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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: kansa reaches in the past.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with lord vishnu’s voice saying who said I have left you? All people are happy as they hear the voice. There kanha prays sitting under the banyan tree. Lord Vishnu says, people, you are my disciples and I live in everything, I don’t live in statues, I live in everything and I live in you too, so you don’t need my statues just to pray to me, and no one has moved my statues from your houses, the rishi’s moved them only from the temples, but I live in everything and I shall never isolate my disciples. All people are happy and they cheer. Kanha is praying om vasudevay namah and his body glows. All people with nand, yashoda and others see kanha. All people are amazed.
There kansa is falling through the portal, he falls and then falls on the ground in Mathura in

the past. Kansa then opens his eyes and he gets up, he says yes I reached Mathura that night when vishnu’s avatar was born, father in law has given me the greatest and best gift in my life. Kansa heads towards the prison where devki was giving birth to kanha.
There kanha wakes up from praying, all people say prabhu, you are our savior, you stopped us from leaving the village. Kanha says people what are you saying? I am your kanha, kaki I am still your kanha, your son! Everyone say no kanha, you were praying and your body was glowing golden, you only brought prabhu voice to us. Kanha says no kaki, I was just praying to Narayana that he stop you all from leaving this village. Everyone pick kanha and say hathi ghoda palki jai kanhaiya lal ki! Yashoda and nand are happy as the people keep back their belongings and stay. Suddenly all the rishi’s come and say nand what have you done? You have done an adharma! Because of you and all people, prabhu Vishnu has left us too, he has gone from our statues. Kanha says what are you saying rishi’s? you are learned but knowledge is not only for rishi’s and it is not confined to sacred texts, everyone gains knowledge through experience and even god has said that they live in everything so who says they live only in statues? Prabhu Vishnu lives in everything and everyone, he lives in you and me and everyone else, so we don’t need just temples to pray, god is always with us wherever we go and my mother always says that only texts and books don’t give us knowledge about god, experience gives us knowledge too and god lives in everything, so he can never leave us, you all being rishi’s should understand that.
The rishi’s realize their mistakes and say kanha you have opened our eyes, we all are sorry for what we said, we had deviated from our paths, but you brought us back, we will bring the statues and open the temples again, even we believe now that god can never leave us. Kanha smiles.
There the same night’s event is seen, when devki gives birth to kanha and she faints. Then slowly all people and soldiers in Mathura faint and lord Vishnu does aakash vani, vasudev holds his son kanha and from clouds, lord Vishnu says vasudev, take your son to your friend nand’s house, there yashoda has given birth to a daughter, bring her back here and keep your son there, he is meant to end iniquity in the world and end kansa too. Vasudev’s chains open and the gates of prison opens. Kansa sees and says okay Vishnu, so you cheated with me in this way. Kansa says and I thought for so many years that how did the gates open and how did vasudev get away with kanha? Jarasant sees from portal and says kansa go fast, vasudev is taking that child. Kansa hears and he runs in the prison.
There kanha is with his friends and balram and rishi gargacharya comes. Rishi says kanha there is an important thing that has come up, you need to come. Balram and kanha says yes rishi, tell us what has happened? Rishi says kanha I can tell only you, balram you go with the friends to vrindavan, the people will need you there. Balram says guru you don’t trust me? You love only kanha. Rishi says it is not that way balram, it is very necessary for me to keep this thing between as less people as possible and kanha has to help me, your help will be needed and I will call you at the right time. Balram says okay guru and he goes with all friends to vrindavan. Rishi tells kanha, kanha kansa has gone back in time through a portal created by his father in law jarasant, he has gone to stop you from reaching vrindavan, he will kill you and if that happens then you may never exist. Kanha is shocked.
There kansa reaches the prison and sees devki fainted, he says my dear sister so you gave birth to a son who is going to Mathura, I will go and kill him. Jarasant says kansa don’t waste time, vasudev has gone outside the borders of Mathura with his son, stop him or he will reach gokul. Kansa runs fast.

Precap: kanha sits and prays and he creates an open portal to get back in time to save his life from kansa. Rishi gargacharya helps kanha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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