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Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 76

Everybody reaches their own house.

Luthra house

Rishab feels helpless with their never ending problems. Tanya comes to him slowly from behind in room

“I am sorry for everything, I will accept whatever you decide” Tanya is about to put hand on him

Rishab stays quiet listening to her

“I don’t have courage to kill this small child inside please free me, neither I can see you getting humiliated every time” cries on his shoulder making his shirt wet

He goes out of room not able to give her courage this time.

“I am sorry Rishab” Tanya weeps on floor

Preeta overhears their conversation and goes to console her

“No Preeta I cannot do this, either me or this baby will stay with him” she declares

Preeta : no way, you cannot do this whats the fault of that child and if you really wanted to kill him why did you save him

Tanya does not say anything

Preeta : who knows this child will wipe all the bitterness in your both life

Tanya : nothing like that will happen, I will go away from everybody

“Really? go away? what about those promises, breaking the marriage” Preeta scolds her

The girls share very emotional moment hugging each other. Preeta consoles her like an elder sister.

Preeta : everything will be fine okay (makes her rest for a while)


The next day after marriage  Preeta tells Tanya about her reports being positive of pregnancy test. This blows her thinking and mind.

Tanya : how can I even think to bring the blood of the person in this house who have only given pain to them (Prithvi)

Preeta : don’t even think about abortion, I have checked your all reports, it could be risky for not only the baby but you also

Tanya : then what do you expect, I bring this problem in my life, so everyday whole family will remember that torture his father gave to them and blowed my image

Preeta : talk to Rishabji, I know he will support you this time too

Tanya : I don’t have courage to tell him

Preeta : but you have to, for this child okay

On Rajasthan highway

Sahil and Roo sits on the bridge for a while looking at clear sky.

Roo : you know when Kritika didi got married I always thought what’s so special in that relationship now I know

“Kaya always said you never elieved in such things but see god’s miracle” Sahil tells her

Roo : yea, I think we should leave its late

“Wait I want to tell you something” stops her bringing close to him

Roo : what are you doing?

“Thank you for being my best friend and giving me such good family, now I can say that I also have somebody of my own” holds her face gently

Roo leans up putting small peck on his cheeks happily.

Sahil : lets go come

Roo : i will drive the car give me the keys

“No way I want to go back safely after your sister’s driving I don’t trust yours okay” Sahil rejects her idea

Roo grabs the car key forcefully and sits on the drivers’s seat. Sahil hesitantly sits next to her making faces. She starts driving fast but slows down going to proper speed.

Sahil : please slow down now

Roo : sit quietly let me focus here

Both have their usual chattering entering on highway of Bombay. They remain hell shocked when unexpected rain occurred brining flood in the whole city. People are

Roo : oh my god what is happening

“I think we should get out of here as soon as we can, get off right now” Sahill tells her

Both runs out of the car in the crowd of people struggling in the flood. The streets and houses are full of water and continuous rain. The duo takes shelter in the bus that is stuck in the corner with some people in there.

Sahil : really ever since I met you there is no lack of drama in my life

Roo: now even thats my fault, god ji please give him some wisdom I called rain, imagine if anybody gets to know at house I was with you then I am finished

Sahil : wow you got wisdom so quickly (teases her) were you not scared when you came into my car and I told you that let me drive

“God stop being grumpy, enjoy this rain, in Mumbai we hardly get this type of weather” Roo inform him

Sahil : hello this is not great weather, can’t you see people are losing their house in this flood

Kritika keeps calling Roo getting worried

Dhruv : whats wrong

“Roo and Sahil phone are not working I am getting worried please do something” Kritika begs in front of him

Dhruv : stop crying I will not let anything happen to them (goes to hunt them)

Kritika : wait I will come with you

Dhruv : no you stay here I have to go find them before everybody else starts panicking

“Today’s latest news, today again we are shocked to see the flood on the border of Mumbai and it has started coming in the streets of whole city, here is the glance” Kritika turns on the TV accidentally

Dhruv : oh my god (sees the flooded places) this is so terrible

Kritika :I am sure Roo and Sahil might be stuck in there for sure

Dhruv : you stay I will go and check on them

Kritika : how will you go just look at the condition of the place

Dhruv : nothing will happen (leaves from house)

“This girl will never change her habits” Kritika shouts at her sister

Luthra house

Shrishti asks Preeta about Roo absence from the house

Preeta : but wasn’t she coming with Kritika and Dhruv in their car

Shrishti : actually I called her while ago and she said Roo went into Sahil’s car

Preeta ; what? (shocked) this girl will bring us in big trouble

Sameer : whats up girls

“Nothing do you need anything” Shrishti asks him avoiding the topic

Sameer : no but you both look tensed is everything okay

Preeta : actually (hears Mahesh’s voice)

Rishab : dad whats wrong

“Did you guys look at the weather, the whole city is flooded right now” Mahesh turns on TV

Kareena : bhai where is Roo, she didn’t came with you

Rakhi : i am sure she might have stayed there to bother her sister and jiju let me call her

Shrishti : di please stop her or else we will be caught

Preeta : and what excuse I make this time, if Tanya was here she would have made best excuse

Shrishti : why? is she sleeping in such circumstances let me go

Preeta : no wait let her take rest, she is tired after long journey

“Kritika dear give call to Roo, I will scold her right now” Rakhi tells her

Kritika : aunty actually

“Why are you stammering give phone to her I want to talk with her” Rakhi and Kareena insists her forcefully

Kritika tries to make several excuses but none of them works. Left with no choice she reveal everything to them about Roo’s antics of sneaking in Sahil’s car

Mahesh : oh my god this girl has put us into trouble today

“Kritika you didn’t do right by supporting her like this don’t you know what is the condition outside” Kareena scolds her

Kritika :mom you know I cannot say no to her and does she ever listen to me

Karan : where is Dhruv?

“He went to find both of them, i am sure they are stuck in the rain” Kritika gets in tears

Rishab : don’t worry we will find them but you stay inside okay

Kritika : okay bhai

The boys goes to hunt Sahil and Roo in the unpleasant weather. The couple enjoy their own time in bus with children and adults.

Kuhu (school kid) : uncle you both are boyfriend and girlfriend

Sahil : you asked very complicated question dear, but answer is very simple when you grow up please make sure you check the IQ of your partner if it turns out like her then keep 1000 meters away from them

Roo : hello Mr whoever you are, who are you to judge my IQ do I look like a fool

Sahil : see dear, I didn’t even say the name and madam understood

“Sahil I will really beat you up with my sandals one day remember that” Roo sees him staring at something

“Everybody out right now” Sahil immediately evacuates the whole bus when a big pole is about to hit on bus due to thunderstorm

All of them are saved from big disaster. The boys have hard time finding the couple.

Dhruv ; did you find them

“There are no traces close of either” Sameer tells them

Karan : their phones are also not reachable

Rishab : lets switch on every side if we look all at same place we won’t find them

Sameer : okay bhai

Roo and Sahil reaches an old building that is very deserted and have nobody in there.

“Sahil have you ever seen something like this before I mean I live here from childhood but never got to see everything in city” Roo walks around looking at walls

Sahil : of course everything is new for us, do you know when I was kid I always made those small paper boats and sailed in water

Roo : I also loved it but that Kaya always messed my boat, I want to travel in big cruise in future

Sahil : you should tell your husband about it, I wonder whoever you will marry how will he bear your tantrums

Roo : he will you just wait and watch the fun (hears noise of water)

Sahil : why did your fun stopped

Roo : can you hear that noise, I can hear the water coming inside

They gets scared to see water coming inside slowly and increase its speed

“Run come on” Sahil and Roo starts running upstairs

The doors breaks due to high force of water. Whole building gets flooded and noise of thunderstorm echoes making it dark inside.

“Sahil I can’t breathe” Roo tells him

Both gets half drown in water and have hard time breathing. Sahil tries to open the net going to another compartment. Duo gets trapped inside the water surviving disaster

Karan : found it bhai, I can see their car on the bandra side

Rishab : but none of them are here

Sameer : how far they could go, the whole place is full of water

Inside the building

“We won’t survive Sahil” Roo gets emotional and scared

Sahil : don’t say that, we will make it together I need your help okay (encourages her)

He is able to open the net that is going outside the window. Finally both are able to come out safely coughing

Dhruv : there they are

“Bhai you here” Roo hugs them tearfully

Karan : are you both okay

Sahil : we are alright don’t worry thank god you all are here

Rishab : sorry Sahil I know this girl might have made your life miserable and you come with us right now

“Sahil I will drop you home, your mom is worried for you” Dhruv offer him lift

Sahil : thanks

Both goes into opposite direction but smiles on each other turning around.

Luthra house

Rakhi and Mahesh scolds Ruchika for her irresponsible behavior

Rakhi : what kind of childlessness is this? first you lied to us and then went into a boys’ car, I know Sahil is nice but still

Mahesh : will you tell us what made you take such brilliant step (gets sarcastic)

Rakhi : you have spoiled her with your pamper

“Mom relax I am back safely whats the big deal and I will tell you everything in detail afterward if you want to know early then Kritika di will give all information, good night love you” Roo runs in her room again putting her sister in trouble

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