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Kasam 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Akki saves Kritika and Jiana from the robbers

Kasam 11th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Jiana coming to Kritika calling her in the bank and gets caught by the robbers. Ranbir asks Akki why is he taking much time to leave from there. Akki tells you die hard crazy fan is here with her sister. Ranbir asks him to go and save the girls, but hearing him sounding afraid, he asks him to go and says Kritika will herself save everyone. Jiana tries to attack robber, but she is caught and they keep Kritika and Jiana on gun point. Kritika shouts asking them to leave. Ranbir hears her voice and asks Akki to go back and save the girls, specially Kritika. Akki asks how to save them? Robbers are many and I am one. Ranbir asks him to throw the gold coins in air and then rescue the girls.

Akki goes inside and introduces himself. He tells that he has gold coins and asks them to catch

them before their boss comes. He throws gold coins in air. Ranbir says very good. Jiana and Kritika looks on. Goon sees gold coins and signs others that it is real. Ranbir asks Akki to hold the girls and get out from there. Akki asks Kritika and Jiana to come. They run towards door and try to open it. Other hostage also try to open the door. Robbers’ boss come there and catch everyone. Robber tells that if she acts smart then he will cut her hands and legs. Kritika asks him to shut up and tells that she would have showed him what she could do, if she was alone. Akki tells Ranbir that they are caught. Ranbir asks him to tell about the bank map.

Akki tells everyone. Ranbir tells him something. Akki gets stapler and paperweight etc and throws on the robbers. The bank employees and the customers present there beat the robbers. Akki tells Ranbir that he is feeling amazing. Ranbir asks where is Ms. Attitude? Akki says she is using her legs, hands etc on the robbers. Ranbir says she must be using her mouth and scolding them. Kritika beats the robbers. Police comes there and asks everyone to leave the robbers. Akki tells Ranbir that Police came here. Ranbir says I called the Police. He asks about Kritika? Akki says Bhabhi is fine and hugging her sister. Ranbir says Bhabhi. Akki says behenji etc. Manager thanks them. Inspector tells that Akshay Kapoor has called him and asks him to thank him. Jiana and Kritika get surprised.

Mahima watches news and asks Balraj to see Akki. Balraj calls Akki and asks where is he? Akki tells that he is in some other bank. Reporter asks the viewers to meet the savior and comes to Akki. Balraj and Mahima see him on Tv. Balraj says you liar. Akki says I am fine and on the way to home.

Ranbir is in the meeting and thinks of Kritika. Client asks if he needs to make any changes. Ranbir says he just needs 5 mins to make an important call and excuses himself. He thinks why did Kritika is coming in his thoughts?

Malishka tells that she is very hurt for Batra’s doings and tried to make him understand. Ranbir says just one hearing and then Kapoor Mansion will be ours. Malishka gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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