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Bitti Business Wali 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Bitti inaugurates her shop

Bitti Business Wali 11th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bitti coming home after borrowing money from Laddo Singh. Dadi asks her if she took money from Laddo singh? Sukhi Mama is about to say, but Dadi stops him. Dadi asks Bitti to tell. Bitti is silent. Dadi tells Gayatri that his daughter have taken loan from goon Laddo Singh. He tells that ant got feathers and says it brings death to the ant. She asks her to give that money. Sukhi mama asks her to go to room. Bitti takes out the money. Dadi takes the money and goes to kitchen. Bitti asks where are you going? Everyone try to stop her. Dadi lights the gas stove and is about to burn the money, but Virender stops her and tells that the money is of Laddo Singh, and if she burns it then he will kill all his family members. Dadi gets angry on Bitti. Sukhi Mama says I have taken loan

from Laddo Singh and will pay him. Dadi says I will not touch your money. Sukhi mama tells that he will give her money through bank. He takes money from Virender’s hand and gives to Bitti.

Chandana tells Pavitra that she thought Dadi is going to make tea, then thought she wants to hide money in the rice. She says what would have happen if she had burnt the money, then Laddo Singh wouldn’t have spared us. Pavitra tells that Mama will handle everything. Chandana tells that Bitti will not be dependent on her husband unlike us. Gayatri asks Bitti if she can do business. Bitti asks don’t you trust your daughter? Gayatri says nobody have done business in our house. Bitti asks her father , did you know about your work when you joined? She says if I get worried thinking what to do then I can never move walk forward. Gayatri tells his wife Sulochana that her daughter has become mature and understanding. He hugs her. Jogi and Dadi drink tea. Dadi says someone is conspiring to kill her. Suman and Chandana tell that they are going to clean the shop, and tell that Pavitri will do the work. They all clean the shop. People on the road keep wondering about what she will sell in her shop. Mama ji asks Bitti to meet her would be husband, just then Mahi comes and says I have come. He greets Mama. Mama asks him to be happy. Bitti thanks him for getting loan from her father. Mahi says no need of thanks. Suman gives phone to Bitti and tells that Abhishek is on call. Neighbors come and tell Dadi that they are against girl sitting in shop. They ask where is Bitti? Dadi says you would have know it? Abhishek comes to meet Bitti and touches Mama ji’s feet. He lies that he is very happy with her decision and gives his fake support. He touches Mama ji’s feet again and says I will go. Abhishek goes.

Suman asks Mama ji, if he liked Abhishek. Mama ji says he don’t think that the man is same as he appears. He says something is wrong. Jogi tells Virender that they shall go to the shop. Virender don’t say anything. Gayatri asks Dadi to come to the shop. Dadi says she don’t want to go to crow’s wedding. Mama ji jokes. Bitti touches Dadi’s feet. Gayatri says I will go. They all leave. Pandit ji tells Bitti to break the coconut after the puja. Bitti asks Gayatri to break the coconut, but he asks her to break it and make a new start. She breaks the coconut and looks on hopeful.

Virender asks Bitti how she will repay the interest amount of Laddo Singh if she earns 150 per day. Bitti gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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