shooting. Pappu says I know either this Pappu or Chanda are behind it. Renu and Shalu can’t do that. But I promised one Mahi is okay I will punish her culprit. Your time is up. He takes out the rope.

Scene 3
Rupa wonders where is Jogi? Mahi says are you okay? She says he was here. Rupa says I hope he didn’t go to Pappu’s place. He was full of anger. Let me see him. Mahi says I will come with you. Rupa says no you rest. Mahi says you know Jogi can do anything in anger. We should go. Rupa says now can you go in this condition? Mahi takes out her drip.

Jogi has tied everyone. He throws petrol around Pappu and Chanda. Pappu says Jogi please no. He says I won’t. Chanda cries and says Jogi please now. Pappu says do you want to kill the one you suspect or the one who actually shot? You suspend me and Chanda and but either of her sisters shot her. Either Shalu or Renu. Pappu says you don’t believe right? Because the truth is that way. Chanda says my phone has the proof. Check it, please. Jogi picks the phone. Chanda tells him the code. Jogi plays the video of the event. Mahi and Rupa come in. Jogi is shocked. Jogi says Mahi why did you come here? Mahi says what is all this? Chanda says you’re still walking? You can’t walk much if you have such sisters. Mahi is confused. Jogi shows her the video in which Shalu and Renu both are holding guns.. Mahi falls back in shock. Rupa holds her. Chanda says we did our job. We told you who shot you. Either Renu or Shalu. Shalu and Renu are crying. Now you call the police and get the truth out of them. Call the police right now. Mahi cries.

Episode ends.

Precap-Shalu says I didn’t shoot. I only picked the gun.. Mahi says then who shot? Renu di? Renu cries and says yes I shot. Mahi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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