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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Tiwari says saxena today vibhu will stay with you, Saxena says i dont care everyone is welcomed in this farmers house, vibhu says boys Tiwari will be with yiu tonight. Tiwari visits Anu, tiwari says Vibhu sent to ask how you doing and hows Angoori, anu says im very well so is she,but i dont feel you are good,tiwari says no all good. Anu says looks like someone has torchered you a lot.

Angoori in kitchen, Vibhu walks to her and asks how is she doing, Angoori says good and dont you miss Anu, Vibhu says ofcourse i do but does she miss me,Angoori says no. Vibhu leaves.

Angoori says Anu you cooked so well, Anu upset, Angoori says it isnt fun today, we had blast yesterday. Saxena starts torchering Vibhu. Vibhu shouts and says im not an ox, im a human, Saxena says but i see animal in you and whacks him.

Boys have medicine and high again, Tiwari walks in and says boys the water is less in your bathroom. Boys see Gulfamkali in him, malkan starts addressing him as gulfamkali, Tiwari says open your eyes im Tiwari. Tilu says gulfamkali I love you. Boys pull him close.

Anu asleep wakes up and says vibhu i missed you so much where did you go, promise me you won’t leave me ever. Anu realises she is hugging her teddy. Angoori missing tiwari, tiwari walks in, angoori hugs him. Angoori realises she is hugging pillow. Vibhu at tea stall, Tiwari joins him, vibhu asks how was your night, Tiwari says very cooperative, how was yours, Vibhu says wow what a night. Hapu walks to them and tells them last night tiwari i heard noises from boys house and why you look so tired, Vibhu and Tiwari ignore him and says theres no peace like the one of ours.

Anu and Angoori discussing their lifes are incomplete without their husbands, lets call them back abd forgive, Tiwari and Vibhu walk in and apologies and say we will never let you down, will always praise you, Anu Angoori says okay we forgive you.

Angoori and Tiwari spending romantic time, Angoori blames councillor for separation, tiwari says it was my mistake i stayed awag from you,tiwari gives her a necklace gift.

pre cap : Tiwari says i have lost all strength, amaji suggests a solution

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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