Episode 23;

Scene 1:Rang Mehal.

Fire Bridagers came extinguished the fire .

Man:we  have found three dead bodies in the part above the ground and many dead bodies in the underground chambers and maybe the ones in the underground chambers  would have been Of commandoes ,the bodies that were in the part above the ground are of 2 men and a woman ,and a man and women had a bullet wound .

DD:Take the bodies for examination and send me the forensic reports as soon as possible.

Reha:AV….Avni lets go.


They take her to Pareikh Mansion.

Scene 2:Forensic lab.

DD:So whose was the third ..body.

Man:ACP Neil khanna.

DD:Send the reports to Pareikh Mansion.

Scene 3:Pareikh Mansion.

Man:These are the forensic reports.

Ali gives the letter to Avni she opens the reports and it says that Neil is dead.Avni nearly faints.

Reha:Avni…..take care of yourself.

Avni:H…he ….CA..can’t …..d…d..die .

Ali :Avni we have to to the cremation ground,come.

Scene 3:Cremation ground.

Avni:I …..I cant ….d…do ….th..this.


Avni some how performs the final rites,and then goes away from their.

Scene 4:2 cliffs .

A guy ,with a bandage around his head and bruises and wounds covering his body,was sitting on a bench watching the sunset .He closed his eyes  and breathed a name with pain and love lacing his voice:Avni…..I am sorry……but for now  I cant let you know that I am alive but I promise that I will tell you when the time will come.Suddenly a light breeze covered him and it travelled on, caressing his face lovingly ,letting the breeze wash over him he stood up and kept on staring at the sunset.

Miles away,A lady was sitting on a bench facing  the sea,looking at the scenary in front of her but not seeing anything,darkness was all that she could feel,To others she looked calm and peaceful,

But her eyes ………..

Those beautiful chocolate  brown orbs told a different story.There was no emotion in them,no light ,nor love,nor fear not even pain or lonleyness.They were dead, comletely and utterly lifeless.Suddenly she felt  his love envoleping her in a warm hug and the breeze that touched her travelled miles to reach her,to convey his message his love.The breeze ran its fingers through her hair and traced each and every corner of her face like he used to.She hugged the picture in her hand close to her chest ,a lone tear ran down her cheeks .Something flickered in those lifeless eyes,she closed them,letting the breeze wash over her ,feeling its cool touch.In that small movement of air, she again felt him her love,her life,her Neil.She slowly opened her eyes which was now filled with the most powerful feeling in the world.A feeling that could both give life or destroy it,a feelin that could conquer the world .LOVE.Pure,true unconditional love.She closed her  eyes once again and breathed his name with pain and love lacing his voice:Neil……please come back.

Scene 5:(5 months later)Chamko Cafe.

Reha:Even though Avni is weak ,fully broken from inside ,and hawbno reason to be alive She still has one source of strength,her Neelama.Even though she is in a coma,being near her gives Avni some kind of strength,she makesAvni feel like Neil will come back one day .She sits with her and talks to her everyday,though the docter says that she cant hear Avni ,Avni says that  she is hearing everything because once in a while a tear drop slips down her eyes and I softly brush it away.She shares  everything with Neelama except her pain.She coudnt hurt her anymore than she already is.And see Ali I am not able to do anything and  I still cant believe that Neil is ….no more…..he was …..like a brother to me.

Ali:It will take some time for Avni to get composed,though there will be a permanent space left in her life ,which was only Neil’s,she would get composed ,Reha she would.

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