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I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 72 – ladies sangeet

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Ignore spelling, typo and grammatical mistakes.




A room is shown someone is  wearing black lather jacket , covering face and hands properly so that no  no one identify. 


I’ve to peek a chance and run before someone catches me… 


A person who’s face is not visible look behind and  jumps out from window.



Scene shifts to  pune highway


Person” not a word now just shut your mouth and come along with me”


Man” they refused ….( voice cuts)


Person” and i know how to make them agree you just come”


Man” opens the chopper door “


Person” sit inside the chopper. Now let me see how they don’t agree…. it’s around 1 am and i’ve only 8 hours more


Next Day


As it’s sangeet function  to be held in a great hustle and bustle is going on everyone is engaged with their respective task hightlighted by Aarohi.


Pinky aunty” OMM!! How we’ll tackle this all in few hours for sangeet “



“Aarohi guiding servants reports pinky” bhabhi g everything will be tackle you just sip chilled juice and relax after all grooms mother to be look pretty….


“Pinky extend juice to Aarohi” as goes for brides mum too.


“Jhanvi comes forwards and makes Aarohi drink ” pinky is absolutely right !! Since morning running here and there without having breakfast properly doing all the work.



Aarohi” bus bhabhi ji bus aur nahe. Let me finish the work first so much work is pending…..

( pinky cuts)


Pinky laughs ” like daughter like mothers”


“Aarohi glances pinky with questioning eyes”


“Jhanvi doing correction” pinky it’s like mother like daughter


Pinky” jethani ji’s i knows it’s like mother like daughter but i think your memories got weak… forgotten Anika too use to do the same….. she was wedding planner and…..



Jhanvi “press pinky hand to stop saying futher as she don’t want the Aarohi should know about Anika bad days”


“Aarohi reporting to pinky” why you just stop in mid bhabhi ji just complete Anu use to what?


“Jhanvi diverts the topic” Oh!! Look what these boys are doing i told them to place these lights on staircase and still placing them on wall


Scene shifts to Shivaay’s room


“Shivaay desperately walking here and there patting his fone on his palm”


What’s this first the shifted my room down, then those rules       ” can’t meet eachother before wedding , nor i can see her and above that i can’t even talk to her.


Maa is not allowing her to use fone and strickly warned everyone that Anika shouldn’t be given fone still she don’t……. he hit the floor hard 😣😣😣


“Omru with one hand cupping their cheek and with other  taking popcorns , munching them and gazing Shivaay who’s gets desparated to meet Anika”



“Rudra start his teasings” O!! I’ve heard it from Bhavya that at midnight you and chulbull bhabhi when for long drive….. he winked Om😉


Shivaay” gets fixed listening this”😲


“Om too gets the chance to pull Shivaay’s leg” long drive!!!! It was not long drive but deep and longgggg ki……( rudra cup Om mouth)


Shivaay pov” WTF!!! They both had a kiss and me even got a kick from room…… were these distance for me only not for him…. Shivaay fusiously staring Om who’s busy in telling Rudra his own cooked story of night which Shivaay is clenching in his teeth”


“Om hits Rudra” don’t you have manners is this a way to munch popcorns whole room is filled with your …… kachchh kachchh…..



Rudra ” O!! Look before you hit Ok!!! It’s not me doing kachchhhh but SSO is sharping his teeth to bite you in a mean while😆😆😆😆



“Om switch his gazes to Shivaay gets shocked to see SSO turn Saru who’s continously fumming on Om.


“Shivaay step forward ” rules where for both of us….  he doing gesture with his  index finger. Right? Then how you break those rules and…….( Rudra cuts)


Rudra” And let chulbull bhabhi to caresses your silky hairs….. Rudra romantically caresses Om hairs and whispers ” Omkara ji kya main ap ko Zufli ji keha sakti hoon”😍😍


“Om whispers back” Anything😙😙😙


“Shivaay kicks them hard and both fall on floor with their faces inside the popcorn bowls”


Omru” scream!! Ahhh 


Shivaay stands on top of them with his palms pushing omru face inside the bowl….. now have these popcorns without doing ” MUCCHH MUCCHH”  


“Omru mummering for help as their mouth is stuff with popcorns” 


Shivaay” here i was holding the burden of dooriya and you where singing O Piya!! Now have this…. Shivaay kicks on Om butts 


Om” cup his butts Ahhh!!”😨😨


Rudra” laugh Hehehe… 😆😆       ( his hehehe turns into scream)😣😣


Shivaay ” today not shut up but kick up… he hits Rudra hard and wall on top of them flicking his 



Scene shifts to hospital


Receptionist” Yes Ma’am!! how can i help you?”


Anika” i want to meet Dr Smithi”


Receptionist” you just wait let me contact to her”


Anika” do it quickly and do tell her that Dr Arjun spoke to her about my arrival”


After few minutes 


Note: I’m using Dr S for Smriti “


“Anika knocks and walk inside the cabin” Dr Smriti


“Dr S put her gaze on Anika” Yes come sit and how can i help you?


“Anika taking the chair” i came here for some test.. Dr Arjun might have told you 


Dr S” Yeah!! He does told me  you are ASR a big challenge for world.


So for what test you came”


“Anika nervously”  Yup!! I’m ASR and i came here for full body checkup and….. she gets mute


Dr S ” Anika!! Don’t get nervous friends , friend is also called friend you can openly speak to me.


Anika” Actually!! I’ve medical history and now i’ve recoverd well from that.


Dr S” Warmly congrats her  …. that’s so good but may i know what MH you pass through and know what test you want to have?”


Anika” telling her about her MH and now she start telling her for what she came for whole communication is going on salient mode but the last words that came about of Anika’s mouth it shocked Dr”


Dr Smriti” What???”


At noon time


As soon Sangeet is to start so as per rule men’s are not allowed to enter the hall. 


“Bhavya holding her stick” Now move inside you all before i put handcaffs.


“Shivaay in his SSO mode” Bhavya just shoo off from here… Ok!! I won’t bare this torture   anymore. She my wife and i’ve right to see her”………


Dev” even i’ll that too just leave us otherwise i’ll…..( bhavya cuts)



Bhavya” Maa!! Zara yeha to ana….( Dev come her mouth)


Dev” Hey!! Doll don’t call your Maa i’m going in “


“All men saliently walk inside except a stubborn cat”


Shivaay” Doll say Dholl bana do ga… better get away i want to meet Anika”


Bhavya” Rudra!! Forgetten Shivaay bhaiya did with you? 


“Rudra remember his kick he come froward takes Shivaay in arms throw him on bed”


Shivaay ” Rudra!!! 


Maid” brings snacks from them”


Bhavya” locking the door in between open it a bit and tease all men…. don’t worry music will be loud enough you can too pat your feet…. she give fly kiss and lock the door with smirk.


All men gazes eachother😒😒😒


Tej” Shakti yaar kabhi tu bhi kuch bol diya kar har waqt salient mode per he rehta hai”


“Shakti give  satisfactorily gaze to all”


Dev” Shakti speak out be a man”


“Shivaay taunt Dev” Haan!! Be a man like him… who can scared of just a call


Dev” Splash  juice on Shivaay!!! 



Shivaay” what you did?? My pants got wet”


Tej” su su karay che 😂😂😂


Omru” points Shivaay and  clucks on floor 🤣🤣🤣🤣”


Dev and Tej join omru😆😆😗


Shakti” looking pinky from window  and sings




Kaun sunega kisko sunaye
Kaun sunega kisko sunaye

Kaun sunega kisko sunaye
Is liye chhup rahetey hain



All gets quite gazes Shakti with shock😟😟


Shivaay cleaning his pants gazing Dev and sings


Humse apne rooth na jayen
Humse apne rooth na jayen
Is liye chhup rahetey hain


Scene shifts to Anika’s room


“Anika looking herself in mirror ” asking million of questions from herself her eyes which once  use to give answer to others question today she’s not able to figure her own dilemma.


Song plays 



Meri surat dekhne walon
Main bhi ik aaina tha
Meri surat dekhne walon
Main bhi ik aaina tha

Toota jab yeh sisaye
Dil sawan ka mahina tha
Tukde dil ke kisko dikhayen
Tukde dil ke kisko dikhayen
Is liye chhup rahetey hain



“Chanda voice brings Anika back to reality” Anika what you are thinking sitting infront of mirror come all are waiting for you”


Anika smiles ” Nothing!! Come lets go.


Scene shifts to Hall


As same per according to sangeet theme all are ladies are dress up Oberoi’s sliver and apple green and Rajputs too are marging with same color except a touch of red. 


Aarohi” smiling gazes both her princesses with so many emotions both her princesses are glowing sitting close to eachother”


Anika” avoiding to contact with Aarohi”


Bhavya” comes and sit between Gauri and Anika and start singing


Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey, Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa

Dil Laga Liya Maine Tumse Pyaar Karke

Tumse Pyaar Karke, Tumse Pyaar Karke

Dil Laga Liya Maine Tumse Pyaar Karke


Anika and Gauri peck bhavya cheek


Tumse Pyaar Karke, Tumse Pyaar Karke



Shallu , Chanda and Bhavya dance



Dil Chura Liya Maine Ikraar Karke
Ikraar Karke, Ikraar Karke
Dil Laga Liya Maine Tumse Pyaar Karke

Tumse Pyaar Karke, Tumse Pyaar Karke



Chanda wears Shivaay face on hers pulls Anika close 


Anika smiles on Chanda antics


Mere Diljaani Mere Maahi Mere Dholna
Koi Sun Lega Zara Dheere Dheere Bolna


Shivaay jumps from staris and pull  Anika from chanda hold



Haan, Ishq Kiya Hai Maine Chori Nahin Ki Hai


Om back hugs Gauri who’s still sitting

Tere Sang Yaara Jora Jori Nahin Ki Hai


Pinky” OMM tum dono   aa gaya”


Dadi” besharm man kiya tha na phir kyun aya yaha”


Shallu” dadi g take a chill mill and my beheniya you enjoy


Gauri shies cup Om cheek

Chain Le Liya Maine Beqaraar Karke
Beqaraar Karke, Beqaraar Karke
Dil Laga Liya Maine Tumse Pyaar Karke
Tumse Pyaar Karke, Tumse Pyaar Karke


Anika caressing Shivaay face hold his hand


Beech Safar Mein Kahin Mera Saath Chhodke
Tujhko Kasam Hai Naiyyo Jaana Dil Todke


Shivaay lifts her arms kiss her forehead and nose

Kaise Main Bataaoon Tujhe Kaisa Mera Haal Ve
Jeena Marna Hai Sab Ab Tere Naal Ve


Anika” Shivaay kya huwa ap ko??”


Shivaay” look around and finds it was all his dream….. nothing Anika he smiled”


Aarohi eyes gets watery seeing her princesses with their princes. 


All start dancing around Shivika and Rikara



Shivaay pushes Anika she get close to Aarohi


Anika ” i’m sorry…. saying this she get back to Shivaay”


Aarohi” keep on gazing Anika”



Shivaay” notice Anika and Aarohi….. Anika why you can’t forget that night….. Shivaay pov



Anika holds Shivaay hand and stealingly gazes Aarohi with emotions


Tujhko Paa Liya Tera Intezaar Karke
Intezaar Karke, Intezaar Karke
Dil Laga Liya Maine Tumse Pyaar Karke
Tumse Pyaar Karke, Tumse Pyaar Karke.


Devi g and Dadi g pull Shivom ears and twist them both wenched in pain


Dadi” kyun khotayo!!! Mana kita se na k neechaye nahe ana?


Shivaay”  Aaaa!! Dadi g please leave my ear it’s paining and it’s not my fault  it was all om plan”


Devi g” i thought you are shy but you…. she twist om ear 


Om” dadi g !! Shivaay is lying it was all his plan and now planning me. Haan na maa main jhoot nahe bolta.


Jhanvi” ji maa ji om never lies but today he’s lying so twist his ear more☺”


Shivaay” shouts Anikaa”


All gazes Anika


Anika” Shivaay!! What?


Shivaay” Om run from here”


Pinky ” Badmash!! Bhaag gay”


Bhavya” let me tie them with ropes and handcuffs


Chanda and Shallu teasing Anika and Gauri


Aarohi ” maa g you all continue i’m coming”


After few hours


Anika ” comes out of restroom she was about to step put of room when she hear the  thud she walk near the window gets shock to find letter… she reads it. 


  aaj teri sari aashiqui na nikal de to mera naam Anika nahe……. 


Anika jumps and shouts…… 


SAALAY !!!! Rukh teri to main…. she start running out….  kaha gaya kameena…. she runs out of mansion 


Guy” running ahead… aa jaa jaan e maan”


Anika shouts” karishan “


Guy ” karishan gaya apni maaiya k pass aur tu aa jaa apney aashiqui k p…..( his words dies)


Anika” throws her chappal on him “


Guy” stumbles but manage to run in street 


“Anika runs after him” abhi to ek padi hai abhi dusari bhi kha…. 


“Guy panting and stops” two times ✌


“Anika holds her belly” haan!! Chal two times main bhi thaak gayi


Guy” ek chumma bhi do”😗😗


“Anika eyes gets widen with shock ” lukkha, luccha, ganda tu rukh to sahi phir dekh tujhe kiya milta hai….. teri sari javaani na nikali to per kehna


Guy” woh he  to main chahta hoon… “


“Anika look around for something she finds tin and throws on him” Lafanga!!! Tere ghar teri maa, behan nahe hai? 


Guy” start climbing the pipe sab hai per tu nahe hai na”


“Anika climbing behind him” Tucchhay !! To phir un ko ja k apni tucchhiya dekha mujh nahe. 


Guy” ek chumma aur meri tucchhiya aur chummiya teri


Anika shouts” SAALAY TERI MAA KI……..( guy cuts)


Screen freezes on Anika wide eyes




Precape   Bhavya aur Shivaay ki hui ladaee




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