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Riansh (A pure love story) Part 3

Hello everyone, Thankyou for showing this much love to my fanfiction

All of you were excited for concessions so let’s start


Vansh – Say what u want to confess

Riddhima – Vansh when u came into my life, my life became beautiful.. Before I met u my life was meaningless.. After u came u started caring for me and I started feeling that I am also important for someone.. Vansh u are my life, I can’t even die without u.. I LOVE U VANSH

Vansh was shocked and tears of happiness fell from his eyes

Vansh – Riddhima I also wanted to say this from very long, U have became the reason to smile and live… I LOVE U TOO RIDDIMA

After listening this riddhima was on cloud nine and they shared a passionate and warm hug, vansh gave a forhead kiss to riddhima and riddhima smiled

Riddhima – I wanted to hear this words from very long time

Vansh – Riddhima I also wanted to ask u something??

Riddhima – First let’s eat dinner

Riddhima made vansh sat on chair and vansh pulled her and made her sat on his lap and riddhima blushed

Riddhima – what are u doing vansh

Vansh – What? We love each other we are married and romance is first job to do

Riddhima – I didn’t knew u are sick a flirt

They ate in one plate and riddhima was still in vansh lap, They finished there food and riddhima got up but vansh pulled her by waist and said

Vansh – I want to ask u some thing ??

Riddhima – ask


Riddhima was shocked but smiled and said

Riddima – YES

Vansh – this marriage will be pure as our love is pure

They shared a warm hug and slept in the cosy tent in Terrance

That night witness the pure love of riansh


In Morning

Vansh and riddhima has left to their room in early morning and vansh was sitting in the bed with laptop and riddhima came out of the bathroom and she was wearing a pink saree and vansh eyes was stucked on her

She went to the mirror and started wearing earring and vansh came and back hugged her

Riddhima – Vansh someone will dee

Vansh – come on riddhima the door is closed no one will see

Riddhima – Vansh I have alot of work to do leave me

Vansh – In one condition

Riddhima – what??

Vansh – give me a kiss

Riddhima blushed and said

Riddhima – shameless men, I thought u are only flirt but u are shameless also, See we are not married yet and we are bachelor’s so all the romance after marriage

Vansh – we are married riddhima, it’s just we are getting married again

Riddhima turned around and gave him a cute kiss on his cheeks and ran

Vansh – this girl, I will get my kiss

In afternoon

Vansh called everyone in hall and said I and riddhima has prospered each other and we want to get married again

All were happy

Dadi – May God bless u two from every danger and today I will call panditji and asked him perfect date for marriage

Everyone was excited

Ishani – yaaa, I am so excited we will arrange everything

Listening to this angre got an idea and asked vansh

Angre – Vansh Bhai I want permission for something

Vansh – What??


Precap – We will also get married


I hope u all liked the confession part and think who else will get married with riansh



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