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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Gets Inducted As Board Of Member In Reddy Corporation

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 11th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Anushka calls and asks someone to get the car ready. Siddhant comes there and says he wants to clear something. Anushka asks him to say. Siddhant says you had once said that we shall accept our past so that our present can become better. Anushka says yes. Siddhant says I think we shall forget our past and present, so that our future don’t get ruined. He says we shall not mix our professional and personal lives. Anusbka asks if he want her to nominate him for the board of directors and says you get scared soon. Siddhant says yes and thanks her. Anushka says why do you think that I shall support you professionally? She says I can’t guarantee if my decision will be in your favor or not? Siddhant says Anushka? Anushka asks him to leave. She comes back home and tries to talk to KK. KK is

upset with her and asks Rao ji to come. Anushka says Appa please…

Riddhi asks her to talk to her. Anushka says why do you think that I am ignoring you? Riddhi says I am not Siddhant with whom you can lie. She says you want to go to America. Anushka says she wants to be happy and promises her that Siddhant don’t exist for her now. Riddhi says I am sad that I was right. Anushka says you are not having any mistake. Riddhi asks her to forget Siddhant and move on. Anushka says I will stay away from him, but it is difficult to stop loving him. She says she wants to hide love in her heart and that’s why she wants to go. She says I have nothing here. Riddhi says you wanted to say that only Siddhant exist for you and not us. She says everyone here loves you, but if you want to go then who can stop you. Gayatri serves food to Sweety ji, and asks him to eat food. Sweety says I can’t have food now. Siddhant comes and asks what is he doing here? Sweety says I came to say good bye to aunty and tells that he is leaving the city and going to the village. He says he will assist his dad in farming. Siddhant says you are taking an emotional decision. He goes inside.

Sweety goes inside and asks Siddhant to hug him for last time. Siddhant hugs him and gets teary eyes. Sweety tells him that he will be bothered always thinking why did you do this? He says you are a selfish guy. Siddhant says now you came to know and asks him to go. Sweety says your father was loyal to his friend and asks how can a selfish son born to him. He says you would have learnt to become good friend like him. Siddhant says he was killed because of his friendship and shows his foot. Sweety asks why did you act to be hurt? Siddhant tells that he acted so that he don’t go to Russia. Sweety asks what is he saying? Siddhant tells him that he wants to take revenge for his father’s murder. Sweety ji asks with whom…God? Siddhant says no and takes KK’s name shocking Sweety ji. He tells everything to Sweety ji and says a big game is played with us. He says KK has stabbed on my father’s back. Sweety ji says KK is such a bad guy and says I will not leave him. Siddhant says we can’t do anything. Sweety ji says if you will leave Prabhakar uncle’s killer. Siddhant tells Gita’s saying and says I will wait and will attack KK when I get chance. He says it can be dangerous and I don’t want to land in danger. He says that’s why I am making my weakness go away from me. Sweety says it was your decision and tells that he will not leave him. Siddhant says KK reddy is a big man and we are small. Sweety asks him to say what to do? Siddhant says I want to get involved in board of directors. Sweety says who can stop you. Siddhant thinks of Anushka.

At the board meeting, Sudhanshu asks assistant about Anushka. Assistant tells that she left. Siddhant thinks I need your support Anushka. Sudhanshu says you can’t be involved in the board of directors without any family members’ approval. Siddhant tells that Srikant, Karthik and KK assured him that he will be induct in the board of directors so that he can represent in the Reddy pharmaceutical deal. Sudhanshu calls off the meeting. Just then Anushka comes there and tells that KK, and her brothers want to induct him in the board of directors and asks other directors to let him become the director. She tells him that everyone is not like him and betray others. Sudhanshu gives her papers. She signs and congratulates him. She says you are non family member to induct and says I am sure that you have given many sacrifices to reach here and asks him not to mix personal and professional life. All board of members leave. Siddhant thinks my war against your father started with your help.

Sweety tells Siddhant that KK must have done some crimes in the past. Siddhant says you are right and decides to find out.

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