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RadhaKrishn 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Radha Is Perturbed

RadhaKrishn 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Krishna tells Radha that her expressions and words don’t match, what she is hiding. She says nothing important. He insists. She says Ugrapath kaka. Krishna says everyone are excited about her wedding. She collapses. Krishna gets tensed. Vaidya tests Radha and says she got nervous and it is common before wedding, they need not worry. Radha opens eyes and says she got nervous regarding wedding. Kirtida walks away asking her to rest. Krishna asks her why she is nervous. She says she is thinking how will her parents live after her wedding. Krishna says it is our wedding and she need not worry, everything will be normal like before. He asks her to come out for haldi ritual and walks out. Radha cries thinking how to clear her dilemma.

Yashoda asks Balram if arrangements are made. He

says yes. Krishna sits for haldi ritual and waits for Radha. Gopis from Golok reach. Balram gets happy seeing them. Gopis greet Krishna as Srikrishna and Narayan and says they came on his invitation. Yashoda looks confused. Krishna says they are his nearby village’s friends. Yashoda asks Krishna to sit for haldi ritual. He insists that he will have haldi only from Radha’s hands first.

Radha thinks she needs to fulfill Krishna’s wish and gets towards door when Jatila walks in and closing door informs Radha that her husband Ugrapath had wished to get Radha married to Ayan, but Vrishbhan did not keep his promise. Radha says she knows. Jatila says then she is putting her parents’ life in danger. Radha says she will follow her parents’ wishes and will marry Krishna not bothering about the consequences. She opens door and walks out of room, leaving Jatila fuming. On the way, she sees same blanket wearing man and walking to him asks why he is following her repeatedly. He reveals that he is Krishna’s friend and wants to attend her and Krishna’s wedding and congratulate Sri Krishna. Radha asks why don’t he himself congratulate Krishna. Man says he did something wrong to Krishna, so he is feeling guilty and cannot face him. Radha says she will inform Krishna and walks away.

Yashoda insists Krishnaa to get hali applied as his haldi will be applied to Radha later. Krishna agrees. Yashoda takes haldi to Radha’s house. Kirtida requests her to apply haldi to Radha. Jatila says it is mother’s right. Kirtida says she is Radha’s mother from tomorrow. Yashoda emotionally agrees and walks to Radha. At night, Krishna meets Radha and insists to tell why she looks worried. She reveals that she met same blanket wearing man in jungle.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that human cannot hear against him/her and is worried always that people should not badmouth about him/her and if someone does, he/she gets sad; one should not as the person who badmouths is behind them and jealous; they should realize truth and focus on achieving goal instead.

Precap: Blanket wearing man reveals that he had cursed that Radha and Krishna will be separated for 100 years and the period has not ended. Krishna cries t hat same curse is not letting them married.

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