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Riansh(ishq mein marjawan2) a different love story episode 53- Riddhima’s attitude

I am posting this episode because radhika was too impatient to read this😂😂.

The episode starts with:

Riddhima was burning in jealousy. The bell rings. Vansh was about to leave but.

Ahana: vansh baby you will not take me to my cabin!

Vansh: sure Sweetheart come.

Riddhima was giving them “I will kill you” look. Vansh was laughing silently. It was lunch time. Riddhima saw vansh and Ahana walking hand in hand. She couldn’t take it anymore and went towards them. Vansh was drinking water. Riddhima departed their hands. Vansh was looking at her.

Riddhima: don’t you think it’s too much.

Ahana: oh shut up who are you to come between me and my baby!

Riddhima kicked Ahana very hard. Vansh burst out laughing and the water he was drinking spilled out from his mouth. (Ye bohot mast scene hota hai dekhne mein😂😂😂)

Ahana: vansh baby! Save me!

Riddhima: aww your baby is laughing!

Ahana (angry): you!!

She gets up and was about to slap Riddhima but she holds her hand and twists it at her back. Vansh was enjoying the action.

Riddhima: don’t you dare to mess with me.

Ahana: ahhh..vansh baby save me!

Vansh moves towards them.

Riddhima: stop there if you don’t want to face the same(dhamki)

Vansh was shocked.(vansh be like- yeh to merko bhi peet degi yaar)

Riddhima: aww your baby shona jaanu (weird names 🙃😂) is scared.

Ahana: vansh can’t you see how badly she is hurting me.

Vansh started laughing.

Ahana: vansh.

He was trying hard to control his laugh. Riddhima leaves Ahana.

Ahana: vansh baby see my hand(crying)

She goes to him and hugs him. Riddhima gives killer looks.

Riddhima(thinking): idea!

She acts that she got a call and picks it up.

Riddhima: yes vyom darling! Oh come on I am absolutely fine. How much times you will call me to ask my well being. What date..sure darling you and me..we will go on a date.

She acts to blush and keeps the call. Vansh was burning in jealousy. Ahana holded his hand but he jerked it.(Ahana be like- ek maarti hai dusra Bezatti kardeta hai)

Vansh goes to Riddhima and holds her wrist.

Riddhima: what is this!

Vansh: you are not going on a date with vyom!

Riddhima: and who are you to say this!

Vansh: I said you are not going that’s it.

Riddhima: why..you want to go with vyom! See I am not interested to go on date with your sweetheart so leave my boyfriend ok!!

She departs his hand and leaves. Vansh was looking at her retreating figure with jaws dropped. Riddhima turned and winked at him.

(Bezzati hogayi bichare ki)

Ahana was standing in a way that when Riddhima will enter because of her leg Riddhima will fall on ground. But vansh came before Riddhima and he stood at the front of the class.

Ahana(thinking): now what..vansh has come. Wait why to back off from my plan I will do what I want to now too.

Riddhima was about to enter but due to Ahana’s leg she stumbles and falls in vansh’s arms. Ahana hit her head with her palm. Riansh were sharing an eyelock. Ahana was burning in jealousy.

Precap: strike.

Hope you all enjoyed the episode! I tried my best to make it funny because I know everyone is sad in this situation!

Did you all like Riddhima’s attitude 😛? 

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