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SWASAN: AASHIYAN [EPISODE-28]So sorry for disappearing. Here is the next episode of aashiyan.
Previous episodes- https://www.tellyupdate.co.in/?s=SWASAN%3A+AASHIYAN
Episode begins-
After speaking to sujata, sanskar seemed to be lost in past. Sadness filled him and he closed his eyes feeling the pain in his heart, the same pain he felt that day which snatched a lot from him. His thoughts got disturbed when rama called him.
Rama- sir here the plates are ready.
Sanskar- [startled] haan
Rama- are you ok sir.
Sanskar- yaa .
He took the plate and moved towards the room. In room swara was in half lying position.
Sanskar- swara come have the food.
Swara opened her eyes and looked at him with bore.
Swara- I don’t want to.
Sanskar- common swara don’t be stubborn. Ok I will feed you. Will that do. [she nodded with a little smile] come sit up properly.
He was feeding her food with a lot of love. After she was done, he made her drink water and wiped her mouth and gave her medicines too.

Sanskar- accha I have work in office. So I will be going there for some time. I will return soon and till then rama ji will be with you and you will take rest. I don’t want to hear anything from her.
Swara- but why are you going. Please don’t go. You went away for two days leaving me alone and again you are going. I don’t feel good when you are not present.
Sanskar- [kissed her forehead] it is very important work swara that’s why otherwise I wouldn’t go. I will go and come quickly. Please….
Swara’s eyes got filled with tears and she laid down and covered herself with comforter. Sanskar closed his eyes in pain. He knew she will react this way. He can’t see her eyes tearing. He laid beside her on the edge of the bed and back hugged her. Very slowly he removed the comforter from her face though she resisted.
Sanskar- are you crying? [she sniffed and he hugged her more tightly] I am sorry. Ok if you don’t want then I will not go.
Swara- [turned towards him] really.
Sanskar- hmmmm… [wiped her tears gently] I don’t like when my rainbow doesn’t shine but cries.
Swara- you are very sweet.
Sanskar- accha
Swara- yes… [snuggled closer to him] I want to sleep. [said feeling sleepy due to medicines effect.]Sanskar- then you sleep.
Swara- don’t go.
Sanskar- I won’t
Sanskar patted her on head gently till she went into deep sleep. then he comfortably placed her on bed and kept a pillow on each side of her and covered her properly with comforter.
At that time rama knocked the door and asked his permission to enter.
Rama- may I come in sir.
Sanskar- yes.
Rama- sir anything more to be done till the evening.
Sanskar- no. you can take rishi [name of baby] with you. Swara is sleeping now.
Rama nodded and picked up chotu from the cradle.
Sanskar- thank you rama ji for everything you do and tolerate for us.
Rama- no sir. Please don’t embarrass me and say these things. What you did for me is so much that I can’t repay back. I am doing nothing instead it’s you who is doing everything. I am glad that I got to work for you. I will take your leave.
She went and sanskar too went to his study after making sure swara is comfortably sleeping. He called his office and asked to arrange video conferencing for the meeting as he can’t come office.
About an hour and half later the conference was about to end when the door of study which was half closed opened fully and a crying swara entered inside and directly came to sanskar. Sanskar was startled at the sudden entry of swara and got even tensed seeing her crying. He stood up and that’s when swara came and hugged him tightly and he completely forgot about the video conferencing going on and hugged her consoling.
Sanskar- swara what happened and you are awake early.

Swara- I was alone and you weren’t there. I got scared. Light also not there. Everything dark [she said the sentences broken and cried]Sanskar- it’s ok. Sshhhh. See now you are with me so no need to worry.
Swara- you left me alone. [she said crying]Sanskar- I … I am sorry. I thought I will come back before you wake up. Please don’t cry. [he said caressing her hairs]Client- ahmmm… mr. maheshwari…
Sanskar- [looked at the screen and remembered he was in video conferencing] oh I am so sorry mr. desai. [said embarrassed]Swara who heard the other voice clutched sanskar’s shirt more tightly and tilted her head and looked at the screen from the corner of her eyes.
Sanskar- mr. desai sorry for the inconvenience. Can we continue this some time later.
Mr. desai- it’s ok mr. maheshwari.
The line got disconnected.
Sanskar- [sighed and looked at swara] swara
Swara- [moved a little out of hug] [with sad face] who was that?
Sanskar- what will you do knowing that.
Swara- I won’t talk with you. First you left me alone and also in dark room. You know how much I got scared and now you are not telling me about that man.
Sanskar- accha you won’t talk but you are still hugging me.
Swara- haan toh… I am scared. I will not talk but I will hug you and hold you tightly. You are liar. You will again leave me.
Sanskar- [tucking her hair strands] I never lied swara. I can never leave you. You are my everything. [said intensely]Swara looked at him confused understanding only half the meaning of his words. She ignored it not understanding.
Swara- I didn’t understand what you said. i want chocolate.
Sanskar- [back to normal] yaa come.
Swara- no take me.
Sanskar- ok.
He picked her up in bridal style and took to their room and gave her chocolate and she forgot everything while having it.
Swara- it ended so soon. Sanskar give me more.
Sanskar glared her and she became quite.
Sanskar- go and wash your hands.
Swara quietly went and washed her hands. She came back and sat on the bed in indian style and hugged the teddy kept on the bed.
Swara- [pout angry face] where is rishi?
Sanskar- he is sleeping and with rama ji. Come we will go in garden.
Swara- I will not come. [angrily]Sanskar- why?
Swara- you always scold me and never give me two chocolates. You don’t listen to me that’s why.
Sanskar- accha ok. I am going and you be here ALONE.
Sanskar started walking out but slowly. Swara listening word alone got up from bed and with pout face started walking behind him. Sanskar stopped and turned to her.
Sanskar- why are you coming behind me?
Swara looked at him with innocent eyes blinking.
Sanskar- you don’t want to come and you are angry also. Then stay here.
Swara eyes teard up. Anytime she would have started crying and sensing this sanskar came to her immediately.
Sanskar- swara [lovingly cupped her face] I have told you naa that if we eat more chocolates then our teeth will decay and you became angry. I listen to you most of the times. I didn’t go office for you naa. Toh you should not get angry on me naa.
Swara- but you were going to leave me in this room alone.
Sanskar- vo toh I was teasing you. Come we will go to garden.
They both went in garden.
Next day evening-
Sanskar got call from uttara.
Uttara- how are you bhai?
Sanskar- all good uttara.
Uttara- and bhabhi and her star rishi.
Sanskar- they too are absolutely fine. You tell me about yourself. Everything set.
Uttara- when you all are there to take care of all the needs then why have I to worry.
Sanskar- you are happy naa. This is totally arrange marriage. Will you be comfortable with siddarth because you know him only for a month.
Uttara- bhai …… I have talked to him several times and met him too 3-4 times. I find him trustworthy and bhai over everything I trust you all. When you all have chosen him for me then he will be correct atleast not like me who…… [she trailed off]Sanskar- uttara….. choti don’t think of that. Do you still love that moron [rajat]Uttara- no bhai. I don’t. please never think like that. I just regret that I chose someone so wrong and everyone had to suffer. Leave that topic bhai.
Sanskar- hmm. I just want your happiness.
Uttara- bhai in three days functions will start. You will come naa and bhabhi, will you bring her. I wanted that my whole family be present there in all the functions.
Sanskar looked at swara who was watching t.v. sitting in the hall while he was in the kitchen. [kitchen had a front open window through which you can look in the hall and people in hall can also see you clearly]Uttara- bhai are you there.
Sanskar-haan. Uttara you are well known to swara’s condition. She fears to be alone and in dark and she will be uncomfortable with so many people and that too unknown around her. There in the function lots of people will be there and….. [he stopped not wanting to say more and also he was observing swara’s expression as she was watching cartoon] I don’t know uttara if I should bring her there or not.
Uttara- I understand bhai. I am sorry.
Uttara- bhai can I talk to bhabhi. Where Is she and what is she doing.
Sanskar- uttara I will make you talk to her but after dinner otherwise it will be difficult for me to handle her. Will that be ok.
Uttara- ok. Bye bhai.
Sanskar- bye.
After dinner sanskar connected to uttara via video call. But swara instead of talking was asking sanskar to shift this way and that way troubling him.
Sanskar- swara what are you doing? Are you going to sit or should I disconnect the call?
Swara- nooo…. Are I am not getting proper place to sit. See if I sit here then uttara will see only me and if you sit then I can’t see her. See how much big problem I am solving and you are scolding me.
Sanskar- come here.
Swara came to him while standing on the bed. Sanskar shifted a little backwards and pulled her on his lap. Now swara was sitting on his lap and he held her properly.
Sanskar- problem solved. Now you can talk.
Swara- you are very intelligent. Good.
Sanskar- achha.
Swara- [giggled] yes.
Uttara fake coughed to remind them that she is there.
Swara- [exclaimed] uttara… hello.
Uttara- hai bhabhi. So how are you.
Swara- I am fine but you know I got hurt here see… [showing her small bandage on her forehead and little scratches on her hand] but sanskar applied cream and it is paining less.
Uttara- [worried] how you got hurt bhabhi?
Sanskar- she has habit of jumping around. When I returned from my trip she was so excited that she came out hurriedly and fell down in the garden. Clumsy [he playfully hit on swara’s forhead]Swara whined and beat on his hands twice for his one hit on forhead.
Swara- uttara you know he went for two days. I missed him. This much see… [showed extending her hands wide]Uttara and sanskar smiled.
Uttara- but you didn’t missed me when I came here.
Swara- [to uttara] I miss you too but naa I miss sanskar more. When will you come.
Uttara- [became silent for some time and then spoke] bhabhi now I can’t come so often as I used to. But when I will come naa I will bring so many gifts for you. Pakka.
Swara- ok. Uttara You are looking very beautiful.
Uttara- [smiled] accha.
Swara- yes and that one on your hand it is shining like stars. Hai naa sanskar.
Sanskar hummed.
Uttara- this is called bracelet bhabhi.
Swara- sanskar I also want that brace…let. Shining shining.
Uttara- bhabhi I will bring you when I will come there.
Swara- but you come after so many days.
Sanskar- I will bring you tomorrow. Happy now.
Swara- [happily jumped a little] yes.
Sanskar- aaram se [carefully swara] you will break my legs jumping on them.
Swara- but you are my strong superman naa, them how will your leg break. Hehehe you don’t know anything sanskar.
Uttara laughed on swara’s remark and swara giggled. Sanskar glared them.
Uttara- hmmm so bhabhi how many times you beat bhai in the games.
Swara- you know I always win and sanskar always loses the game. But he won yesterday, only one time.
Uttara- [yawned] accha.
Swara- you are feeling sleepy.
Uttara- it’s ok bhabhi you tell me about the games more. I am listening.
Sanskar- what happened uttara you seem to be tired.
Uttara- not like that bhai. Vo actually siddarth and family paid a visit here for dinner and discuss some marriage rituals related talks. I had to do dinner preparations by my own, so got a little tired.
Sanskar- you didn’t inform me this.
Uttara- I myself got to know in the evening after talking to you.
Swara- what is marriage?
Sanutt looked at swara as what to answer.
Swara- tell naa
Uttara- marriage is a pious relation of trust, love, togetherness, which binds two people together for life time.
Swara- how do they bind them. Do they tie them with rope. Hawww But then how do they play?
Uttara- no bhabhi they don’t tie rope. Ummm how to explain you….. you do one thing. Ask from bhai. I am getting sleep. will talk to you later. Good night bhai. Good night bhabhi.
The line got disconnected and swara turned her head towards sanskar.
Sanskar- what.
Swara- marriage. Uttara didn’t told.
Sanskar- when two people like each other and want to live together with the blessings of elders and they trust and love each other a lot then their marriage is done.
Swara- [counted on her fingers first and then spoke] I love you itna sara [stretching her hands] and you also always say you love me so much and we live together, then our marriage is done.
Sanskar- [looked at her lovingly] yes our marriage is done.
Swara- when
Sanskar- you don’t remember because you got hit here on the head and due to pain you forgot.
Swara- I forgot. [whining] but I want to remember. Mujhe yaad dilao. [make me remember]Sanskar made her sit on the bed and kept the laptop on table. He unfolded the comforter and taking swara in his embrace layed down on bed.
Sanskar- swara we can’t remember these things so easily. So don’t take stress.
Swara- but why? I want to remember naa.
Sanskar- ok then I will ask doctor to give you medicines and injection for you to remember our marriage.
Swara- [gulped] injection [sanskar nodded] no I don’t want to remember. You know injection is so sharp and it pains a lot. I hate doctor. He gave me injection.
Sanskar- accha come now you sleep.
Swara properly laid down snuggling into him.
Swara- sanskar what happens in marriage….
Her questions and talks went on till she fell asleep and sanskar very calmly kept on answering her. Some exactly correct and some facts he didn’t want to open up in front of her as she won’t understand and he didn’t want to stress her mind in any way, so he diverted the topic.
Two days later-
Swara woke up in a room but it wasn’t her room, she recognized while looking around the new environment. She got scared a bit and hence snuggled into the arms of sleeping sanskar and covered comforter till her head.

Swara- [whispered] sanskar…. [but then seeing him sleeping she stopped calling him and closed her eyes, burying her head in his chest]A while later, she heard sounds from outside the room and again got scared. She slightly shook sanskar to wake him up and called his name slowly. Sanskar woke up from his sleep.
Sanskar- [looked at sanskar] swara you woke up.
Swara- [crying] sanskar where are we? This is not our home.
Sanskar looked at her scared and confused face. He kissed on her forehead.
Sanskar- don’t you remember that we were going to meet uttara and attend her marriage. So we are in new home.
Swara- [understanding and happy forgetting all her fear] ohhh so we reached. But when? We were in car naa and where is uttara.
Sanskar- no we are here to take some rest. You slept in the car so I brought you here. We will get fresh here then we will go and meet uttara. But before that I will teach you few things. You are good girl and intelligent too so listen carefully and learn ok.
Swara nodded and sanskar told her that where they are going will have many people and she should not get afraid and become bold swara and also he taught her to greet people and other things.
Swara’s constant questions made it difficult for sanskar to make her agree on different points but he managed and he has now got habituated to it. They were in farmhouse which was on outskirts of Kolkata.
Evening swasan along with rishi in swara’s arms and rama was standing at the doorstep of mm.
Swara- sanskar this is the house where uttara and mom lives.
Sanskar- yes. You remember what I taught you.
Swara- yes [said excitedly]Sanskar- good. Now let’s go inside and remember don’t get afraid. Inside there will be lots of people.
Swara nodded obediently.
Sanskar- and give rishi to rama ji.
Swara- [stubbornly] no I won’t. he will be with me.
Sanskar- [sternly] swara
Swara looked at him angrily and turned her face but didn’t gave rishi to rama.
Sanskar- listen to me swara please.
Swara- I will complain to mom about you. And rishi will be with me means with me. I will not give. [like a stubborn kid]Sanskar was about to convince her anyhow but was interrupted by some relative who saw them on the doorstep.
Relative- arrre sanskar beta.
He came to sanskar and sanskar bent and took his blessings.
Relative- be happy always. Such a long time it has been I am seeing you. How are you?
Sanskar- [politely] absolutely fine. How are you chachaji?
Relative- I am ok too. and I came a day before and here you being the brother are coming now. arrre you should be here before all of us and doing the preparations. Let it be. You came and that’s more important.
[remark- whatever you do, relatives will be like this only. First they will find faults and then will talk in such a way that they will count your mistakes but at the same time will show that they are doing so for your betterment. huh… and I seriously don’t like this at all]Sanskar just nodded not answering back. Swara looked at that relative sceptically and confusedly.
Relative- she is your wife naa sanskar…[sanskar hummed and looked at swara] umm…. Swara. [to swara] how are you bahu [daughter in law]Swara looked him confused and then looked at sanskar. Sanskar gestured her to do as he taught her.
Swara- namate [gretted him] I am fine [she said in low voice]Swara averted her attention from the relative and turned to rishi who had pulled her hair.
Swara- what happened baby? want to play [she said excited and in childish way].
The relative looked at swara and gauzed her behaviour.
Sanskar- [to relative] I think we should go in.
They all came inside. Sanskar wrapping his hand around swara’s shoulder firmly holding her and swara busy with rishi.
As soon as they were in hall all mm members saw them and came to them.
Sujata- sanskar- swara .
she saw the unexpected. She had very little hopes that sanskar would be there before marriage rituals start and that too with swara was never in her thoughts. But seeing them she was beyond happy.
She came and hugged sanskar. Swara saw them and happily came to her exclaiming – ‘mom’. Swara gave rishi to sanskar and hugged sujata happily. Sanskar handed over rishi to rama.
Swara- mom I missed you so much.
Sujata- I also missed you.
Swara- [complaining] why you always come here leaving me. When you miss me then you should stay with me.
Sujata- [smiled] but I have to see my other daughter also naa and have other works also naa.
Swara- [pout] you say only this everytime.
Everyone in the hall was looking at swara. Some strangely and some were seeing the changes in her. Swara suddenly looked around and observed the number of people and there stares. She panicked a little and clutched sanskar’s arm who was standing just beside them.

Sanskar looked at her and understood the situation.
Sanskar- [slowly] relax swara. I told you naa. Be brave.
Sanskar along with swara went to dp and rp and took their blessings. They both blessed them happily. Then sanskar took ap’s blessing and there was some tension in the air. She too blessed him. Laksh came forward and gave a side hug to sanskar.
Laksh- how’s everything? You surprised all of us.
Sanskar- everything is fine. First I need to go to room.
Laksh nodded understanding. Sanskar greeted ragini with a hi in response to her greeting. Just then other family members approached swasan and greetings were exchanged. Laksh seeing the condition of swasan said.
Laksh- papa I think first we should let them rest for sometime. They have travelled a long journey. Must be tired.
Dp nodded understanding and laksh took swasan upstairs leaving people murmuring behind.
On reaching swasan room-
Laksh- you take rest and I will see to other things.
Sanskar- lucky this next room, is it vacant?
Laksh- yes I think so.
Sanskar- if not please arrange it for rama ji’s stay. It will be required for….
Laksh- I will arrange in just 15 minutes. Don’t worry.
Sanskar- where’s uttara. Didn’t see her downstairs.
Laksh- may be in her room. She wouldn’t have known you are here. She would be surprised and so happy. I will see her too.
Laksh went off and swasan along with rama and rishi were left behind in swasan room.
Sanskar- [to swara who was holding sanskar tightly and has hidden her face in his chest, while lightly caressing her hair] swara. What happened.
Swara- [peeked around to see others but there wasn’t any unknown person] all…looking me.
Sanskar- what I had told you remember. You had to be brave naa. Everyone will look at you because my swara is very special. Then why you got afraid?
Swara- I am not afraid. I am brave. [she said retorting]Sanskar- accha.
Swara- haan.
Sanskar- [seeing rama ji] rama ji please sit till your room is being ready. [she nodded]Sanskar- [to swara] you sit here with rama ji and play with rishi. I will come in a while.
Swara- [a bit afraid] where are you going. i will also go.
Sanskar- you be here. I will go and come fast.
Swara- no [nodding her head in no] I will also go.
Sanskar- swara [but swara was adamant and holding his arm tightly]Sanskar- [to divert her mind] accha did you see this room properly. You remember this room.
Swara looked around the room keenly and nodded in no.
Sanskar- you don’t remember. [swara again nodded no] before living there in our house we lived here.
Swara looked around in amazement.
Swara- we lived here but I don’t remember.
Sanskar- no problem. Will you not see the room. See there are so many pictures.
Swara slowly moved towards the wall filled with their pics and was looking at it.
Just then uttara entered the room with shriek.
Uttara- bhai [she hugged sanskar tightly] I am so happy. Finally you are here.
Sanskar- how wouldn’t i? its your marriage after all.
Swara- uttara.
Uttara- [saw swara in disbelief] bhai I am seeing bhabhi here. Is it true.
Before sanskar replied swara came and hugged uttara confirming her presence.
Uttara looked at sanskar confused.
Sanskar- you wanted her here and she wanted to see marriage and meet you and mom. So I brought her here.
Swara- uttara I am happy happy. I will see marriage. And see this [showing her bracelet] sanskar gave me this. It makes sound also. [she shook her hand and the bracelet dangled producing slow sounds]Uttara- wow it is very beautiful.
Swara- yes it is. Sanskar gives me beautiful ……. beautiful things.
Uttara- I know. And that is because he is the best.
Swara- haan sanskar is best.
Swara again moved her wrist which produced the dangling sounds.
Uttara- thank you bhai. [uttara said hugging him again] I thought that you will be here by tomorrow or may be ……. but I was wrong. I am sorry and thank you that you came early. [sanskar slightly rubbed her hairs affectionately]Uttara- but bhai how will you manage bhabhi. There will be lots of guests and you know their mentality.
Sanskar- I don’t care about their thoughts. Swara is slowly recovering and changing. I thought that it is right time for her exposure to people around but I am just tensed that nothing goes wrong. it’s just that she needs to be kept away from hearing or knowing something inappropriate. [seeing uttara’s tensed face] I will manage you don’t worry.
Swara- [angrily] you both are only talking. Go I will not talk to you.
She went and sat with rama and rishi with a pout and started playing with rishi.
Sanskar- uttara you be here a little while till I see to the arrangements for ramaji and have to talk with bade papa and papa. will you manage.
Uttara- sure bhai.
Sanskar- don’t let swara out of the room or anyone to come inside or swara may panic if I won’t be there. Ok.
Uttara nodded and sanskar first went and had a small talk with dp and rp and then looked for the arrangements for ramaji and got snacks for ramaji and swara. He avoided any type of discussion with anyone because he didn’t want to elaborate anyone of what is happening in his life and second he was running short of time because swara may ask for him anytime.
Just when he was going towards his room through corridor laksh called him who was holding a baby of about one and half months.
Laksh- bhai…
Sanskar- haan lucky.
Laksh- see who wants to meet you.[in baby voice] alle see who is there. baby will meet her sanskar chachu. right baby. [talked to the baby in his hand] [to sanskar] sanskar. Won’t you see her. Last time you came on uttara’s engagement that day too you couldn’t meet her.
Sanskar kept the juice he was holding on a table there and very slowly and carefully took the baby in his hands. His eyes twinkled with happiness and tears formed in his eyes which he concealed.
Sanskar- hey baby. recognise me. You are so small. How will you.
Seeing unknown face the baby wriggled and started crying.
Sanskar- sshhh what happened to you. Sshhh
Laksh- vo first time going in your arms and seeing you naa that’s why.
Sanskar- sshhh no problem. We will do friendship. Hai naa baby.
Sanskar slightly rocked her to calm her and make her feel comfortable. Laksh too held baby’s palm and she slowly stopped crying.
Sanskar- what’s her name.
Laksh- rashika……..bhai you so easily held her in your arms and she calmed down quickly too.
Sanskar- vo have to handle swara along with rishi. So….And rashika baby came to me naa. Hai naa [talked to baby] she knows that I am her chachu naa and we will do friendship. Hai naa baby.
Laksh- hmmm….
Sanskar- accha now chachu has to go to chachi. Right… she will be waiting. So we will meet later again. Right baby. chalo go to your papa.
Laksh took her from sanskar.
Sanskar- lucky vo swara will….
Laksh- [interrupted] I understand. Go.
Sanskar came with the juice in the room.
Sanskar- swara here have the juice and take your medicines. Come on.
Swara- sanskar [she said with pout]Sanskar- [forwarded the medicine] here have this.
Swara had the medicine along with juice making yucky faces.
Sanskar- good. So did you like the room and remembered it.
Swara- yes see there are so many pictures of me and you but when did I took these photos and see I don’t have this dress too.
Sanskar- you open this cupboard. You will find different types of cloth. Till then I will show ramaji her room. I will come in five minutes. You see everything.
Sanskar showed ramaji the adjacent room and asked her to be comfortable.
That’s it for today.
Will soon be back with the next chapter.

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