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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Samar’s Master Plan

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Jaya waiting for Samar in a park reminisces their wedding and Samar’s immense loyalty for her. Samar reaches there in his car. A kid comes in front of his car and he applies sudden brakes, s saving child. Mob surrounds his car and insist him to get out of car, and once he gets out of car, they insist him to come to police station while he explains that he saved kid instead by applying sudden brakes. Jaya watches that and rushing to them confronts them that they cannot are not judges to give judgment. Lady tells her son was about to die under Samar’s car. Jaya asks where was she when her son came in front of her, she must be busy in mobile. Mob apologize Samar and walk away. Jaya scolds him to be careful and he should have brought someone if he is absent minded. He says

he only needs her and says Shalini is not a right woman, she has come with a motto and herself accepted that Jerry is not his son, so he needs Jaya’s help to expose Shalini’s truth.

Jaya takes Samar to Satya and says she wants to give one more chance to their marriage. Satya opposes as usual and tries to mislead her reminding her of DNA report. Jaya says she does not know about DNA report, she wants to bet on their true love and if it is prove Jerry is really Samar’s son, she will walk out. Satya again tries to mislead her, but Vicky stops her and reminds her that she had promised to go with Jaya’s decision. Satya with frowning face gives up.

At Samar’s house, Shalini uses emotional atyachar and asks Rama if she and her son will not get their rights. Samar enters and says she will definitely get her rights, he will accept her. Shalini gets tensed seeing his changed tone. He says he is taking her out on a dinner date and she should be ready in the evening. Shalini denies and says she is busy in the evening, but Samar asks Rama to convince her. He calls Jerry, who comes running calling him papa, and says he was complaining that his father does not give time to his mother, now he wants to take Shalini for dinner, but she is denying. Jerry insists Shalini to go with Samar. In the evening, Shalini passes by Samar’s room and hears him talking to someone and asking him to ram his truck over his car and make it look like accident, he will jump from car before that and will stuck Shalini’s seat belt so that it looks like an accident; for that, he will give 10 lakhs and 2 lakhs per month till case continues. She gets tensed hearing that and denies to go with him. He asks Rama to convince her and takes her along. After getting into car, he says let him fix her seat belt. She tensely says she herself with fix it. Miday, he increases speed and she unable to remove seat belt pleads to stop. He stops car and says he is not wicked like her and her seat belt is fine, she could not open it due to her nervousness.

Precap: Jaya returns Samar’s home with her bag. Family is happy to see her, but Shalini gets tensed.

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