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Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-47)

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Flashback Continues:-

Year 2016:-

April 13:-

At VR Mansion, Darjeeling:-

At 10 am:-

Vansh was laid on his bed reminiscing the moments he spend today with Riddhima and as he was doing it a smile crept on his lips but then he frowned as he listened a knock on his door

Vansh- All are enemies of my love

He opened the door to see Angre, Kabir and Aryan was standing their

They pushed him aside and entering the room sat on the bed ignoring his shocked look

Vansh- Can’t you guys leave me alone

Angre- No Vansh

Kabir- Ok now tell what’s your decision?

Vansh- About?

Aryan- Don’t be too innocent Bhai…We know about your feelings for Riddhima

Vansh (shocked) – What?

Angre- Yaa Vansh that’s why we left without arguing to you

Kabir- Yaa….. Even Sejal, Siya and Ishani are also aware about this

Vansh (shocked) – What? I mean what are they aware of?

Angre- About your feelings for it….Anyway tell na what’s your decision?

Vansh- Yaa I Love her

Aryan- We very well know that bhai tell me when are you going to propose her?

Vansh- after Fresher’s party

Angre- Then done after fresher’s party we will send you the location bring her there décor will be done

Vansh- What? I will do the décor

Kabir- Shut up and (yawns) Sleep Vansh…..Good Night

Vansh- What wait give me the answer I will only do the decoration…

Without listening to his voice they left from there

Vansh- Kabir….. Angre…. You guys don’t know her taste

But they had left and Vansh turned to latch the door but before he could he heard Aryan’s voice he opened and saw

Aryan- Bhai but Sejal, Siya and Ishani knows… Don’t worry bhai…Good Night.

He ran from there Vansh smiled and then latching the door laid on the bed smiling and reminiscing Riddhima

In Morning:-

April 16:-

In Saint Teresa’s Institute, Darjeeling:-

Just two days was left for the fresher’s party and Riddhima and Vansh’s gang had almost done with the preparation and décor

Riddhima entered the classroom and was about to move to sit beside Vansh but she frowned when she saw Ragini and Vansh was sitting together and Vansh was telling her something while both were indulged in the book, she became angry and saw Vyom sitting alone behind Ragini and Vansh and then smirking went to him

Riddhima- Hi Vyom!!

Vyom who was thinking something hearing her voice smiled widely and said

Vyom- Hi Riddhima!!! How are you?

Riddhima- Good…. You?

Vyom- Pretty well

Riddhima- Btw… May I know what were you thinking?

Vyom- Nothing important was just…. Anyway you here? I mean you sit with Vansh usually

Riddhima- Yaa…But thought to sit with you today….

Vyom- Great then…Hope you’ll like my company for today

Riddhima- Yes….

Meanwhile Vansh who was unaware of Riddhima’s presence in the class was still waiting Riddhima since long and as Ragini sat beside him asking some questions he was hell irritated

Vansh turned to give a look to the whole class in a hope to search her while Riddhima’s pen fell down and see bent down making Vansh unable to see her then and when he turned back she got up and both were sad

Vansh- Ragini if you don’t mind I’m waiting for Riddhima so can you?

Ragini- Yaa Sure….. Bye….

Vansh just passed a small smiled and Riddhima misunderstood and clutched her fist but then took a sign a relief as she saw Ragini leaving and then teacher entered Vansh again turned to look around the whole class and this time he saw her and as he saw her sitting with Vyom his blood boiled he clutched the pen’s tip hard in his hand allowing blood to come out of his palm, but he cared less

And while teacher was teaching everyone Vansh’s anger knew no bound in that anger he started making the notes with his injured hand covering the whole sheet of paper with his blood

After 45 minutes, when the class ended he moved to talk to Riddhima but when he saw her leaving he was sad and then he moved out

Meanwhile Riddhima who was unaware of Vansh condition was still angry on him for sitting with Ragini she was walking in the corridor suddenly someone pulled her inside an empty class room

She got scared because of sudden movement she squeezed her eyes shut and was sweating and when her body was pinned hard to the wall she was all ready to scream but someone cupped her mouth and then she just heard a small whisper which held anger

Voice- Shshsh…. It’s me Riddhima

She was very well aware of the voice and then as she was scared she just hugged him but Vansh was still angry so he didn’t hugged her back on not getting the response she moved back to meet his red shot eyes

Riddhima (scared) – Vansh what was that behavior why you pulled me like this?

Vansh was held back by her question he cupped her face hard making his whole blood get smeared on his face

Riddhima got sacred to hell

Vansh (anger) – Why were you sitting with Vyom?

Riddhima remembered everything and jerked back his hand

Riddhima- So what even you were with Ragini and if she was sitting with you how will I sit and you both were discussing something important so I left and sat with Vyom

Vansh- Then why you didn’t came back when she left even after teacher left?

Riddhima- Because then teacher came and fyi right now teacher called me to library to ask about the décor so I left early

Anger which was visible on Vansh was now converted to guilt and now that anger was visible on Riddhima’s face

Riddhima- You know what Vansh I don’t want to talk to you

She was about to leave when he held her hand and pinned her to the wall caging her from one of his injured hand and then took out his handkerchief from his pocket and start cleaning her face firstly she frowned then thought maybe he is wiping her tears while she wasn’t even looking at him as she was aware that if she saw his guilty look she will broke up so as he was done she left without facing her on the way she met Sejal she held her hand while walking in the way and then took her to library without facing Vansh at all while Sejal was again and again questioning about her behavior which was gladly ignored by Riddhima they came to library

Where teacher was checking his file while sitting on his chair he asked them to sit and then he looked up firstly he frowned then he smiled widely and forwarded his hands towards Riddhima meanwhile there whole gang came inside

Librarian- Congratulation Riddhima…..

All frowned on him but then Riddhima shook their hand and said

Riddhima- Thank you sir but for what?

Librarian- For getting married

All (in unison) – WHAT??

Librarian was taken aback due to their loud shout

Ishani- Sir who told you this?

Librarian- Her get up

Ishani- What?

Librarian- I mean see her hairline

Sejal turned her towards herself and then all were shocked to see her hairline filled

Siya- Riddhima di you got married and didn’t even thought to call us

Riddhima- Shut up Siya what happened why are you all saying like this?

Sejal held her hand and then showed her the camera of her phone

Riddhima was shocked and embarrassed to see her then she remembered Vansh cleaning her face and her eyes fell on him who was shocked and then she saw his injured hand, meanwhile Sejal removed the blood from her hairline

Riddhima- You misunderstood it sir nothing is like that

Librarian- Situation told me that btw how about the preparation

Riddhima- Sir almost done and sir I talked to caterer and told him what he need to do

Librarian- Good Btw your idea was amazing…. You guys can leave

All left the room first leaving Riddhima and Vansh while all were moving forward Riddhima held Vansh hand and taking the opportunity took him directly to the medical room and held his hand and kept it under cold water.

As the cold water hit his hand he took it back winching in pain but Riddhima again held it and kept under water to clean the blood as the injury was kept open for so long he had lost his blood and some of the blood got dried and was tightly stuck to his hand.

She quickly washed it and then cleaned it using the towel and slowly pouring the ointment on a piece of cotton she pressed on his hand and he took it back she firmly held his hand and then bandaged it all this while they didn’t said a word but then

Riddhima- How you got hurt I mean object?

Vansh- Pen

Riddhima didn’t said anything and then stood up taking a deep breath she opened the first drawer and took out a small bottle and an injection and she realized her breath and again took it and then pouring the medicine in the injection she moved to him and slowly gave him the injection while he didn’t reacted a bit.

After giving it she took out the needle and rubbed the part with another piece of cotton to stop the blood and when done she applied the antiseptic and then

Riddhima- Wait here only for 5 minutes

She left while he was in guilt of talking to her in such a manner and behaving like a jerk to her. Exact after 5 minutes she entered with a glass in her hand which contained orange juice

Riddhima- Drink it

Without saying anything he drank it and forwarded the empty glass to her she kept it on the table and was about to leave when he pulled her back making their front hit each other and their breaths to be mingled

Vansh- Sorry Riddhima

Riddhima- For?

Vansh- For my behavior

Riddhima- Exactly is it a way and May I know why you behaved like that

Vansh- Because you are my best friend not of Vyom…. Forget it… Sorry na….

Riddhima (smiling) – its ok…. Even you won’t sit with Ragini

Vansh- She was asking a question how I can refuse.

Riddhima- Really then forget about me

Riddhima saying so was about to leave when he pulled her back hitting their fronts again

Vansh- Ok fine…..

Riddhima- Promise

Vansh- Promise…. What you talked with the caterer?

Riddhima- Why shall I tell you?

Vansh- Ok then Ragini….

Riddhima- No…no….Ok fine

Vansh- So tell

Riddhima- Actually I told my this idea to our dean that in bar counter in place of wines we will keep juice like for wine there will be Apple juice, for vodka lime juice, red wine water melon juice and so on

Vansh- Wow Madam…. Interesting very interesting

Riddhima- Shut up….. Let’s go to canteen I’m hungry

Like this their whole day goes chit- chatting with each other

On April 17, 2016:-

In Saint Teresa’s Institute, Darjeeling:-

In Auditorium:-

At 7 pm:-

It was the day of the fresher’s party for all but it was the luckiest day for rest too souls, all were in excitement for the party to go on



Riddhima and Vansh were the center of attention as they were in their own aura all well mesmerized by their look

Vansh was lost in Riddhima as he saw her entering in the hall same works with Riddhima she even was lost in his deep oceanic black eyes

Meanwhile Vansh came to her and praised her

Vansh- Wow you are looking pretty

Riddhima- So even you are looking Handsome

Their talk was put on break as they heard a voice

Voice- Guys…. So I would like to welcome all the fresher’s of the year 2016…. Give a big round applause for them

All clapped for them

Voice- So as this party is held for fresher I would like them to come on the dance floor to have a couple dance with any of their partner

Vansh looked at Riddhima and forwarding his hands in front of her asked

Vansh- May I have the pleasure to dance with you

Riddhima smiled widely and then forwarded her hand on his and they came on the dance floor

And then music starts-

He slid both of his hand on her waist while she kept her hands on his neck lost in their eyes and swaying their body on the song

Har lamha meri ankhein

Tujhe dekhna hi chahein

Har raasta mera

Teri taraf hi jaaye

Bepanah pyaar tujhse

Tu kyon jaane na

Hua ikraar tujhse

Tu kyon maane na

Bepanah pyaar tujhse

Tu kyon jaane na

Hua ikraar tujhse

Tu kyon maane na

Tere kareeb hote hi

Mujhmein jaan si aa jaaye

Tere door jaate hi meri

Yeh saansein bhi thamm jaaye

Tere kareeb hote hi

Mujhmein jaan si aa jaaye

Tere door jaate hi meri

Yeh saansein bhi thamm jaaye

Vansh twirls her around and then back hugged her and danced in that position and asked

Vansh- Do you trust me Riddhima?

Riddhima was firstly taken aback by his question and then just nodded smiling and then he came close to her face whispered in her ear

Vansh (whispering) – Words Riddhima……

Riddhima- I do….

Vansh smiled widely

Vansh- Then after party come with me….

Riddhima nodded and both started dancing on the tunes of the music

Dil besabar hai mera

Haan sun’ne ko tera

Kayi dinon se hi

Nahi hai soya

Har lamha meri ankhein

Tujhe dekhna hi chahein

Har raasta mera

Teri taraf hi jaaye

Bepanah pyaar tujhse

Tu kyon jaane na

Hua ikraar tujhse

Tu kyon maane na

Bepanah pyaar tujhse

Tu kyon jaane na

Hua ikraar tujhse

Tu kyon maane na

At 11 pm:-

Party was about to over few of them had left the auditorium all left Vansh messaged Angre about their leaving so Angre pinned him the Address of the place with “Best Of Luck”

On which Vansh smiled and moved to Riddhima who was drinking vodka or Lime juice all alone

Vansh- Riddhima

Riddhima looked at him and smiled

Vansh- Let’s go

Riddhima smilingly moved with him not before informing Sejal, Siya and Ishani who smiled widely and they left

Angre- Hope she accept his proposal

Kabir- Yup…Are you guys sure she accepted her feelings

Sejal- Yaa she only told and then we asked to propose him next day to surprise her with Vansh’s surprise

Aryan- Hope so…

Ishani- They will what are we waiting for?…. Let’s dance and enjoy

They continued their enjoyment

In Parking Lot:-

Vansh held Riddhima’s hand and took her to parking lot near his car and then showed her the blindfold

She frowned and he clicked his tongue

Vansh- You are not this innocent…. Now turn

Riddhima turns back and he blindfolded her and then drove to the assigned place

Episode ends

Precap- Proposal and Revelation

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