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Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Trikura becomes king.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with ganesh asking mata kali? How was trikura finally defeated because brahma dev had given him the wish that he could not be defeated by any powers and even from the powers of tridev, then how was he defeated?
Mata kali continues the story and says after that, brahma dev appeared on rasatal lok to stop trikura from doing all the destruction by his tornado.
Brahma dev appears on rasatal lok and says trikura, stop this all, I gave you these powers so you could use them for some good but you want to destroy the entire universe. Mata kali says to ganesh, me and the tridev had planned to trap trikura in a plan so that he could be stopped the right way and also be killed. Trikura there says no brahma dev, now I wont stop until I destroy the universe, I shall stop on one

condition, is that I shall become the ruler of this universe and I shall forgive you all and employ in my court. Brahma dev accept trikura’s offer and says trikura, that shall happen and we tridev have decided to help you to set up your empire in the universe only if you stop destruction and promise to keep the world safe from any of your threats in the future. Trikura says okay brahma dev, I give my word. Brahma dev then goes with trikura in his palace and becomes his supreme advisor. As brahma dev sits there, he smiles and trikura calls all his demons and commanders. Trikura stands with the king crown on his head, he says everyone, from now I am the king of this universe and I am only the god too, I shall make all rules new and the universe shall work according to me, everyone will listen to my orders only. Trikura sits on the throne and says this is my throne and it shall be cleaned everyday for me, then trikura calls his demon commanders and addresses them one by one. Brahma dev sits and uses his magic on trikura and as trikura says any phrase, sentence of word, what he says is heard as a mix up of all words and phrases by his commanders and only blabbered words all confused. The commander says king, I could not understand what you said. Trikura gets angry and says how dare you say that? Am I stupid you mean? Trikura uses his powers and removes a paash with which he hits the commander and then kills him. Everyone get scared. Trikura then tells his other commander and brahma dev’s magic works again, the commander thinks what is maharaj saying? I am not even understand but if I tell him, he will kill me too. Trikura’s both demoness servants see and they say we are not understand what maharaj is saying but lets say yes, we will impress him this way and he wont even kill us. Both demoness say maharaj we understood what you said, we completely understood, we will do the work you tell us. Trikura says shut up you both, just shut up, I am not talking to you, do you want to die too? Both demoness get scared and say no king. Trikura then tells his commander, the commander again doesn’t understand anything but says yes.

Precap: trikura insults brahma dev. mata kamla gets angry and she removes the tongue of trikura and says with this tongue you insulted the tridev, I will cut your tongue, mata kamla cuts trikura’s tongue.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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