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Swasan; my possessive jaan (part 1)

Hi,guys am swarnaragput here,thanks for supporting me


The story starts from Kavita’s re entry …


When Kavita and swara run to sanskar


Kavita hugs sanskar which irks our possessive queen swara

Sanskar is shocked and he see his life ,his swara +


Swara angrily come to kav——san and broke there hug


And swara shouted to Kavita


Swara; how dare you to hug my sansku,and what the hell u are,who give u right to hug my sanskar 2


And she goes to sanskar and tightly hug him,that she didn’t let him go from her


Kavita; swara,he is sanskar my love,we love each other from college,and he is my boyfriend…

And why u r becoming so much possessive about him,why u help sanskar family by which relation??and why u hug sanskar???

Swara is going to answer her but her sansku give answer her


Sanskar; because she is my wife,swara sanskar maheswari


Kavita is shocked by this news,she didn’t believe in it


Kavita is going to ask something


But intrupt  by nagini😪😒😒🐍🐍🐍


Nagini came toward Kavita and say


Nagini; Kavita,they are forced to marry each other,and now they are divorced


She is saying with smirked on her face and see swara,swara fumes


‘Kavita ‘ Sanskar tried to speak out but Kavita stopped him


‘You don’t need to say anything because I know what you wanna say…I know you’re shocked see me alive …after all you haven’t imagine that kavita,your kavita would be back to you …but Sanskar our love is true…that’s why your kavita had come back to you ‘ Kavita said cupping his cheeks 2


‘ Now we will be together forever and ever ‘ Kavita said and about hug Sanskar but stopped by someone


And That someone is not none other than Swara…


Swara; don’t u dare to come near my sansku….


‘From when she started showing her love to me leaving her greatness ‘ Sanskar said in his mind 2


Kavita; swara please give me sanskar ,we love each other so much


Swara; no,sansku loves me so much,haina sansku


And she kissed sanskar on his cheeks ,so tightly which made sanskar on dreamland

And he is shocked to see her that avtar +


‘ And I don’t like when someone try show their right on something which is mine ‘ Swara said dangerously


Sanskar is super shocked hearing Swara ….He is seeing  his jaan  lovingly…


For the first time he felt so happy….He started smile like an idiot…

He didn’t speak early because he wanted to know his jaan reaction,did she sacrifice him for selfish society


Now he is proud on her


Kavita; sanskar u loves me


Sanskar; no,kavita jaan,is saying right,now she is my life,my love,my wife swara sanskar maheswari,and Kavita I moved on my life,and we never meant for each other,u r my teenage attractions


And he put his hands on swara waist while saying this,s swara smirked and see nagini and cavity


Nagini is irked now,she was happy that finally swara going permanently from the house,and she is successful to make swasan separation




Kavita; ok,sanskar I think u r right, u have to right to move on,and am so happy for you,u get lovely wife,a and u always be my friend sanskar


Sanskar; u r right Kavita,u are always my friend,when u need any support I will there for you like true friend


Swara didn’t like sansku talk with cavity


Swara is hugging sanskar


Swara; sansku,let’s go naa..


Then Kavita  start to going but intrupt by sanskar


Sanskar; Kavita,where r u going,am said I am ur friend,then i know what ur mom do with u,i think u should live here with us till u get well and get some apartments


Nagini is happy that now she will manipulate cavity against swara


Swara didn’t like any girl near her sansku


‘ Excuse me,I have some work with husband ..and we need privacy …so,don’t disturb us ‘ saying that Swara hold Sanskar and took him upstairs …




Swasan entered in there room


..How dare you ?? Did you forget you are my husband ??’ Swara said  angrily holding his collar and pulling him closer


Sanskar slipped around his hands around her waist and pulled her closer ..Still Swara is angry …Sanskar nod his head no…


‘ then why didn’t you said anything down ‘ Swara asked angrily


‘ because I want you to protest …Swara,you always thought about others …But I wanted you to think about us as well …That’s why I didn’t say anything… I want to know whether you will fight for us or give ‘


Swara; no, Mr maheswari,i will never leave me if u want,i will not leave u


and put her hand on his neck lovingly


Swara; I love you sanskar,please never leave me,if I do some mistakes please forgive your jaan,till from childhood everyone will taunt me except u sansku


She is teary while saying this


Sanskar; I love you jaan only u


Then sanskar hugs swara




Hope you guys like it

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