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Always Swasan FF part 20(A) Forgiveness

Next day kolkata city hospital…

Dp is in ICU treating by doctors.. Laksh and adarsh are standing outside sadly.. Laksh is talking on phone.. Adarsh is looking at him painfully..

Lak(op): I’m ready to sell my share.. I want cash not any check.. It’s urgent…

Ada: laksh plz it’s ur dream project… Please listen to me.. We will …(holds his shoulder)

Lak: Take ur hand from me.. U don’t worry about my family.. It’s my family and I will take care of it…

Ada: plz laksh…

Lak: (little loudly)  I told you to take ur hand Mr…

he is ur bhai  laksh… Give respect to him ” a Stern voice startled them… A voice which is still froze anyone at their place..

Adarsh and laksh turned with a disbelief… But they Couldn’t  believe their eyes that sanskar is back.  He is really back to his family… They both looks At him wide eyes. Sanskar came and stands near them.. Laksh is the one first came back to sense.. He immediately hugs sanskar and started to cry…

Lak: bhai bhai… You came back… U really came back… Where were u bhai in these years… I’m sorry bhai plz forgive me… Forgive me plz.

Adarsh looks at sanskar who is trying to console laksh.. Tears are formed his eyes too seeing his brother after these years. Just then sanskar noticed him.. Adarsh folds his like praying and asks forgiveness

Ada: plz forgive me sanskar.

But sanskar also pulled him to a hug… Both the brothers hugs him and he is trying to console them. Trio stood there for sometimes. Ram came towards them and holds laksh

Ram: laksh

Lak: (broke the hug) Chachu..

Ram: bhai… (laksh points towards ICU)

That time Dr came outside..

Ram: Dr how’s my bhai..

San: how’s badepapa? Is he OK..

Dr: sanskar u came back.. (he nodded) I’m very happy to see you after these..

San: happy to see u too.. But badepapa..

Dr: he is not reacting to the treatment.. Now u both are back naa.. I have full faith on u both… You will bring him back… Now u go and see him.. Sanskar looks at laksh.. He nodes. He and ram enters into the ICU.. Dp is lying unconsciously on the bed… Ram went towards him and holds his hand.. Sanskar hold his leg.

Ram : bhaisa what did you do to u? Look ur brother came back and u don’t want to see him..  (he holds his hand and sat infront of him)

Sanskar came towards his another side and placed his palm on his forehead..

San: badepapa…

suddenly Dp’s breathing became heavier. He started to breath heavily.. Sanskar and ram became panicked… Laksh who is seeing this from outside calls Dr.. He came and checked Dp and after sometimes, he says that he stable now and they can see… First laksh went inside

Dp :(conscious now)  laksh… I  ..felt Sanskar and ram here or is it as usual my hallucinations?

San: no badepapa we r here (he enters with Ram and others except adarsh…)

Dp: sanskar mera bacha, Ram u both are really here.  (they nodes ad Dp hugs both of them and started to cry)

Ram: bhaisa don’t cry, it’s not good for ur health…

Dp: no Ram I will be very happy if I die right…

San: so u don’t want to meet uttara and swara? Don’t u want to meet our children..  U know badepapa being with swara uttara and her daughter become so stubborn. Then my daughter, she is the mother of these three in this case.. They have decided that they will meet you only after u became healthy and come back to mm..

Dp : I’m very much OK now.. Heyna Dr.. (he nodes) I will go to mm right now..

Dr: no u can go but evening only..

Dp pouts. Seeing his this side others started to laugh.. Adarsh also saw it from outside with a smile.. Then he silently went from there…

San: don’t worry badepapa I will introduce my half of the family.. (then he called Tanmay towards him) badepapa he is Tanmay malhotra, ur uttara’s husband (points to Raj) he is Raj malhotra, his father (he looks at him narrowed eyes) (Sanskar then came towards sanky and Tushar) and these two,, he is Sanskrit Sanskar Maheshwari and he is Tushar Tanmay Malhotra..

Dp and laksh sees them happily. Dp Calls them towards him and hugs them both. Laksh and others looks at them with a smile..

Raj(whispers to Ram) : ur son is gone..

Ram(chuckles): I know I know (sanskar looks at them narrowed eyes)

San(whispers to Tanmay): what r they talking..

Tan: what did you say about papa? If shona got to know??

San(realizing and scared) : I will be gone.. (Tanmay chuckles)

Laksh looks at them painfully.. They were also like that, but he Only shattered that bond.. He doesn’t know, he can join that pieces together again.. He looks away with moist eyes…

Meanwhile in MM..

Ap and ragini is sitting in hall waiting for laksh’s call

Rag: Maa plz eat something, nothing will happen to papaji…

Ap: I don’t want anything ragini..  I  also praying that nothing will happen to us without their forgiveness.. Oh God give us some mercy..

Next moment calling bell rang.. Ap and ragini looks at the door..

Rag: I think it’s Swaru.  I have informed her..  I will open the door…

She went and open the door.. She stood there froze.. She couldn’t believe her eyes…  For the people, they prayed Just now are standing infront of her… Only one word came from her mouth that is…

Rag: swara….

Sw: haa ragini

Rag: swara swara.. U r really here… Chachiji.. Uttara… I can’t believe.. Is it true?

Suj: yes ragini… And don’t u welcome us..

(swara and uttara are seeing this with emotionless face.. Sanswara is seeing with smile)

Ap: Ragini who is there..

Rag: U wait I will go and take arti plate… (before they said anything she went inside and told to Ap)  wait for a minute maa u will get a surprise…

Ap: (seeing that ragini came with aarti plate) Dp ji came back ( She started to get up but because of weakness she is going  to fall on the floor )

Rag: (leaving the arti plate and rushed to ap) maa

but before her 3 pairs of strong and soft hands holds her.. Ap looks at them surprised.. She can’t believe her eyes

Ap: Sujatha, uttara, swara….  U r really…

Utt: yes badimaa… We are really here.. But what did you do to urself…

Suj: haa jiji.. What happened to u..  Look how much pale u became…

Ap: now u r back naa.. I will come back to my old form… Plz forgive us sujatha..

Rag(came towards swara) : haa swara forgive me for everything… I’m very sorry..

Sw: forget everything ragini… (ragini smiles)

Rag:(realizing something)  oh God my aarti plate (looks at floor and confused not seeing there)

Ans: it’s safe her chachi.. (she looks at Anshi who holding the arti plate)

rag:(looks at swara)  chachi… That means she is ur daughter (swara nodes)  (ragini came towards Anshi) then u have to call me badi maa not chachi…

Sw: don’t compel her ragini.. If she like to call you chachi let her be… (Ragini’s smile vanished ) badimaa you don’t know anyone naa.. I will introduce..

She went towards Lakshmi.. Uttara also went with her.. Thinking about the drama to be happen now Sujatha shook her head..

Swautt: she is my maa

Sw:(then only swara notices uttara and glared at her)  Mrs. Lakshmi Raj Malhotra…  Uttu she is my maa..

Utt: bhabhi she is my maa too…

Sw: Uttu she is ur MIL and my maa.. Understand?

Utt: bhabhi… (interrupted by Lakshmi)

Laks: arre stop it both of u.. Always fight like a children (swautt pout)

Ans: Drama queens.. Heyna bhabhi..

Urmi: haa Anshi.. My maa is like this always.. (both starts to laugh)

Utt: bhabhi (complaining to swara)

Sw: (strictly) Urmi… (both immediately stopped laughing and placed fingers on lips.. Uttara looks at them winningly and hugs swara)

Ragini and ap looks at them confused..

Suj: don’t be confused jiji.. They are like this only..

Laks: haa ap ji..  My daughter, DIL, grandchildren are always mad…

Sw: ya because we are from a mental family naa (Swautt and AnsUrmi Shared a hifi.. SujLaks made faces)

Ragini looks at them confused.. She doesn’t understand why Lakshmi ji is calling swara as her daughter.. She is feeling bad for it.. She then looked at Swautt’s bonding painfully.. They were also like that, but she Only shattered that bond.. She doesn’t know, she can join that pieces together again.. She looks away with moist eyes…

Swara then introduced Anshi and Urmi to Ap. So happily hugged both of them

sweetu: dadi u got new grandchildren, so did you forget me..

Ap: no sanu u r always my first priority…

After sometimes Dp and laksh came there with sanskar and others… Ap became very much happy to see sanskar.. Then swautt met Dp and scolds him for being weak… Dp then happily welcome and hugs Anshi and Urmi…

Sweetu : Daddu, as u get new grandchildren, u forgot me (pout) When I asked dadi she told me that I’m her first priority..  What about u?

Dp: naa baby, how can I forget you? Like Ap said u r always my first priority…

She smiles.. Then she went towards Rp and Sujatha..

Sweetu: chotedadu , chotidadi I know u gave 1st priority to them, but give me some space to me too..

Ram: no dear u r wrong, for us all of our grandchildren has equal priority.. U and kritu are already added to it…

Suj: he is saying right dear..

As they said without thinking anything swasan family smiles hearing this and at the same time Dp family’s smile vanished…

To Be Continued…

Note: As Lakshmi and Laksh are in the same location, now laksh will called as “Lucky”.. I know u will get confused.. I didn’t realize this confusion.. Sorry …

Is it OK for you…. I don’t know it is good or not.. Hope you all like it

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