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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Vansh and Riddhima’s wedding anniversary

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 11th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Vansh waking up and seeing Riddhima beside him. He lifts her and takes her back to her room. He leaves. Vansh and Angre have tea and discuss work. He asks did you find that sniper. Angre says don’t worry, we will know it soon. Riddhima comes and greets. She says I have seen a bad dream last night, I have seen someone kidnapped me, I was so scared, what shall I say. Angre says I heard that if you keep something under the pillow… Vansh says don’t believe in superstitions. Riddhima says we will talk later. Sara comes and asks shall we play cricket. Riddhima says no. Sara says Vansh you should relax your mind, come on Vansh.

Vansh looks on shocked. Sara asks why are you worried, are you scared of losing. Angre says mind will get fresh, come. Vansh leaves. Riddhima looks on. Ishani says Vansh should be ashamed to blame me, why would I go and where. Siya says Vyom, I can’t stay away. Vyom asks her not to meet her like this. Ishani sees them talking. Vyom goes. Siya sees Ishani and turns to go. Ishani stops her. Siya asks how did you come here. Ishani says I have seen everything, you aren’t ashamed to flirt with a lobby manager, he is a blo*dy servant, keep some level, I know you had a breakup with Vyom, good, he was mad, but you can’t flirt with this guy, you lost it. Siya thinks thank God, Ishani didn’t identify Vyom.

Riddhima sees Vansh going in the backyard room. Vansh plays the piano. Riddhima comes to see. She knocks the door. She says Vansh was here, where did he go. Vansh asks what are you doing here. She says you went that way, how did you come here. He says you don’t follow me. She says no, I came to tell you that I didn’t make you leave the room, you left the room in anger, you don’t work hard, you took me to your room and then dropped me to your room, you could have slept in my room, there was no such problem, I can also sense your presence, why do you pretend to be away. He leaves. She says he is rigid. Staff man asks Vyom to have medicines. Vyom asks him to go. The man says madam asked you to have simple food. Vyom falls down. The man asks what happened, are you fine. Riddhima comes and sends him. Vyom asks why are you doing this, I don’t need the food or medicines. She says I know you are depressed. He says shut up. She says you can’t torture yourself and torture their souls. He says I don’t need your sympathy. She says I… He says go and pity your husband, he is a big animal and behaves like nothing happened. She says you shouldn’t torture yourself. He says you just go away. She sees the food plate there. She asks him to have food for Madhuri and Pihu’s sake. She goes. He eats the food and relaxes.

Its night, Riddhima sees Vansh’s pic in her phone and cries. She recalls their moments. She sees Vansh there. He gets a note and smiles. She also gets a note from him. She smiles. Vyom sees Madhuri and Pihu’s belongings. He gets angry. He gets a call and disconnects. He says I m Vyom, circle, I can’t fall weak. He shuts the box. Siya comes there and looks on. He says when you know that I m not answering, why did you come here to meet, go. She says I was missing you, I love your getup. He asks her to leave. She asks did you have food, I had made it for you. He says no, don’t get food for me, its better you leave, for the last time, go. She leaves.

Vansh and Riddhima meet. Ishq mein marjawan….plays…. They see the anniversary cake. She says you sent the card, now wish me. He says you have sent the card, so you will wish me first. She says no, I got the card from your side. He says I didn’t send it. Angre comes and says I have sent the cards, first of all, so sorry to disturb you guys, happy marriage anniversary, you both love each other, you shouldn’t get away, forget the fights and celebrate today. Vansh says Angre, I told you not to interfere in my matter, now get lost. Angre says sorry boss, I can’t see you both away, happy marriage anniversary. He leaves. Riddhima says its fine that you didn’t send me the card and wish me, your ego has become so big, you don’t see my love or Angre’s efforts, how heartless you can be. She leaves. Vansh says I have a heart that you broke. He sees his inner self and argues. He says she should get punished. His alter self asks are you punishing her or yourself, you are incomplete without her, go and convince her.

Angre asks Riddhima to listen. Vansh shouts Angre, leave her hand. He beats Angre with the belt. He scolds Angre. Riddhima asks what happened to you. Vansh says no one can touch you, I love you. He falls on the bed. She smiles and says I love you too.

Update Credit to: Amena

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