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Kundali Bhagya 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Sherlin takes her phone back from Karan

Kundali Bhagya 11th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shrishti understands that they need to stop two of the weddings, Rishab and Preeta. Karan was thankful of Shrishti for always understanding him and not arguing like Preeta. She suggests Karan to check Sherlin’s phone again for some chat with Prithvi about the necklace. Sherlin had arrived in the party. Kareena gave her the responsibility to manage the party. Sherlin has an argument with the decorator and says she is the daughter in law of the family. Shrishti clarifies she isn’t yet married. Kritika comes to save the situation, then tells Sherlin that Shrishti was also right. Shrishti instead apologizes Sherlin, she hands all the flowers to Sherlin. Sherlin places her phone and purse down on a table. Karan takes a chance to grab her phone.
Kritika takes Shrishti aside and asks if she is fine?

Shrishti tells Kritika there is a reason why she was being nice to Sherlin. Akshay arrives at the party. Kritika wasn’t happy watching him there. She goes to him. Akshay hugs Kritika.
Shrishti meets Rakhi in the corridor while she was going to get the lamps. Rakhi says the lamps were used in her wedding décor and she is sensitive about them. Sameer was coming from the other side of the corridor. Rakhi sends Sameer with Shrishti towards the store room and decides to find out if there is something going on between them or not.
Akshay asks Kritika about the necklace drama, if it ended. Kritika explains it was none of Preeta’s mistake. Akshay says he has his judgment, she must reply to his questions as much as asked. Rishab and Mahesh come to meet Akshay. Akshay explains he wished to meet Kritika.
Sherlin comes outside and finds out that her phone wasn’t at the table. She realizes it must be with Karan. There, Karan finds that Sherlin had changed the password of phone. He tries Prithvi’s birthday but doesn’t apply. Sherlin cautiously checks that her phone was in Karan’s hand and leaves silently.
Rishab was speaking to Kareena and Mahesh and says looking at Rakhi and Mahesh he feels marriage is an important part of one’s life. Kareena assures Rishab that Sherlin is a nice girl, she will keep him really happy. Mahesh stares towards Rishab thinking that he might love someone else. Kareena wonders if there is something she should know and she doesn’t. Mahesh says there is nothing. There are people in this house who are aware what they want but they don’t express it, it’s good that Kareena knows what she wants. Sherlin comes to take Rishab along. Karan hides the phone at once, Sherlin complains to Rishab that Karan has a problem with her. She says it seems Karan hates her. Karan says Sherlin knows already why he dislikes her. Sherlin asks that because he has seen her with Prithvi? Karan seems shocked and says he thought Sherlin would hide, but she accepted herself. Sherlin says Karan is suspicious that she has an affair with Prithvi. He even blamed her character in the changing room in the mall that day. She blames that Karan has her phone, he must check his pocket. Karan gives the phone back to Sherlin. Rishab questions Karan and scolds Karan not to do this again. Sherlin says she is aware he loves his brother, but this must be useless. Karan decides he has no chance of any mistake right now, Sherlin gives the phone back to Karan and says the password is Rishab’s birthday. Rishab snatches the phone off Karan’s hand and tries to explain to him. Sherlin complains to Karan. Rishab was irritated and shouts at Sherlin that Karan only wish that he doesn’t take any wrong decision in his life, Karan is his younger brother and he won’t listen to any wrong word against him. He sends Karan away. Sherlin questions why Rishab never considers her as right? Rishab minds he didn’t call her wrong. He hands her phone back and leaves. Sherlin was determined to bring a crack between these brothers.

PRECAP: Preeta warns Karan and Shrishti to cancel this plan right away.

Update Credit to: Sona

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