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The Unanswered question of Naagin 2

After a bone chilling first season, the legacy of Naagin continues with Shivanya’s daughter, Shivangi. While Shivanya tries hard to keep her daughter away from her real identity, it will not be long before destiny catches up with Shivangi. In a strange twist of fate, Shivangi falls in love with Rocky, who is the adopted son of Shivanya’s arch nemesis Yamini. The evil icchadhari naagin Sesha also returns as Ruchika. Can Shivangi come into her own as an icchadhari naagin and protect the Naagmani? Or will the evil forces win this time? In its third season, Naagin brings back its legacy of power, passion and revenge. A mythical tale of vengeance in its purest form, the wedding of an Icchadhari Naag and Naagin is marred by a group of drunken youngsters. The atrocities result in the death of the Naag. Watch how the Naagin takes it upon her to avenge the death of her partner.

The Ekta Kapoor and Colors most loved Supernatural series Naagin has comeback with season 3 which has already become on air. It stars Surbhi Jyoti, Anita Hassnandani, Pearl V Puri and Karishma Tanna but most of the fans are wanting the queen of season 1-2. The season 2 left us with an unanswered question: WHY DID ROCKY KILL SHIVANGI ? This is probably one of toughest question to answer after why did Kattappa kill Bahubali.

Although season 3 had some minutes with Mouni Roy, it didnot have the answer of the question. The third season started in a new place with new people and story. So there are less chances of getting the answer.
The last episode suggested that Rocky killed Shivangi due to suggestion of Ritik, Shivangi’s father. But why would he do so ? It is hard to know. Although some spoilers suggest that Bela is Shivangi’s incarnation, but as there is no real declaration, it is hard to believe. Any guesses ? They are most welcomed at the comment section.

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