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meri pyaari ammi — characters

note: this is going to be an OS but thought to introduce characters first.

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aliya omkara singh oberoi a.k.a secret superstar, age: 19: eldest daughter of rikara. hates her mother gauri so much till a truth will unfold. her mind is brainwashed by snakelana and she has became a servant to her due to incidents 2 years ago. became famous through her singing talent but hides herself with her burqa. she is an angry young woman with a bitter personality but is really sweet. loves singing a lot.

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omkara singh oberoi a.k.a om, age: 36 and gauri omkara singh oberoi, age: 34: both had aliya at very young ages. both separated due to incidents 2 years ago but now reunited. om is an artist once again but 2 years ago, turned into a cold stone angry businessman as of grief and only warmed up to his children. gauri was a singer but due to grief gave up singing and worked in a restaurant.

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mishti a.k.a misty, age: 16: second daughter of rikara. to put aliya back on the right track. knew gauri was always innocent.

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naina a.k.a munni, age: 7: third daughter of rikara. knew gauri was always innocent.

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jeevika a.k.a pari, age: 2: fourth daughter of rikara. was only in gauri’s womb when rikara separated. quickly got used to her extended family.

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svetlana a.k.a snakelana, age: 47: always hated rikara especially gauri. bitter, cunning and evil. villain in this OS.


shivika – shivay and anika, age: 40

rumya -rudy and somu, age: 35

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daali, age: 20: shivka’s daughter

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aarti, age: 17: shivika’s daughter

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sahil, age: 9: shvika’s son

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naira, age: 13: rumya’s daughter

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naksh, age: 9: rumya’s son

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ruhi, age: 8: rumya’s daughter

senior oberois are here too

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