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Chandrashekhar 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: John corners Chandra

Chandrashekhar 11th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone discussing about Simon. Rajguru says we will kill him. They talk about Gandhiji stopping his protest midway. Batuk says we should not support Gandhi ji. Chandra and Bhagat ask why won’t we support him, he is working for the country, his way is different, but our country is same, we should support him. They think how to find out about Simon commission. Bhagat says don’t worry, I will manage, we have less funds, we can’t keep this revolution sustain for long. Chandra says it will be solved soon, I m going Kanpur to meet Tara. Rudra says she is Azad’s namesake sister, Azad will meet him. Chandra says I m the only brother who is taking money from a sister. Rajguru says you will be gifting her the nation’s freedom. Rudra asks did you think about Bhagat’s appeal.


says yes, we should adapt a new thinking, we will accept socialism if you all agree. They all agree and chant Vande Mataram. Bhagat makes a plan to gather youth and declare HSRA’s formation. Chandra decides the same. He says about the party funds, I m going to arrange it. He asks Bhagat to meet Lala Lajpat Rai. He asks everyone to be with Rudra, there shouldn’t be any action in between. Everyone agrees.

Veer goes to police station and gives info about Chandra. The inspector informs John about Chandra. John says you won’t go alone, I will come along. Chandra leaves on his bike. He sees police and says there is something wrong here. He wakes up the guard and slaps him. He scolds the guard for sleeping on duty. He acts as policemen and fools them. He asks is Agarwal inside, call him here, I have to question him. He smiles. Rudra. Bhagat and everyone gather. Bhagat says our leader Azad isn’t here, police is after him, his thinking is with us, we don’t need any weapons now, the reason for this is our thinking. Rajguru agrees and says this is my thinking too. Bhagat says HSRA was formed in front of Chandra, we have decided to fight, but not for freedom. Agarwal asks who are you. Chandra aims gun at him and asks are you Agarwal.

Agarwal says yes. Chandra says I will come tomorrow morning, be ready and tell Tara too. He apologizes to Agarwal. He warns the constable. He goes. Agarwal says your officer is gone and smiles. Rudra says we didn’t say this. Bhagat says we decided that we didn’t wish to fight for freedom till we make Britishers out, I wanted to know if I m talking right or not, to know if you all are sleeping during my lecture. They smile. He says we will fight against the wrong thinking, which makes people against each other, we want to socialize where everyone gets equal rights, we will take those matters in hand which will be imp for the society, do you all agree with HSRA. Rudra and everyone agree. Rudra says I sworn, I have seen HRA’s formation, I welcome HSRA. They all make promises to do their best. Chandra takes a disguise and meets Agarwal. Agarwal says don’t worry, no one comes here. Tara says Chandra at least takes risk and comes home. Agarwal laughs.

Chandra says I won’t stay here for long. She goes to arrange food. Agarwal gives money to Chandra. He says don’t worry, I will arrange more money and come. Chandra says if I don’t come, anyone on my behalf will come. Police comes there. Chandra gets alert. Tara says police has come, give me the gun, come with me. Chandra says I will go, don’t take risk. Agarwal says you can fall in trouble. He keeps the gun in fruits basket and says come with me. Police enters the house and finds many servants inside. Agarwal and Tara make John busy in talk. Chandra acts like a servant. Agarwal asks shall I drop my wife to her brother’s house. John says no, stay here. He asks who is he. Agarwal says he is servant Harishankar. Chandra falls in John’s feet and begs him. Agarwal asks Chandra to take Tara. He says he is a coward, he will do this drama if he stays here. Tikaram stops him. He asks what’s inside the plate. He sees something and gets shocked.

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