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Patiala Babes 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita Notices Hanuman’s Growing Fondness For Her

Patiala Babes 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Nayeem Bi/NB explains Hanuman Singh/HS that both mother and daughter are tensed. HS says he does not understand them, they live for each other and get upset for each other. NB says they need to cheer them up, HS asks how. Mickey walks in. HS asks why did he come at this time, it is already 8:30. Mickey says Preet was angry as they left her alone in cafeteria, so he calmed her down and came now to meet Minnie. HS continues scolding Mickey and explains that mother and daughter are sad and they need to cheer them up. Mickey says he has sure shot idea. HS asks if he really can and takes him to Minnie and Babita. Mickey says Babita has become star with her recipe video. Minnie says it got only 22,000 views. Mickey says latest update is it crossed more than 1 lakh views. Minni and Babita rejoice.

Mickey insists Babita to make more videos for her fans. Minnie says last time Hanuman’s daal got burnt, so Babes showed recipe, now what will they prepare. Mickey says there are 1000s of dishes, she just needs to choose one. NB says moong dal halwa. Minnie also likes her idea and fixes camera opposite to kitchen. Babita says she needs someone to help and calls NB. NB says she has not dyed her hair and they are looking white, so she will not come in front of camera. Mickey says he would love to help beautiful Babes. HS murmurs in his ears to respect senior and let him go, else he knows what he can do. Minnie asks what are they murmuring. HS says it is a man to man talk and he will help Babita. Babita hesitates, but HS walks to her wearing goggles. Minnie asks who wears goggles at night, and Mickey takes goggles. They both stand aside nervously. Minnie asks them to relax. HS helps Babita engrasped in her beautiful face. Minnie shouts halwa burnt. They both get conscious. Mickey before leaving taunts HS that he saw him staring at Babita and says he will keep it to himself. HS thinks his love story is not that easy and is on a roller coaster ride.

Minnie shows edited and uploaded video to Babita. Babita likes it. They laugh seeing comments. Babita notices HS staring at her face and asks Minnie to forward video. Some fan comments both husband and wife look pretty together. Babita gets angry and asks Minnie to close video. Minnie laughs. Babita asks who commented this. Minnie says Bill from America. Babita says he is so selfish, she helped him with recipes for her son’s tiffin. Minnie asks her to reply him and clear misunderstanding then. Babita says their relationship is pure. Minnie says it is not temple bell. Babita says friend. Minnie replies friend. Mickey messages HS at night and taunts him.

Mita cleans family photos on wall standing on chair. She looks at Minnie’s photoframe and picks it. Biji walks in and scolds her to be careful in her pregnancy and get down. Photoframe falls down. Mita asks her not to come near as there are glass strands. Biji steps on glass strands and injures her foot. Mita bandages her foot. Biji cries remembering Minnie and discusses howmuch mischievous Minnie was in childhood. Mita asks her to tell her more about Minnie and says if Minnie was here, she would have called her mom or at least they could be friends.

Precap: Mita thanks Minnie for helping her the other day.
Minnie says she would have help anyone else also even if the person is selfish, else there won’t be any difference between them.

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