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LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP!- Episode 8 (exposed?)

hi Everyone!.here is the 8th episode and hope you all like it 😊.


nikki runs towards nearby temple while vyom is still shocked but he too follows her without her knowledge and nikki reaches the temple and she prays…

Nikki (shouts): bapppa..why did you bring Krish here??it was my dream to act in this film along with vyom but how will I act when Krish is here…

suddenly a voice hears to her from behind…

Someone: how is Krish related to you nikki??

nikki turns and gets shocked seeing vyom..

nikki (in scared tone): ac.. actually…

suddenly nikki bursts into tears and goes and hugs vyom which shocks vyom and…

nikki(crying): iam sorry vyom..I have hid  my past from you….I..I thought to hide from you because I was scared that you will break up with me..

vyom hugs her and consoles..

Vyom: it’s okay.whatever is your past doesn’t matter to me..I only focus on present and future and please don’t get afraid that I will break up with you…whatever is your past it won’t effect our present so just tell me what happened?


krish and Director are speaking and..

Krish: sir..I will go to nearby temple and come okay?? because it’s my habit to pray to god before doing anything..

Director: fine..go and come soon.

Krish: sure sir.

telling this Krish walks towards the temple where nikki and vyom are there..


nikki: vyom..in my past I loved Krish so much..

vyom gets shocked…

Vyom: then what happened??

Nikki: we both were in deep love and our days of love were like heaven…(FB IS SHOWN)


nikki tells everything of how they spent together and suddenly she cries and vyom consoles and…

Vyom: you both have loved this much then what happened which lead you both to get separated??

Nikki: actually..we were discussing about our marriage and krish told that his parents dint agree with my alliance so he told me to wait for some time but…

suddenly nikki cries so much and hugs vyom and..

vyom: but…

Nikki(cryingly): suddenly one day he gave me his wedding invitation to me telling that he agreed to his parents which made me broken but my heart told that he won’t marry but ..

Vyom: but..

Nikki(cryingly): when the date of the marriage arrived I kept a hope that he won’t marry but i went and saw him married which made me heartbroken….



telling this she cries so much and hugs vyom and vyom too gets emotional hearing this and he consoles and suddenly a voices comes from behind which shocks nikki… 

Someone: sharanya..why are you hiding half a truth??you have told only half of our story right??..where is the other half??

nikki sees Krish and gets shocked..

nikki gets scared seeing Krish and she stumbles..

Nikki(in scared tone): kri..kr..Krish….

nikki starts sweating due to fear and she tries to run from there which shocks vyom and before she runs Krish holds her hands…..

krish: don’t run away without telling our full truth sharanya bisht. I know you changed your name to nikki to hide your past but that won’t be hidden for long time sharanya..so go and tell your lover our full past so that he will decide about his life….

nikki stands in fear while vyom stands shocked…



shivani cries and gets angry on house owner and she packs all her belongings and she locks the house and throws the keys on house owner’s face and…

Shivani (angrily): keep your keys yourself!!.you are a monster..I will never see your face again….

telling this shivani takes her things angrily to a temple(the same temple where Krish,vyom and nikki are there but she goes to backside of temple)and she throws her things before lord and shouts….

shivani angrily: lord…I believed you in each and every part of my life but what you did in return???you made me stand on the road finally and this is your wish right???….

shivani kneels down and cries before the lord and shouts….

shivani (shouts by crying): why did you create orphans??why did you made me orphan??why did you snatch my parents and now you snatched my shelter and where will I live now???dont you feel pity on me huh???…if the humans are considered to be betrayals and why are you also betraying me huh???..

telling this she cries more and then she stands angrily and she wipes her tears and…

Shivani (angrily): you have snatched everything then why did you kept my things alone??better snatch that too…I will burn that myself so that you will be happy seeing me in pain right??…

telling this she throws her everything’s angrily on the ground and she lits fire and looks at god angrily…

shivani angrily: if I have no parents and no shelter then why should I have food and clothes??so better take that too…

telling this she throws fire on her belongings and she sees it for some time and all her belongings turns into ashes while rain start to pour and shivani stands there still in anger towards God….



ponky’s friends takes Avni to a jungle near the river and they make fun of her ..

daksh (ponky’s friend): hey beauty… common dance with harish orelse…

avni gets angry and shouts..

Avni shouts: shut up…I won’t.how cheap you all are??you have kidnapped and then asking me to dance huh??…you cheap rascals….

ponky’s friends gets angry and Daksh goes and holds avni’s hair and…

Daksh angrily: if you don’t dance with harish then the rape case will be happened here and are you okay with it??


virat finishes his work and he comes towards police station but veer comes and calls him…

Veer: hey dude!!..you are always busy as police… so for sometime come with me to a jungle na and then continue your police works again…

virat gets confused…

Virat: hey..I don’t have time because I have asked a person to wait so I should go and do my duty so you go with your friends veer.

Veer: you are also my friend virat.today alone delay your work for 15 minutes please…I will leave you here within 15 minutes and till that please come with me to jungle please.

virat thinks and…

Virat: ok..I will come but you should leave me here within 15 minutes okay?

Veer: okay.

Virat: but why are you taking me to jungle???

Veer: to collect Lilly in the river which is running in the jungle…

virat gets confused and teases veer..

Virat: why are you collecting Lilly??..are you going to propose a girl with Lilly??

veer looks virat with fake anger and..

Veer: shut up virat!!.iam collecting Lilly as my grandmother asked because she loves keeping Lilly in house..

Virat: ohh…

virat sits on veer’s bike and both goes towards the jungle.


avni gets scared hearing rape case so she agrees to dance with harish while ever other boys prepares to take video and Avni cries…..

avni POV: ohh god..please save me from these cheap man’s please….

Daksh: common..start your performance miss.beauty…

harish dances around Avni while Avni cries and hesitates and Everyone starts recording and Daksh sees her and..

Daksh: excuse me..common dance fast orelse you will be raped..

this words gets recorded in the video recorder while Avni gets scared and starts to dance in fear….


virat and veer reaches the jungle and they go inside and gets shocked seeing Avni being tortured by those men’s and veer shouts them…

Veer angrily: hey stop! What is going on here???

every boys gets scared seeing veer and police while Avni sees veer and gets happy and she runs and hugs him….

avni: veer….(veer knows Avni as he regularly visits singhania house as he is working in Naitik’s company).

veer consoles Avni and virat too consoles Avni…

Veer: tell me what happened Avni? What they were doing with you?

avni tells everything to virat and veer and both gets angry and they go and beat those guys angrily..

veer sees daksh’s phone being recording and he grabs the phone and sees it and he get shocked hearing the sound where Daksh was torturing Avni by telling that they will rape her and veer gets angry and slaps Daksh angrily…..

Veer angrily: how dare you??how dare you blackmail her?? don’t you have shame???..

daksh gets scared while veer shows the video to virat and virat too gets angry and he points the gun at everyone…

virat angrily: you all are under arrest for harassing and torturing a girl…

Daksh (in scared tone): but it was not our fault and we did it as ponky asked us to do..

Virat: who is ponky??

avni comes to virat and..

Avni: virat sir..ponky is my college mate and he is the one who created funny video of our professor and he exchanged it with mine’s and made me punished and now he is the one responsible for this too…

virat gets angry hearing this and..

Virat shouts at his friends: did you guys also helped him to do that fake video?? because one person surely can’t do that video….

Ponky’s friends: yes sir..but we did it as he offered money…

Virat angrily: now you will be arrested along with ponky as you also involved in kidnapping and doing illegal act of making video.

telling this virat handcuffs everyone and he phones his constable to bring his jeep and he goes towards veer and..

Virat: veer we should go to Avni’s college and arrest ponky too.


Veer: yes..

Virat: so I will come in jeep along with these idiots and you take Avni to college on your bike okay? So we will meet in college…

Veer: okay virat.

veer takes Avni along with him while virat arrests ponky’s friends in his jeep and both virat and veer heads towards college…


precap: sai and sirat join hands against Aditya. Kartik meets naira in jail.bani gets impressed. Neil feels guilty.akshara and naitik suprises naksh.











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