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Siddhi Vinayak 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Manjari plans to kill Siddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 11th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shivam calls it a lie. I accept that there will be a Siddhi Joshi and maybe she did meet a sad fate but I don’t understand why you (Siddhi) are using that lie. What has happened to you? You left your kid just like that! I couldn’t understand your reason for doing so but Juhi recognized you as she is your daughter and you are her mother! Siddhi requests him to believe her that she isn’t his wife Riddhi. He asks them if there is some 3rd person who can vouch for it. Dadi says there is no third person apart from the two of us. He advises her not to interfere. I questioned my wife and not you. He again asks Siddhi for proof. I will leave quietly if you prove it. She tells him that there are a lot of hidden secrets in her past which is why they have to keep it a secret. He says this is why

you had to lie that you are my Riddhi. Aren’t you ashamed of saying the same lie over and over again? I will believe you if you will look into my eyes and say that you aren’t my Riddhi! You are my Riddhi, my Juhi’s mother. I will take you from here. No one in the world can stop me from doing this! He walks out in a huff.

Siddhi asks Dadi what will happen now. Dadi says what if Shivam tells Vin everything. Siddhi is worried that Shivam might go to Vin to ask for proof. I am really scared. Manjari is stunned to know the truth.

Manjari comes to her room and complains to Bappa. How can Riddhi Sinha be Siddhi? What did I do? She cries. I brought that woman in my own house as my DIL? It would be impossible to separate Vin and Siddhi if he finds out the truth. What did you do Bappa? She walks up to the idol. I prayed to you all my life and this is how you repay me? You kept me away from my own kid for 24 years? You forced him to stay away from his family! Now that I am trying to fix things, his life, you brought that Siddhi in my way? I will support my son now! She picks up her son’s photo. I know Bappa did injustice to me but I assure you I will get you everything that you deserve. I can even change what Bappa has written! Till now I was only standing as a wall between Vin and Siddhi but now I will become their death! I will separate them in such a way that they wont be able to be together even in the next seven births.

Siddhi does not want to give any stress to Vin. His life can be in risk if we tell him the truth. Dadi tells Siddhi to understand. We have been discussing this since last 2 hours now! Shivam thinks of you to be his wife. I know you can stop yourself from telling Vin anything but how will you stop Shivam from telling Vin anything. Tell him everything before Shivam tells him that you are someone else. Tell Vin you are his Siddhi, his childhood love. Go to him! Siddhi agrees. I must tell Vinu everything before Shivam says anything.

Vin comes to jail to meet Manbir. Manbir cries in relief. I was sure you would come. I have been waiting for you since so long. Vin tells him that he came here upon Gauri Bhabhi’s askance. No lawyer is ready to take your case. No one is willing to get you out. I don’t understand anything. Manbir asks him what he feels. Vin thinks of his mothers words. Right now I also think that you only! Manbir gets sad. If you too think that I am the culprit then I must have done something wrong. Ranbir always complains that I love my cousin more than my real brother but I never thought about this. I could have easily hurt you if I wanted to. I know a secret which you know nothing about. It would have been enough to hurt you and no one would have doubted me ever but I cannot think of harming you even in my dreams. Wish you could understand me. Vin says I do wish to trust you but. Manbir tells him to stop it. Your “but” is enough. He walks away. Vin thinks whatever Ma says is always right for me but I don’t know why I feel Bhaiya is right today. Please show me a way Bappa.

Siddhi prays that Vin does not get upset when he finds out the truth. A guy calls Siddhi and asks her to come to the set asap. Vin Sir passed out on the set. She reasons that it was his off today but he says I am only telling you what I am witnessing. You are coming right? She agrees. Send me the location of the shoot. I will come soon. The guy ends the call and thinks poor girl does not even know she is falling in a trap.

Juhi is drawing. Shivam comes and he asks her if he went to Mishti’s home. She shows him another drawing of all 3 of them. Why did Mishti run away seeing you and you also ran away? He replies that she only forgot both of them. Don’t know why she is doing this. Juhi offers to call Mishti but he scolds her. No one will call her. There is no Mishti! He tears the drawing. No one will take her name from today. She insists to take her name. Why did you tear the drawing? He shouts at her again but she keeps taking her name repeatedly. Reema pulls her to safety when he is about to raise his hand on her.

Siddhi reaches the location but does not find Vin there. The same guy tells Manjari on phone that Siddhi has fallen in the trap. She advises him not to let her act smart. Don’t let her fly for too long. Siddhi decides to call the guy. Manjari advises him to keep her engaged in conversation for some time so she does not call Vin. I will get hold of his phone by then.

The guy picks the phone. He diverts her to another location.

Vin thinks of telling his mother everything when she enters. He tells her that he went to meet Manbir in jail. I feel nothing is going right. She agrees to talk to him on that later. Can I borrow your phone for a while? Shankar has to make an urgent call and my phone is also not working properly? He readily agrees.

Siddhi gets doubtful. She decides to call him.

Manjari snatches the phone out of Vin’s hand. I will return it in 10 minutes. She goes outside. She does not pick Siddhi’s call. In the meantime, the guy has locked Siddhi in the room. She shouts for help.

Manjari mocks Siddhi. She wont be able to meet or talk to her Vin in her last moments. This is really wrong! She laughs seeing Siddhi’s incoming call.

Siddhi shouts for help. She sees smoke coming inside the room. The guy tells Manjari that he has switched on the gas. Manjari asks Kabir if he is sure Siddhi will die because of the smoke. He agrees. there are 2 lights in the monitor and it will help me identify about the person inside. Manjari warns him to make sure Siddhi is buried inside that room only. He agrees.

Siddhi is coughing badly by now. She dials Vin’s number again but in vain. Manjari refuses to let Vin reach her today. Not even Bappa will be able to help you get out of this situation today!

Siddhi is unable to even see properly. She is in a bad state because of the smoke. She makes a recording for Vin. She passes out saying Bappa. Send Vinu please.

Precap: The phone falls from Manjari’s hand right in Vin’s hands. He hears Siddhi’s voice message and comes to Navjivan Studio.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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