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Tum Jo Mile (ragsan swalak ff) part-4

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Same day evening

Gadodia house

Maheswari family enters gadodia house. Shekhar greets them.

Shekhar- Come in ji. Ma, shomi, ayush…

Durga- Dont be tensed shekhar ji. We are like your family.

Dadi, shomi enter there. They greet everyone. Dp introduced His family to them.

Dadi- Please ji sit.

Ap- ji. But where is the girl?

Shomi- im calling her. Shona Shonas get ragu here.

Swara- 5 minutes ma.

Ap to Sujata- Sujata how’s the family?

Sujata- Family is good but i’ve see to the girl first.

Uttara- Aunty can i have some water please?

Dadi- Sure beta. (whisper) shomi bring tea.

Shomi- Ji maji.

In between their talk two people are busy in their own world one is laksh another sanskar.

Sanskar thinks how should be the girl. Would she will happy with this marrige? will she take care of his family? will she able to love him? Will she like the girl as he want?

Here laksh thinks why they bring me here? how boring it is. my day starts with fight with that girl. Since then my time is going bad. huhhh.

Their thought break by uttara’s voice.

Uttara- Here is my bhabi.

All look at ragini. Sanskar left open mouth to see ragini. Ragini slowly up her head and get 440 volt to see sanskar. They both got lost in each other.

Sanskar(monologe)- Is it ragini? yes it is ragini. The girl as i wish. bhagwan thanks for giving her as my life partner.

Ragini(monologe)- Sanskar ji is my… thanks bhagwan thanks. I can express. Now shona will get to know that all boys are not same.

Uttara- Ahmm. Bas vi kijiye aplog.

They both become embaressed and started to blush.

Shekhar- Here is my elder daughter Ragini.

Sujata- Very beautiful. The perfect girl for our Sanskar.

In between their talk Swara enter there.

She become shocked to see laksh there. but she acts normal. Laksh was busy in phone he didnt notice her.

Shekhar- Its my little daughter swara.

Ayush ‘papa but im the little’ saying he enter there.

Dadi- he is my only grandson ayush.

Ayush- rre uttara you here.

Uttara- yeah that men you are my brothers bil.

Ayush- oh yeah.

Ram- do you know each other.

Ayutt- we are from  same batch.

Shekhar- To ji whats your dicisiton?

Dp ask all by sign. They answer positively.

Dp- Yes from us.

Shekhar get exited.

Shekhar- congratulatio ji. shomi bring sweets.


They hug each other. Swara was not seen happy. She was thinking if his brother is that much rude how he should be?

swara- do you ask even di papa? they need to talk personally.

Ragini- nehi sona. its fine im ready.

Sujata- thats true eta you both talk each other alone.

They get up and go to ragini’s room.

At raginis room

They both seat on sofa.  after some minutes silence sanskar broke it.

Sanskar- Ragini i dont even think thats you.

Ragini-me also ji.

Sanskar- How much i know you thats enough for me.

Ragini- me also ji. ohh sona…

Sanskar- thanks to her. for her we get some time to talk with you.

Ragini smiles.

Sanskar- if you dont mind can i get your number?

Ragini- sure its 9*********

Sanskar- im giving you miscall.

Ragini- ok ji.

At hall

Some tea split from sujatas hand in laksh’s dress. He got fired.

Laksh- whats it mom?? do you dont know how to drink??

Sujata- shut up laksh.

Anu- calm down sujata.

Shomi- dont worry beta. Shona take him to the wash room.

Now laksh notice swara and get shocked but dosent say anything. Swara take him to the wash room.

In wash room

Laksh- so missssssona What are you doing here?

Swara- its swara and im the daughter of this house.

Laksh- so you gonna marry my brother?

Swara- nope she is my sister. Do you even know her? all time you busy with phone.

Laksh- im least interested. And your bad is starting now misssssss swara.

Swara- let see.

precap- ragsan moment swalak crazy fight

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