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A Bond Of Unique Love – RIANSH Love Story (Episode 11)

Sorry for not posting and keep you all waiting. I was devastated from the news that IMMJ2 is going off air. I couldn’t even believe it and I actually cried for the first time for a TV serial going off air. 😭😢💔 But IMMJ2 should be our strength and not our weakness. I am really thankful that I came across such a fantastic show.

Episode 11:

Vansh, Riddhima, Kabir & Sejal continue their dance practice until it was time to go home. The school bell rang. All four of them boarded the school bus and reached their homes.

At Riddhima’s house.

Riddhima (in pain): I am so tired doing the dance practice today and my feet hurt so much.

Ishani (laughs): Di, did you go to school to study or to dance?

Riddhima: Oh shut up, Ishani. I have no strength to argue with you right now. I am going to go and take rest.

At Vansh’s house.

Vansh was lost in Riddhima’s thoughts. He was thinking about how gracefully she had danced today. He was thinking about how he always saves her from falling. He was thinking about how she blushes whenever he gets close to her. But he couldn’t understand what all of this means. Is it love?

Vansh (to himself): Why am so lost in her thoughts? She is only my best friend and it is so wrong to think like this about her? But I can’t also control my feelings. I feel really satisfied and calm when I am with Riddhima. Her one smile makes me so relaxed and fulfilled. Her one cry pierces my heart so much and I couldn’t see her in that condition. Let me talk to Angre, maybe he could help me in this situation.

Vansh dials Angre’s number.

Vansh tells Angre about what he feels about Riddhima.

Angre (excited): Does this means that you are falling in love? From what you told me I am sure it’s love. You have truly fallen in love with Riddhima. Wow, I am so happy for you.

Vansh: Calm down now. But wouldn’t it be awkward? I mean I don’t know how she would react to it. What if she breaks this friendship, then I would lose her as my friend.

Angre: I understand, but you have to be honest and tell her what you feel. There are only two possibilities, either she accepts you or she denies. But you should definitely give it a chance and see her reaction.

Vansh: I think you are right, and if she denies, I will still be happy. I can’t force her to accept. Thank you so much Angre for helping me realize my love. Good night!

Angre: I am glad that I could help you. Bye!

Vansh finishes his left over work and goes to sleep.

The next day.

At school.

Vansh & Riddhima were waiting for Kabir & Sejal.

Vansh decided to propose Riddhima. He bent down on his knees and took Riddhima hand.

Vansh: Riddhima, the first time I saw you, I didn’t like you at all. But I don’t know what was happening to me. Now, I have started to fall for you. Yes, I love you so much. I love everything about you. The way you smile, laugh, talk, eat, and dance. I love your curly hair flying over the wind, your pink rosy lips who always talk sweetly and your pretty hazel brown eyes who always reflect my face. I don’t know what else to say. I love you, Riddhima.

Riddhima was in tears, she couldn’t believe that Vansh loves her so much. But she doesn’t really know how she feels about him.

Riddhima (to herself): I can’t deny Vansh because in his eyes I see love for me. Even I have some feelings for him, but is it actually love? What if it’s another prank and he just wants to play with my feelings. I need to test him before I could accept him.

Riddhima pretends to faint and falls down on the floor.

Vansh hurriedly ran towards her and picked her in his arms. He rushed to the school nurse and made her lay on the bed.

Vansh (worried): I don’t know how she fainted. Please do something nurse, I can’t see her in this condition.

Nurse: Thank you Vansh for getting her here on time. You please go outside, we will check her.

Vansh went outside and waited for 10 minutes. He was really panicked and worried for her. He couldn’t believe that Riddhima fainted so suddenly. He was crying really hard and just wished that she was alright.

Nurse: Riddhima is fine now. She just fainted because of weakness and she was tired. You can go in now.

Vansh (worried): Riddhima, are you alright? You know, I was so scared and I couldn’t see you like this. You had only fainted for just a while, but it seemed like a year to me. I couldn’t wait to see and…

Riddhima (cutting his words): Vansh, I am fine now. When you are with me nothing can happen to me, right?

Vansh hugged Riddhima very tightly. He was very glad to see her. He cried on Riddhima’s shoulder, making it all wet.

Riddhima: Vansh, what happened? Why are you crying?

Vansh (crying): I can’t see you like this. It seemed like someone took my heart away and I couldn’t breathe without you.

Riddhima (teasing): I am alright now, so you don’t need to cry like a baby now. By the way, what did you told me before I went unconscious. I can’t remember it now.

Vansh (holding Riddhima’s hand): I love you, Riddhima.

Riddhima (smiling): I love you too, Vansh.

Saying this both embraced each other once more and were really relaxed in each other arms. They have forgot all the worries around them and became one.

Precap: I haven’t thought of it yet. 😂

So how was Vansh’s proposal and did you enjoy it? Please tell your views in the comments section below.

Also, I would continue posting my ff after the show ends, so we all could be happy and entertained. 😊🙂

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