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Riansh OS – Showdowns to Happily Ever After

Note – Story starts from the Christmas party. Vansh has just told Anupriya’s reality to the whole family.

Vansh/Vihaan – So Kabir…. Arrest this lady and take her away from here…. And if you want to keep any relations with her, you are free to leave this house.

Kabir moves forward to arrest his mother. But a voice stops him.

Riddhima – Wait a minute. Vansh, don’t you remember that he is a suspended officer? He can’t make any arrests. Also, how will he do this when he himself is going to be jailed?

Vansh/Vihaan – What do you mean Sweetheart?

Riddhima – I will show you… (to Angre) Angre please set up a projector so that everyone can see the truth. Also, get some bodyguards to hold Anupriya and Kabir.

Angre – Okay bhabhi…

Angre sets up the projector and is given a pendrive by Riddhima. It has a video confession by Anupriya and Kabir(pool scene where Riddhima is electrocuted) and also the video proofs of all the actions of Anupriya and Kabir after that.

Everyone watches the videos in stunned silence. Anupriya and Kabir are now afraid for their lives.

Riddhima – There is one more person whom they have wronged and is not here right now… (calls someone) Bring her here now… It’s safe to come.

Dadi – Whom are you talking about Riddhima?

Riddhima – Sia….

Vansh/Vihaan – She is awake? When? Why was I not informed before?

Riddhima – To keep her safe I had to hide this good news…. Otherwise Anupriya might have attacked her again

Just then Sia comes there…

Sia – Bhabhi….

Riddhima – Sia….

Sia runs towards Riddhima and hugs her. Then she goes to other family members to meet them.

Sia – Sorry bhabhi… I was sleeping like a log for a long time… Due to me you had to suffer a lot.. If I was not in a coma, all this would have been solved a long time ago..

Riddhima – Don’t say sorry Sia… It was never and never will be your fault… It was the situation and everyone acted accordingly.

Vansh/Vihaan – Kabir and Anupriya, Now you are gone. You are in for hell. 

Riddhima – Just wait a minute, Vansh… Don’t waste your energy… (shouting) Officers, please come inside and do the needful…

The police come inside the VR mansion and arrest Anupriya and Kabir.

Officer – Mrs. Raisighania… we have arrested the culprits… We have also secured the evidence against them… We are sure that they are going in for a long time or maybe they won’t come back ever.

Riddhima – Thank you officers. Please take them away. Vansh will get his lawyers to get in touch with you regarding this case.

Officers start to take Anupriya and Kabir away. Anupriya isn’t able to believe that she is defeated by someone who was a mere pawn in her eyes. Her eyes fall on the gun which is still in Kabir’s waistband. She pulls it out and points it towards Vansh/Vihaan.

Anupriya – Riddhima, you snatched everything from me…. Now you will also feel the same…

She shoots the gun. Riddhima runs towards Vansh/Vihaan and takes the bullet upon herself. It hits her chest. Vansh catches her.

Riddhima –  Vihaan… Thank you for helping me in saving my family… This was gonna happen in one way or another… I can’t live without my Vansh anymore… Now I will go to him…

Vansh/Vihaan – You are not going anywhere… Till I am alive nothing will happen to you… I am your Vansh.

Riddhima tries to raise her hand to his cheeks to wipe his tears… But she faints…

Vansh – RIDDHIMAAA… Angre call the ambulance…. Officers take these two away and add this to their charges.

Officer – Yes sir.

Officers take Anupriya and Kabir away. Ambulance arrives and takes Riddhima to the hospital where she is taken into operation theatre. Whole family goes there.


After some time, a nurse comes out of the operation theatre.

Nurse – She has lost a lot of blood. Her blood group is rare and we do not have it here in our blood bank… Do you know anyone who has a blood group of AB -ve?

Angre – I have the same blood group…

Nurse – Come fast then…

ANgre goes with the nurse.

Vansh falls down on the ground.

Vansh – Why? Why is this happening? Whenever I am going to have some happiness, it is snatched from me….

Dadi- Vansh… nothing will happen to her… Bappa knows about her struggles and will not be unfair to her….

Ishani – Yes bhai… She has to live to get her share of happiness… She did so much for us… we need to do the same for her…

Sia – Yes bhai… You know she used to come to my room every night after everyone slept and share her day with me… She never spent her nights in her room… She was either with me or was near the pool… She used to say that she is trying to find her Chaand… That it was partially hidden from her… She also knew that you were not Vihaan from the beginning… She was 100% sure that you are her Vansh…. She had gotten a DNA test done to confirm…

Vansh – What? She knew? THen why didn’t she confront me?

Sia – She thought that this is her punishment for trying to betray you… even if it was unintentional… To have you so close and yet so far from her… She bore everything we said and did to her… just for you….

Just then doctor came…

Vansh – Doctor… How is she?

Doctor – We were able to take out the bullet successfully and the blood given to her by her brother also saved her….

Ishani – Brother? But it was my husband who gave her blood…

Doctor – But according to DNA test reports, they are brother and sister…

Angre – What??? Are you 100% sure doctor?

Doctor – Yes.

Angre (crying) – Panda… I found you at last….

Ishani – Panda?

Angre – Yes, Panda… I had told only Bhai about this… But I had a younger sister whom I called Panda… When she was 5… my parents took her for a checkup… On the way back, they had an accident… Mom and dad lost their lives on the spot… But she was nowhere to be found… I started my investigation company to find her only…. 

Sia – But why the name Panda?

Angre – Because she was cute and golu-molu like a Panda 😊😊😊

Sia – Awww

Vansh – Doctor, when can we meet her?

Doctor – As soon as she gains consciousness… We are shifting her to her ward

Vansh – Thank you so much Doctor…

Doctor – No need to say thanks… It was my duty…

Doctor goes from there…. Riddhima is shifted to her ward… Everyone entered the room and waited for her to wake up.

After 1 hour…

Riddhima – Vansh… Vansh..

Vansh – Yes Riddhima… I am here with you… Please open your eyes…

After great difficulty, Riddhima opens her eyes. Vansh hugs her.

Vansh – I am sorry Riddhima… Due to me you faced so much….

Riddhima – Stop crying like a baby Vansh…. Whatever I did… I did it for myself… I had lost you once and I was not going to let it happen again… By the way, you are due a scolding from me..

Vansh – Why??

Riddhima – You acting like Vihaan and irritating me to my wits end…

Vansh – But Sweetheart….

Riddhima – Shouldn’t it be Dollar biwi??

Vansh – No… You will always be my Sweetheart…

Sia and Ishani – Awwwww

Ishani – Bhai, do your romance later.

Vansh – Accha leave this… (to Riddhima) I have good news for you… We found your family…

Riddhima – Really?? Where are they?

Angre – Panda…🥺🥺🥺

Riddhima – How do you know this name Angre?

Angre – So you forgot your Bhaiyu so easily?

Riddhima – Bhaiyu??? You are my Bhaiyu??

Angre – Yes Panda…

They hugged each other.

Riddhima – Bhaiyu… I tried so hard to find you… But no one was ready to help me… in their eyes I was an orphan and not worth helping…

Angre – Now more tears… I am there with you Panda… If anyone troubles you, come and tell me.

Riddhima – Even if it’s your Vansh Bhai??

Vansh – But what did I do??

Riddhima – Till now nothing… But in the future if you irritate me, then?

Angre (smiling) – Then most definitely….

Everyone started laughing.

Now Riddhima’s family was complete. She will now get all the love she prayed for. Her life may not be simple due to being married to Vansh…. But, it will be full of happiness. 


Note – Hope you all liked it. Please vote and write your views in the comment section. If you have any requests, feel free to DM me or write them in the comment section.

Note – I know that we have got sad news that our show is ending… But we have to remain strong and not take drastic steps… We need to keep our fandom moving forward and never let it die… I think this is the best way to repay the team for all the hard work they have done till now even in this pandemic situation..

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