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Belan Wali Bahu 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Belan Wali Bahu 11th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Jimmy says to family that I have started mannequin business and I told my client that I will have exhibition here, I have statues, we just have to arrange exhibition here, I could have done it in a hall but its expansive so I decided to use this house. Dada says so we have exhibition tomorrow.

In morning, Jimmy comes to family and says I am destroyed, all my statues fell in water, the truck in which they were coming, it fell in water and all statues got destroyed. Roopa says then we will have to cancel the exhibition? Jimmy says no we cant do it, that client is important and he is dangerous too, he is coming to India only for this exhibition only, if I dont show it then he will shoot me. Lata says why work for such a man. Jimmy says he gets angry only when someone cheats him,

lie to him otherwise he is a nice man. Dada laughs and says so what should we do now? should we become statues? all laugh. Jimmy says its not a bad idea, you all can become statues. Lata says you can ask for many things but it doesnt mean we can become anything. Jimmy says its not a big deal, you just have to stand as statues for half an hour, he will like a statue then we will get that made for him. Roopa says he is right, its just about half an hour, we can become statues so it will help him. Dada says what do we have to do? Jimmy says only Roopa is intelligent here so she will not become statue, she will be my marketing head. I will get clothes for you all.

All family members are standing as statues and have white sheets over them. Dada says I am tired, Jimmy says dont move otherwise client will shoot you. Door bell rings, Jimmy says client is here, become statues. He opens door for client, he introduces Roopa to him. Client says I want something unique. They take off sheet from Dada. Dada is acting like a head king statue. Lata is dressed as queen statue. Prem is statue as younger king, Roopa falls over him but acts like holding the statue upright. Shalini, Jitendra, Suzzi are dressed as royal family statues. Client likes statues and says whats their history? Jimmy says its story of royal family from Indore. He looks at Dada and asks whose statue is this? Roopa says he was a king which people liked so much that they lighted scented sticks for him. Client looks at Prem and says this statue looks very real. Prem murmurs its real only. Client says who said it? Jimmy says me. Train is passingby, Lata wants to scream that train is coming but Jimmy holds her hand and calms her down. Jimmy takes client from there to show him the house saying its historic too. All family members rush to hold things in lounge as train passesby. Roopa and Jimmy are keeping client busy on first floor. Client says I dont care about house, I want to see statues, Jimmy shows him a showpiece. Client shows them gun.
Train passesby, all take their positions back as statues. Roopa says lets go and see statues. He asks who are they? he points at Jitendra and Naren. Roopa says they were princes of that royal family, he says there were glasses in that age? she says yes only royals could afford it. Katori comes there and says you all must be fine. Client asks who is she? Jimmy says she comes to clean the statues. Roopa goes to bring sugar. Katori looks at family members standing as statues like a royal family, she says what happened to them? Roopa brings sugar for her, Katori asks Lata why she is standing like that? Jimmy says she thinks these statues have life, he asks her to leave. Katori asks him to shut up. Roopa says to Katori that I will give you 4 bowls of sugar, please leave. Katori says okay I am going, she asks Lata to control this Jimmy, she leaves. Client looks at Shalini and she is pouting while being statue. He says this is defective, Roopa says no princess was like that. Client looks at Suzzi is posing as dancer. He asks who is she? Roopa says she is Suzzi.. I mean Susmita Chatterji. Client says I like this statue, I want this statue, Jimmy says this is sample statue, I will get same made like this, its expansive. Jimmy says whats its price? Jimmy says its of 50lacs, Roopa says no one buys such expansive statue. Client takes cheque book from his guard, he signs 50lacs cheque and gives it to Jimmy. Client gets a call. Roopa whispers to Jimmy that we cant do this, he says I have a plan, dont worry. Client is on call and says what he lied? kill him, I want to hear the shooting. he puts phone on speaker, they hear shooting, all are scared. Client asks his guard to put that statue(suzzi) in car, its mine now. Guard holds Suzzi and takes her from there. Dada is miffed. Cliend leaves. Dada cries. roopa says whats the plan? Jimmy says I will arrange 2 nurses for Dada. Dada says what do you think of yourself Jimmy? you sold my Suzzi? Jimmy says I sold her for 50lacs, it was profitable one. Dada slaps him and says to hell with your 50lacs, I want my Suzzi back. Jimmy says that man is scary, if he knows that we cheated him then he will kill me and Suzzi too. Dada says Suzzi.. he cries.

Scene 2
Suzzi is in client’s car lying as a statue, she cant stay still anymore and screams. Suzzi says to client that I am a mannequin, I am Dada’s nurse. She says I give service, please leave me. Client shoots her… this all turns out to be Dada’s dream, Dada screams and says to family that I dreamt that client shot my Suzzi. Jitendra says he cant shoot her like that, Dada says this all happened because of this Jimmy, Jimmy says I just brought a good business idea, why didnt you get bought like a statue, think about Suzzi, dont know where she is.

Suzzi is standing in client’s room. Client is on call and says yes I am coming to Dubai, I will show you the statue, it looks real. Suzzi thinks I am so hungry, this Jimmy has me stuck here. Client is busy on call, Suzzi sees a sandwich there and silently eats it and stands back as statue.

Dada says to family that I will not eat anything, dont know how my Suzzi is surviving. Jimmy says Dada is hurt so he can stay hungry, we should eat. Dada says dont you dare, no one will eat anything.

Client ends call and sees his sandwich gone, he says where did my sandwich go? he says this statue’s right hand was in air and now left hand? he looks in picture, Suzzi changes her hand position, he sees left hand again in air, he says what is happened with me? I should take rest. He throws coat on her and sleeps. Suzzi thinks that thank God I ate something.

Roopa asks Jimmy to do something to bring Suzzi back, she asks him to call client and tell him that statue is defective, we will send you another one. Dada says thats a good idea, he asks Jimmy to call the client. Jimmy calls client, he takes call. Jimmy says the statue you bought is defective, client says what? he comes to Suzzi and checks her, he says where is the defect? Jimmy says statue doesnt have brain. Client says I dont need its mind, I am not going to give this statue back and if there is any defect then I will shoot you. Jimmy gets scared and says no no, you keep the statue. client says I am taking this statue to Dubai tomorrow and if I face any difficulty then I will shoot you, he ends call. Jimmy says to Dada that Suzzi will not remain in India, my client is taking her to Dubai, we cant do anything, Dada is sad.

Scene 3
Roopa is in her room and thinking of a solution, she says how to bring Suzzi back home? she says dont know where Laddo’s ghost is gone. She sees a newspaper ad about sale near Laddo’s photo, she thanks him for giving the idea.

Roopa gives sale idea to Jimmy. Jimmy calls client. Jimmy says I was calling you to tell you about a offer, its same dancer’s statue and its on sale. Client says how much sale? He says I am giving discount of 50%, you are coming right? Client says okay I am coming. Jimmy ends call. Roopa says sale idea never fails.

Client is brushing Suzzi as if cleaning a statue. She tries not to sneeze. Client leaves from there.

Client comes to Dada’s house. Jimmy welcomes him, its Shalini who is marketing person now. Jimmy shows him same statues, client says show me new statue. They show him Roopa’s statue, she is posing as a kathak dancer. Client says I have seen her before, he says yes she is your old manager. Jimmy says no, Shalini is my manager, Shalini says that day I didnt wash my hair. Jimmy says you wont find a statue like this, client asks statue’s name? Jimmy says um.. uh.. Moshmi Banerjee. Client says whats the difference between them? Jimmy says that statue was not on sale, its on sale, its more beautiful, this dancer used to dance anywhere, she was dancer of her time and you can get her for 25lacs. Client says that on statue is enough, I dont need this one, he turns to leave but Roopa murmurs stop? client stops and says this statue talks? Shalini says it looks real, this statue’s eyes blink when it sees a handsome man, you wont find a statue like this one, anyone handsome man will buy her, you can stay with first statue. Client smiles at Roopa’s statue. Roopa blinks at him. Client says I have decided to buy this statue. He gives 25lacs cheque to Jimmy. Guard lifts Roopa as statue and takes her from there. Client starts to leave but Shalini asks him to eat something, client says no thank you. Guard comes there and says all tyre cars are punctured. Jimmy says you cant find a cab here, you can stay here the night, we will can mechanic tomorrow, client says I cant stay here. Shalini says you are our guest, you are like a God to us, please give us a chance and stay here, he says okay I will stay here if you insist, Shalini goes to show him the room.

Client is sleeping in Dada’s house at night, he hears some noise and lights blinking, he sees some silhouette outside window. He sees statue(Roopa) dancing in terrace. He is shocked. He then sees Roopa in his room, he gets scared and goes out of his room but Roopa keeps following him. He says enough, Roopa says sush, dont scream, you didnt do right, you took Sushmita(Suzzi), I wont spare you now. Client gets scared and says no, he runs from there.

Client comes to lounge, he is scared, Suddenly lights go off. Dada says you took her, client sees statues start to move, Prem says how dare you take her? Jitendra grabs him and says our life works on entertainment, why did you take our dancer? we will take you to our lives now. Dada says give our dancer back otherwise tonight will be last night for you. All family members start to circle the client, Naren says you have to bring our dancer back, Jitendra says tonight is a full moon night, Prem says we will take to our world, client gets scared and runs from there. Roopa comes to family and says you people know what to do.

Client is in room, Shalini gives him water. Jimmy says you kept threatening to shoot me so I couldnt tell you but this is the defect, Shalini says we didnt know it before, this royal family has a scary story. Jimmy says lets go to everyone, Client says I am not going to those statues, Jimmy says nothing will happen, come with me.

Jimmy and Shalini brings client to lounge, all are acting as statues now and not moving. Jimmy says see they wont do anything when you are with me, client asks whats the story? Jimmy says whole royal family destroyed because of a dancer whose statue you took, you know dancer had affair with Rajnath(Dada). Shalini says his son Prem and daughter in law Lata was against this affair but his grandsons Jitendra and Naren started flirting with that dancer and then.. war started, son fighting with father, whole family destroyed because of a dancer but story didnt end there, even after dying they all are crazy about her, she is her entertainment thats why when you took that dancer’s statue, they all got mad. Client says then why this dancer(Roopa) was dancing? shalini says she is that dancer’s sister, client says but their surnames are different, all look on.

PRECAP- Jitendra cries and says to God that I doubted my Shalini that she cant see ghosts, God I wish that I get to live one day as Shalini to know what it looks like to see ghosts.
Roopa says to God that people think I am lucky but they should know what my life is, I wish that they get to live my life one day.
Jitendra starts seeing ghosts as he prayed. Laddo’s ghost shouts and says Roopa I am talking to you. Jitendra comes there and says why you are shouting? Laddo’s ghost turns to him and says you can see me? Jitendra is stunned to see him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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