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Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kabir Consoles Dhruv

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Kavya picks Pooja Sharm’s file from Manohar’s room and opens it to check when Aarush walks in calling her. She drops file down. Aarush asks what happened to Badimaa/Jahnvi. Kavya says badimaa is resting. He asks then why people are around her instead of letting her rest. She asks him to go and play, and he runs away. She picks files and seeing PK and Raghav informs that she heard their conversation and went to Manohar’s room and found 3 files in his trunk. Raghav takes files and says he will study them and informs PK. She then walks into Jahnvi’s room. PK asks her which oil does she use. She says amla oil. He suggests her to use almond oil, he can tolerate her in this house after saving Jahnvi. Raghav takes file to his home and keeps it away.


cries seeing Ishani’s condition. Kabir and Jay console him. Dhruv asks why Manohar wanted to kill Jahnvi and Ishani. Kabir says they will find out. Kabir then walks to Kavya with milk. She says she does not want milk. He says it is for him and sips it, then asks her to taste it. She tastes it. He insists her to finish it and thanks her for saving Jahnvi. Kavya sits with Jahnvi taking care of her. Unconscious Jahnvi shouts Ran run.Rani run… Kavya asks her what happened, if she is fine. Jahnvi gets silent again. Later in lawn, Kabir and Kavya are busy discussing why Manohar must have tried to kill Jahnvi when Ishani runs to him panicking and asks where is Jahnvi, if she is fine. Kabir asks why Manohar wanted to kill her and Jahnvi. Ishani acts as having memory loss. Kabir consoles her and sends her to her room.

Raghav gets heavily inebriated and checks files. He checks 2 files and when he opens Pooja Sharma’s file, he falls asleep. Next morning, Jahnvi wakes up. Dhruv gets emotional and says if something had happened to her, how would have he led his life without her, he loves her a lot, but she does not trust him, he will till she builds trust on him. After sometime, Jahnvi walks into Manohar’s room and with her witty expressions and dialogues taunts Manohar’s photoframe, then searches for clue. Someone enters room and she gets tensed.

Precap: Jahnvi lies to PK that Manohar had some evidence against PK regarding Dr. Ashok Sharma’s murder. Raghav reads Pooja Sharma’s file and takes it to PK’s room. Jahnvi realizes he must be carrying that file.

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