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RIANSH (Budding love for eternity) Episode 42 (SURPRISE)

Really sorry for this very short update but as I told I’m busy with my online classes now!


Episode Starts with: 


VR Room: Author’s POV;


Next morning Vansh got up as he felt something hitting his head and found Riddhima irritatingly beating his head and shoulder with her diary. He sat of the bed and held Riddhima’s hand stopping her. Vansh asked..


Vansh: What the hell is this Riddhima?


Riddhima: (crying) I know I’m torturing you daily but what to do? It happens naturally, I don’t know when this Devil will come out. I’m being such a bad and irritating wife and Mumma. Right?😭😭


Vansh: (cupping her face) Aww don’t say like that Sweetheart. I understand your mood swings aren’t in your control but don’t call my lil princess a Devil atleast she’ll be an angel 😇. And no, you are the best wife and best Mumma also ❤️.


Riddhima: Really?


Vansh: Yes, Okay so now after having breakfast and you taking your supplements, we’ll go on a drive. Happy?


Riddhima: Too happy. From 7 months I’ve been locked in this room now finally. 👏😁😃


(Vansh and Riddhima finish their breakfast and leave for the outing, while Vansh remembers..)


Flashback Starts:


VR Mansion: Author’s POV; 


At Night when Riddhima slept, Vansh called Angre and asked everyone to assemble in the hall, he slowly sneaked out of the room and went to the hall, where everyone was waiting fro him, Angre said..


Angre: Boss as you said, everyone is here.


Ishani: What happened Bhai, calling us as thieves at night?


Siya: Is Bhabhi fine?


Vansh: Yes PRINCESS she’s fine but..


(He looks at Aryan, who’s yawning in sleep and standing lifelessly, he takes a glass of water and pours it on his face😂 Aryan jerks off saying..)


Aryan: Flood, Flood, Save me, Ishani, Bro, Save me 😨😨


Vansh: Get up you fool otherwise I’ll surely throw you in an ocean.


Aryan: (in senses) Sorry Bhai. You continue.


Vansh: Angre I need this house to be decorated Beautifully! With White and Pink roses, white for my Sweetheart and pink for my princess.


Siya: Wow 🥳 party.


Ishani: But what’s the occasion?


Aryan: Bhabhi’s bday??


Vansh: No her Baby Shower. I was reading some pregnancy books where I got to know about this.


Ishani: Yeah I know it.


Angre: Boss then anything else for Bhabhi’s Baby shower?


Vansh: Yeah, her pregnancy month wise portraits, sonography pictures, sachets adn everything to be just perfect. Make it best. Remember we’re doing this for Riddhima.


Angre: I’ll handle everything Boss. Riddhima Bhabhi’s Baby shower will be worth remembering.


Aryan: Like never before.


Vansh: But Angre, make sure complete privacy and maintain proper safety and hygiene.


Angre: Alright Boss.


Ishani: And I myself will get a special dress for Bhabhi. Comfy comfy.




Siya: we’ll make tomorrow’s day best for Bhabhi.


Ishani: And yeah I’ll call Shreya and Aarav also.


Vansh (in mind): Now tomorrow also he’ll irritate me😠. Dare he hugs my Riddhima this time!


Aryan: But it’s a SURPRISE na so it would be better if Bhabhi goes to Office tomorrow.


Vansh: I can’t let her go office ans work in this condition, no worries I’ll take her for an outing but by evening everything should be prepared. Got it?


Everyone (unison): Yes Sire!

(French bhi use krli 😂)


Flashback Ends!


Riddhima: Vansh what are you thinking?


Vansh: Nothing! So you’re enjoying na?


Riddhima: Yes but I want to eat some Sweets. You know they are my weakness.


Vansh: I know, and I’ve got them, see at the back seat.


Riddhima (picking the Sweet box) Wow Vansh 😋😋 Thanku ❤️ you are the best.


Vansh: Tell me something I don’t know.


(Riddhima finishes the entire Sweet Box and sleeps in car on Vansh’s shoulder, he just adores her, receiving a message from Angre and thinks..)


Vansh (in mind): Surprise in waiting for you at home Sweetheart, let’s go!


(Vansh and Riddhima reach back home, he wakes her up, they get inside the house while Riddhima stands stunned!)


Episode Ends!




Hope you all liked it. Suggestions, corrections and appreciations are needed in the comment section below 🙏 Thnqu ❤️ keep supporting 🙏😘

Stay safe and healthy 😙😙 All!

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