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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Devika gets shot saving Varun

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 11th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Ashka is crying and says to Daksh that you didnt care about my birthday. Daksh’s mom asks what relation Varun have with Devika? how could you do this with your sister Daksh? is Varun more important than her? you have hurt her for first time and I hope this is the last time. Daksh asks Dhani to take Devika to her room, Dhani takes her. Daksh says to his mom that devika is my wife, she hasnt accepted me so I am trying to win her heart. Devika stops and hears it. He says she married me for Varun and he is lost so she has right to find him but she still came to this pooja, you taught me to help others, Daksh says to Ashka that you are questioning me today? Devika looks on.

Daksh comes to his room, Devika says Varun wanted to go to Mumbai for acting, he thought to go

there after marriage but this happened. Daksh asks if she is fine? Devika says I thought wrong about you, I thought wrong about Varun too, thank you, it was your sister’s birthday but even then you helped me, you had started his treatment then this wouldnt have happened. Daksh says I am trying to find him. Devika says its your duty, you married me to treat him, Daksh says I promise I will treat him once he is found.

In morning, Devika brings breakfast for Daksh, he is surprised. devika asks if he got any lead? he shakes his head. Daksh gets a call.

Goons are putting kids in cans to smuggle them. Varun tries to fight them, Mansoor says you will be sent out too. He asks his goon to put him in box, we have to send him to Mumbai then we will do with him what we want. Kesar comes there. Varun sees her.

Inspector calls Daksh and says some Mansoor kidnapped Varun, he is godown, we are going there, Daksh and Devika leaves.

Kesar says to Mansoor that why didnt you finish him? do what you can fast. Mansoor says no one will recognize him once we are done with him. Goon comes there and says police is coming, goons run from there. Devika and Daksh comes to godown with police. Kesar hides. Devika sees Varun, she hugs him, Varun says I knew you would come to save me, dont leave me every again. Devika says never, she hugs him and cries. Mansoor comes there and points gun at Varun. Inspector asks him to leave him, Mansoor says this Varun brought police here, I wont spare him. Daksh holds Devika back. Devika tries to save Varun but Mansoor shoots her and runs from there.

Scene 2
Kesar comes home and thinks if Varun gets saved then he will tell everyone that I kidnapped him. Dhani comes to her and says police found out some Mansoor kidnapped Varun, they will not spare that man now and Varun will be found. Kesar drops her phone, Dhani sees Mansoor calling, she takes call. Mansoor says Kesar where have you get me stuck? this mental is danger for us, I will not spare him now, he ends call. Dhani is shocked and says Kesar maa what you did?

Devika is in car and shot, Daksh is driving her to hospital, he is tensed. Daksh calls Ashka and says Devika got shot.

Dhani asks Kesar why she did it? Kesar says my daughter was getting crazy for a mental so I had to do something to take him out of your life. Dhani says if anything happens to my Varun then it wont be nice. Daksh’s mom comes there, Kesar and Dhani comes there. Daksh’s mom says Devika got shot and she is in hospital. Dhani and Kesar runs from there.

Mansoor grabs Varun and asks him to stand still, he calls his goon and says we have to do everything fast, I cant roam around with this mental, I am bringing him there, we will have to do everything tonight.

Devika is lying in OT. Daksh looks at her from window sadly. He recalls marrying her, her looking at Devi’s pictures, their party moments.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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