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Santoshi Maa 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update – Vat-Savitri Pooja finishes & Indresh learns of DNA report.

Santoshi Maa 11th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with everybody performing Pooja of Vat-Savitri & Indresh too joining all women to be behind Swati for completing the rituals of moving around the tree due to Tridev’s blessings & involvement in that tree. Devesh is steering Swati thinking that whatever Indresh does but Swati will be his. Devesh’s behaviour is watched by Rinky hence she tries to make Swati fall who is moving ahead her but Indresh holds her resulting both watching in each other’s eyes while the owner appreciates the couple’s love & Dev Rishi also expresses his appreciation to Mata of both of their love which reflects in their understanding & Mata too is smiling watching them.
All women keep their plates down in front of the tree & are praying while Samiksha asks boon to get husband like Indresh but again changes her mind reminding of what Singhasan had said hence thinks to not like Indresh but Indresh himself due to Swati not being suitable for him. Mata understands hence she comes near her to give knowledge of bonding between husband & wife which is ultimate so she too will be blessed with husband like Indresh itself. Samiksha realizes & goes to her father.
Samiksha’s father appreciates her change in behaviour which has only happened due to Swati but she gets bugged on him saying why always Swati’s name has to be taken but he tells him since she has come in this resort lot of things have changed here hence it’s her credibility itself but she gets annoyed & leaves.
Devi Polomi after watching all this says that if at all Vat-Savitri’s Pooja is performed or Tridev’s Pooja then too fate won’t change because tonight being Kaali Amavasya night hence what will happen is of Swati’s child’s end & she draws the destiny book for changing its fate.
Mata Santoshi give blessings to Swati & Indresh explaining & telling Indresh that you both should be for each other forever like Devi Savitri was for her husband & as Swati did for you last time of performing the same Pooja for your well-being the same way today you have performed for her & your child so to stay away from negative people & keep your hands together always & they both promise her accordingly.
Indresh & Swati are walking inside the resort & Indresh wonders sharing with Swati that why Santoshi Didi must have said this way or is something going to happen while Abhay comes to inform Indresh about his father calling him & he tells Swati to move ahead & he goes to meet him but Devesh was watching from behind also thinks of following him feeling as it must be about Swati’s child’s DNA report for which he must have arrived here.
Singhasan asks Indresh that have you forgotten your promise & he asks what while Singhasan tells him that it was decided if DNA report comes then Swati will be killed but he asks why this now but he tells Indresh that the report has come & it’s clearly written about Devesh Tripathi is child’s father & Indresh is shocked telling him this isn’t possible as she faced Agni Test clearing it without getting harmed or you must have heard wrongly or written wrongly but Singhasan shows him the audio recording in his phone wherein the person of hospital is taking Devesh Tripathi’s name. Singhasan asks Indresh that will you kill Swati or I’ll do it of that woman who has destroyed our family’s name? Indresh is scared & confused while Devesh is hearing from out of the door.
Dev Rishi is asking Mata that what kind of trouble has erupted on Swati now or are these 24 hrs critical for her but Mata keeps mum watching.

Precap: Indresh becoming restless is pleading Swati that promise me you’ll obey whatever I’ll tell you & she tells him I will but what has happened & he tells her that father has learnt about DNA report which states Devesh Tripathi is father of the child hence has to run away from here or he’ll kill you & she too is shocked. Indresh is trying to take her away but Indresh sees his father is watching them.

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